Tuesday, May 19, 2009

H to the 0 (H20) 30 x 5

Excuse me while I crack open a tall, cold bottle of Sam's Purified drinking water. (Ahhh. Nothing but the good stuff for me.)

A quick twist, and pop goes the plastic ring which annoys me by staying on the bottle like a bracelet. Then I take that cap for a counter-clockwise do-si-do, lift it off and chug the H20, Baby. That's what I've been doing this last week, and I hope you've embraced this facet of the 30 x 5, as well.

Hey. Where did you go? Oh, to the bathroom.

Good. Maybe we can continue this conversation from inside the stalls because I'm right behind you. Apparently, according to the pic, we're going to the restroom for women with one arm.

Some enlightenments and developments have occurred as I began this water guzzling journey:

  • I am the fastest go-er to the bathroom in town. I've been so often in the last week that I've streamlined the process to near art-form. I shall spare you the details. You're welcome.
  • I know where many, many public restrooms are, including places you might not think of right away. Starbucks? That's for spoiled sissies. Try this on for size: Hotel lobbies. Bowling alleys. The cheap haircut place. (I know; I'm sharing way too much information.)
  • I am more thirsty. Yes, you read that right. I was aiming for 8 x 8 (64 ozs), but because my water bottles hold 20 ozs each, I've been drinking 80 oz. And guess what. It's making me cotton-mouthed and thirsty.
Apparently, this is a pretty common phenomenon, according the Internet. There are several theories about this, but one theory is that I have awakened my thirst sensors which were dormant before.

Well. You don't say.

I've learned that when we eat a lot and don't drink water, we get used to getting hydration through food instead of liquid. So we actually feel hunger (real pangs!) when what we really need is water.

All of my life, I have never really enjoyed drinking, except for a great cup of coffee in the morning. Now that I truly enjoy. But I never enjoyed beverages with my meals or got all excited about new flavors of sodas, etc. And when I went out to eat with others, they would have their glasses refilled many times while I sat there with the initial glass of water barely touched.

And I rarely felt thirsty. You see where this is going.

I ate my water. With some extra calories thrown in just for kicks, and menopause loves extra calories like Paula Abdul loves Adam Lambert. Not good news for weight management.

So I fully expected this endeavor to be really difficult, but it turns out, SHAZAM! I like water! I crave it! And no, I'm sure I'm not diabetic. My hydration switch has been flipped, that's all.

Now, it is possible to drink too much water, but even at 100 ozs, I'm not near that limit yet, so no worries.

I just can't get over it. I think I've had more water in this one week than I've had in my entire life. Maybe that's why I'm so thirsty. Maybe my hydration level is only as current as 1975, so I've got a lot of catching up to do!

How about you this week; did you drink more? (Water, you cad. Or cad-ette.) How did you feel?

I do not follow nor advocate the Adkins Diet, but I did enjoy this Adkins article which delineates all of the benefits and interesting factoids about water.

One last tip: crushed strawberries in water. Wonderful.

OK--onto week two of 30 x 5 Phase 3--keep sipping that water! We finish May 26!


sara said...

my water bottle is 33 oz and I have been drinking 3 of them a day!! And yes, I am thirsty too!! Thanks for letting me know why!

2Thinks said...

I just wrote SHAZAM on one of my latest status updates on Facebook. Who writes SHAZAM? I can't tell you how many times I read your post and go,"hey did I give her that idea?" :) I'm tellin' ya- long lost twin.

Anyway, water, yeah, lots of that- bathrooms, yep, Greyhound bus station has a nice gross one.

Will someone please come over to my blog and tell me how to put a picture on my post and type all around it like Lid does so well here??? I post a pic and it goes directly to the top of my post, then I can't get the text to wrap around it and it is just a whole lot of work for something that I know is very easy. Sheesh.

Okay. Enough. This is not my best day.

Jenny said...

Maybe if I start forcing myself to drink more water I will start craving it, either that or I need to go buy some strawberries ;) Thanks for the encouragement today.

Anonymous said...

You know, I was thirsty this week, too. Maybe it's contagious. I didn't make my goal every day, but have drunk considerably more water. I'm with you. Stick a lemon in it and I actually like it. Thanks for the challenge and the continued encouragement--You'd make a good cheerleader. Love, A

Susanne said...

Ooooo, I never thought of crushed strawberries in my water. I'm so trying that. I do like a slice of lime or lemon in it and drink it like that a lot in the summer. I'm drinking more water but not as much as you.

Kim said...

I don't know how much water I'm consuming but for years I've followed in the footsteps of my mom who always had a tall glass of water at the ready.

Aside from the weight loss benefits, water is great for keeping toxins flushed out of our system.

I am a connoisseur of bathrooms worldwide. The worst and nicest I've been in were in Uganda.

Worst: small hole in ground surrounded by rickety pieces of wood that I'm not sure were even nailed together. Looked like a good wind would blow the shack right on top of the poor helpless slob trying to aim for the wee tiny hole in the ground.

Best: American embassy in Kampala. Wow! All I can say is, that's the way to spend our taxpayers' money! Those are some seriously nice bathroom digs. Of course I visited shortly after it was built so it may have all gone to pot since then. (Sorry, Lid, couldn't resist.)

R.L.Scovens said...

I had no idea our bodies got used to getting water from food OR that you could reverse that!

Beth in NC said...

All I drink is water - except for the skim milk strawberry and banana smoothie that I drink each morning. I love water, but I've been slack lately - only drinking 3 16 oz. bottles a day. I should be drinking more.

Reading what you said about us getting our hydration through food has shaken me out of my stupor! More water for ME!

Mocha with Linda said...

I guess we don't need to ask "Water you doing today?"

Since I was a kid I've been famous for knowing where every bathroom in the state is. And that's just with normal H20 consumption. A friend in high school said "When God said bladder, you thought he said ladder and got in the tall line instead."

Guess that's why my maiden name was Rivers.

H-Mama said...

I'm sure I've been guilty of eating my water too... but water is all I drink. Sometimes I put a squirt of lemon mixed with stevia. :)

Restrooms... Some of my friends never thought I'd get my girls potty trained due to my phobia with public restrooms. Yech!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Mocha Lid should be headlining in Vegas.

Susan D said...

Well that certainly explains why I'm thirsty in the evenings. I've been getting my water in before 6 so I'm not up all night being the Energizer Bunny and by 8 I'm thirsty! Crazy. Blessings, SusanD

Merrie said...

Yes, I'm drinking more water. You are so right about all that water does and how it works. I've always been a "heavy drinker" - meaning that I drink lots of coke or tea or other things (nonalcoholic) , and have just recently (in the last few years) added water to my list.
I love to add a slice of lime and when I have it, a slice of fresh ginger. It adds a cleansing aspect to the water and a neat taste.
Thanks for encouraging us!

Anonymous said...

ok. i totally need to drink more water!!!!!!! in such a major way!!!

Greg C said...

I am using the 20 oz bottle as well. I try to have three gone by the time I get to work although I refill mine at the gym because I am cheap. Looking around my office, I have two bottles and a large cup here just tempting me to take one more sip. I am not a fan of drinking water but I know it helps me lose weight so I do it. As for the pottie rooms, yes we visit and we visit often but there are some really nice people in those places....NOT.

Smelling Coffee said...

I used to hate water, but knew I needed it. So... I prayed for the desire for water and to love it... and that's just what God did. I don't know how, but I started drinking water and enjoying it, and now, I crave it. Anytime I remotly think "I'm thirsty", I drink water. I think I had a lot of hydration to catch up on, too. I carry a pretty water bottle around with me in my purse at all times. Pretty makes it taste better. :-)

Mrs. E said...

Teachers are known for their elastic bladders, but this was pushing it. Since I am in trailer school this year (thanks, Tornado), I have to go to the bathroom in my classroom. I've been in there a lot. I even crossed my fingers that my kids would not be in there during passing period. School got out yesterday. Now I can go on my own time, thank you very much!

Dawn said...

I've allowed myself to get out of the water habit but I'm working on getting back into it. And, yes - it sure does make you more knowledgeable about all the bathrooms in your community. (The good ones and the bad 'cause when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!) As your body gets use to the new volume, it will adjust and you won't have to go as much.

If you think crushed strawberries are good, try fresh peaches!!! And for truly refreshing, try crushed mint leaves.

Now I AM feeling thirsty!

christy rose said...

I am the same way as you were before. I hardly drink much at all. Not ever too thirsty and water only sounds good when I am. I have tried drinking more water before and found myself in the bathroom more than I like to have to be. It really is my least favorite place to be anywhere I go even at home. :)

But, maybe I should start out slower like only 16 oz at first and then graduate up. Maybe I won't fill like I am swimming inside. :) Thanks for the encouragement!


Carmen Gamble said...

Hmmm, some wonderful water enhancing ideas in the comments above...and crushed strawberries? Yummers! I think public restrooms should have attendants...I paid a quarter in Holland to use a CLEAN toilet. It was worth every penny. If only it would catch on here. Thanks for the sweet comment the other day Linda!

Rachel said...

Hey... just wonderin... should the name of your blog be changed from 2nd Cup of Coffee - to 4th Bottle of Water? :)

LuAnn said...

Thanks for this challenge. I love the water but with lots of lemon in it.

skoots1mom said...

i'm getting my water in ... 8 oz @ a time...poured from a litre pitcher i keep next to the sink.

on hiatus with my exercise due to my neck blowing out Monday night...chiro visit today--i'm on heat/cold, ortho pillow rest...hopefully the swelling will be down Friday for an adjustment.
Left-over consequences from a gymnastics injury when i was 15. But as soon as I can get it stable again, I'll ramp it back up on the elliptical...pray it's quickly, please.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I've been doing pretty good on the water thing, and yes! I've been thirsty, too! Weird. Glad to know it's normal.

Are you already cooking up something for Stage 4? You are so awesome for keeping us all inspired.

Beverlydru said...

I had to go easy on the water with 14 hours of driving this past weekend. Stops every 20 minutes make a 7 hour trip a 9 hour trip. : ) Otherwise doing great.
Bottoms up. : )

elizabeth said...

Crushed strawberries in water? Oh be still my beating heart! I have no problem drinking water and actually do enjoy it. But I am pretty excited about this strawberry thing.

You are a prince of a fella for sharing this! (Princess of a lady?)

PJ said...

I've got to get back to the 30 x 5!! grumble, grumble!!! And the water thing, I'm with you. I don't like water. A couple of slices of cucumber is refreshing in a glass of water, too. And for the really decadent drink, go for mineral water (the natural stuff that's low sodium, high mineral, not the French one . . . it's high sodium, low mineral. The Italian is nice) with a little fruit juice. Just a taste -- or the crushed strawberries would do well also.