Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It Seems Like Thursday, But Technically, I Answered These on a Wednesday

Linda (great name!) at Growin' With It hosts a Wednesday meme called "What's Your Answer Wednesday."

Her questions:

1. What is your favorite word?

Oh, I could not say because they are all pretty good, just like my kids. In fact, I like the staccato, monosyllabic ones, the poetic ones, the ornate and scholarly ones, the informal slangy ones, the foreign ones, the dialectic ones, the baby ones, the written ones, spoken ones ... There is enough love in this heart for all of the words except swear words. I don't even like mild curse words. If I were forced at knife point to choose a favorite, I would probably say, "Mom." But please don't pull a knife just to see because that would be overkill, no pun intended; however, I do like puns.

2. Do you cut out coupons but never use them?

No. I don't subscribe to a newspaper, and I usually don't look through direct mail junk mail. And when I do clip a coupon, that means that I will automatically have it in my purse for three years until I finally roll up a wad of gum in it, so I just try not to clip them.

3. Do you wear perfume?

Very rarely. And this brings me to a whole new subject: Ever since Bath and Body Works made it big-time, people have been saturating themselves in aromas. Sometimes when I'm walking or running, or crawling, outside, I come up on a spot that is just wafting with someone's signature afterglow, and I dislike that immensely. Also, sometimes I feel trapped in a room or a car with someone who has applied too much perfume and my imagination starts seeing perfume fog overtaking everyone present, and I have to fight the age-old inclination of "fight or flight."

Perfume addicts are like the proverbial frogs in boiling water; they don't know they are slowly drowning themselves as they coat themselves with one last layer before leaving home. And they don't know that just like a drowning man, they are pulling all of us down with them, asphyxiating us with the sweetness of "Sensual Topaz" or "Lilac Lust." And I think addict is a good descriptive term because each application has diminishing effects on the wearer's olfactory sense, so she must have more, more, more!


Mocha with Linda said...

1. Another thing we have in common! In fact, I posted about words today (Thursday)!

2. I used to do coupons but not anymore. We quit taking the liberal newspaper. And the store that doubled and tripled them closed.

3. I can't stand it when I walk in a room after someone has left and I can still smell their perfume. I like just a hint on me, but it has to be a certain one and it can't be floral or sweet. And most B&BW stuff I can't use. I get out of the shower and feel like I need to take another one to wash off the fruit or the flowers. The exceptions are mint and vanilla.

skoots1mom said...

passing along some commenter love...through a cute little panda!

we have to move from one pew to another across the room if we encounter one of those proverbial frogs...hubby's allergies close his wind pipes if we don't move fast enough!!

Susan D said...

Ah yes, the aroma of....bleh! I can actually taste their perfume when they've applied too much. -- There was one particular perfume I enjoyed until someone I knew started wearing it. She sprayed on so much, it preceded her into a room. Little is much.... Blessings, SusanD

Greg C said...

I hate getting trapped in a room with someone that smells like strong perfume. I like the more natural smells like onions and garlic. Not. What ever happened to no smell? No smell is good smell.

Susanne said...

So just to make sure I understood correctly: you're not nuts about perfume? LOL. I know what you mean though. Years ago there was a certain lady at church that I just couldn't sit beside because it would make my eyes cross and I'd end up with a major headache by the time church was over.

I didn't know you liked words! ;v)

Jenny wren's nest said...

Linda, I used to avoid a certain neighbor of yours, that goes to U.C., because she always would give me a big hug and leave me with the scent she just bathed in, My allergys would go crazy till I took a shower and changed my cloths. I love her dearly but paid a price, in the end it is worth it.

H-Mama said...

Well spoken. I have to agree. 'Mom' is best. Amen on the coupons... and double Amen on the perfume!

Beverlydru said...

I'm with you all the way on all three points. I could have written these answers but it wouldn't be nearly as funny and your readers would cry "imposter!". I probably do have daily favorites on words... today it's FABULOUS.

Kay said...

I'm more of a no smell kinda girl too. What's wrong with soap and deoderant??? But I have asthma, and what somebody else thinks is a little spritz, is a huge coughing fit for me. :p Gag.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't think I've ever met anyone with such strong feelings about perfume! :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Perhaps I am harsh, Rachel, but some of the frustration is due to allergies. A perfume headache or sore throat can ruin an event. And I really do think that people are using more and more.

Anonymous said...

Aside from what's been said, my pet peeve with the Bath & Body Works phenomena is when somebody pulls a bottle out in a group & sprays. This usually happens in a car (or another confined space), leaving the innocent bystanders helpless as they're blind-sided with a squirt of summertime surprise!

gretchen said...

1. Favorite word - Grace. What I wish for daily!
2. Coupons - Too many! I clip and clip and then never remember to bring them to the store.
3. While I agree that there's nothing worse than being trapped in a confined space with an "oversprayer" (I too get horrible perfume headaches), there are certain perfumes that just a whiff of bring me such joy. My mother always wore Shalimar, and anytime I'm feeling low or lonely, I give myself a spray of Shalimar, and I feel like she's with me!

annie's eyes said...

Years ago, I packed up all my perfume and gave them to my sister. I was pregnant and couldn't tolerate being around them at all. She thanked me and promptly sprayed herself down. I made her wash it off and told her I'd take them back if she ever wore them around me again! Good thing we are sisters, but I haven't worn perfume since. However, there is enough scent in my hair spray which is another no-no. Thank you for the PSA!