Monday, June 15, 2009

When Your Baby Gets Her Driver's License, You Might Feel Like This

When Kristin was born, Katie was 6, and Jordan was 3 1/2. When Jorge brought the kids up to see the baby and me, we videotaped the meeting. At one point, Katie looked down at the foot of the hospital bed, and upon seeing a set of car keys warned us, "Better not let her get those keys!" We laughed, of course, at thought of Tiny Helpless doing anything but sleeping and eating.

Guess what. Tiny Helpless got her driver's license yesterday, and today ... she finally got a hold of those keys!

Really, people. Why is time doing this to me??

Here is a short video of her driving away by herself for the first time tonight, on Jorge's and my 24th wedding anniversary, a night almost a quarter of a century ago when we never could have imagined this moment in time.

Just think: twenty-four years ago at this very moment, we were standing at an altar; tonight we stood on our front porch and watched our third and last child drive away. Because we have been through this twice before, we understand the significance of this moment.

The beginning of the vid is a little shaky and seems to be a video of no movement for a few seconds, but I couldn't get it to edit. You will, though, see her back up and take off, dragging my heart behind her like a tin can on a bridal getaway car. Do not worry; the flower bed survived the back-up, although it looked a little dicey from the porch. And please note the turn signal out of the driveway. My girl follows rules.

Dad and I are so proud of you, Kristin Brynn!

And Jorge--thank you for this wonderful life and these wonderful children whom you have fathered so well. I love you more each year!

PS: She made it home. How many times will I say that in the next few years?


2Thinks said...

Once again, I'm the only one up at this hour. I have to figure out how to auto-post soon!

Well, I'm right behind you. Though Fashionista coulda had the license ten ways to Sunday by now. She's just been putzing along on getting the driving hours in. And I haven't really minded, because of the very thing you are writing about right here. The baby with the keys. *huge sigh*

Yes, this is very weird, having life pass on by while time seems to be standing still on the porch. We haven't changed. We haven't gotten older. But there they go driving away just like that.

She looks to be a very good driver. She's also a good looking driver.:) I liked the blinker. Way to go, kiddo!

Anonymous said...

And she didn't take out the mailbox! You have taught grasshopper well. Snatch the keys from my palm grasshopper! And she did. ; )

Happy Anniversary to you and Jorge.

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

OK...this is just too, too, TOO wierd. Camaros. Yorkies. Youth Workers. October Birthdays. Blondes. Seniors graduating this year (one hs, one college, but both our eldest offspring). And now THIS?!? June 14 is my wedding anniversary...# 29 this year (yes, I was 4 years old the day I wed...)
I tell you, I think we are TSAB!

(p.s. Middle son, who turned 16 in January, on target to get his license next month....sigh

Christina said...

There must be something in the air affecting mothers and their heartstrings! I wrote a post a couple of days ago about my babies growing up, and just read one at Big Mama, too. I have a few years before this milestone, but the time seems to go faster as the years go by.

PW said...


Not there yet with my Kiddo, but passing on hugs.

H-Mama said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Time sure does fly. I'm not enjoying the constant reminder from my girls. Looking for the pause button...

Chatty Kelly said...

Linda - if you get a chance, watch this young drivers commercial, you'll love it.

I know you can relate!

sara said...

I can't get my last one to even be interested in did that happen? He turned 15 in Jan and has yet to ask to go get it. My other 2 couldn't wait...weird!!

Mocha with Linda said...

This made my stomach hurt.

Especially because your van looks almost exactly like mine. (surprise, surprise!)

I am right behind you. Waiting on the form from DPS to start teaching my son to drive.

Happy Anniversary, my friend.

Dawn said...

My son is slated to get his license in one week. So close he can almost taste the independence. Ha!

"PS: She made it home." The best part.


Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

Oh,wow. Love the picture of all the kids with you!

Susanne said...

I cannot get over how you look like a teenager yourself in that picture. You don't even look old enough to have kids never mind a 6 year old, 31/2 year old and a newborn.

Happy, happy anniversary. Many more happy years to you and Jorge! Our anniversary is this Thursday. 26 years for us!

Congratulations Kristen! And Linda, I totally got the heart dragging like a tin can analogy. Totally!

Carmen said...

Oh what a feeling! She must have been so excited to drive away by herself into that wild blue yonder! Congratulations to her!

My youngest is now 19, and we celebrate our 25 yr anniversary tomorrow. Congratulations to you and Jorge on yours! We're a unique bunch, staying married this long! Or should I say "peculiar?"

skoots1mom said...

you'll continue praying each time she heads out the door...i still am. i have to tell you, i was so proud to see the blinker and she's not even mine! well done Kristin!!
it's great to see them following through on those things you've taught's not easy teaching them but it is so worth the effort later down the road (haha)
My girls is still following the rules and calling when she leaves and arrives from place to place. And....she is now telling me the lowest-price stations each week :)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...the newborn pic was so made pretty babies, girl!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I'm actually 30 in that picture!

Mrs. E said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the picture of then and now and the video. All are priceless. Shouldn't there be some kind of a blessing that could be performed over cars driven by teenagers??!

Greg C said...

Love the big hair. Somehow I knew you had hair like that at one time. As for the driving, I know you are proud but she went on the grass which is her first violation. Next her blinker wasn't initiated at the required 100 ft before the intersection. So I am forced to give a citizens arrest for those two things. Sorry LOL My little boy is driving a stick shift now. I am impressed.

samurai said...

Why do we fear our children driving? I mean, as parents we are supposed to teach and prepare them to do things just like this.

I tell you why... we love them and we know just how dangerous the roads can be! And we are not necessarily fearful of their driving so much as the "other people's".

My turn is coming... and i feel sick to my stomach already.

Praying for you... 8)

Lisa said...

I am STILL not ready for that moment (and mine turned 16 last November). She just recently got her permit and hasn't logged any of the training hours required in our state. We didn't discourage her, just waited for her...and she apparently wasn't in a huge hurry. It is good to know that many mothers before me have survived it, so I guess I will, too. Smart thinking to record the moment (I'll have to remember that). :)

Angela said...

Awww...what a milestone. Congratulations to her. I don't even want to think of my babies driving yet...they are still itty bitty, but I know that the day will come in just a few blinks.

Chatty Kelly said...

I forgot to say I like your curly perm. ;-)

Baba's Babies Are Special said...

Good evening Linda, Congrats to Kristin for getting her driver's license and her makes our kids or grands feel grown-up to be free...they are better drivers than I was at their age!!!

Happy Anniversary to you and Jorge..

I have a granddaughter who turns 16 tomorrow and has finished taking lessons for driving.She even had to drive on the busy interstates in Atlanta and did well..

Have a great night ... hugs, Baba

Brenda Susan said...

Congrats! You have done well, it appears! I used to be a nervous driver so it was not fun to watch my boys go thru this stage. But I am over that & they are great drivers (Ha! At least when I am in the car!)
My moms first words to them on D-Day? "You are taking your life in your hands every time you get behind the wheel!" ...Hmm wonder why I had so much fear?! :0

Linda Vujnov said...

Oh. My.
Mine just started driver's ed and I am scared.

Anonymous said...

Awww... thanks for sharing & caring. I'll be there in ~ 2 years with ya when mine goes for his license. ~~Hugs~~
And BTW - I LOVE the color of your van!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

That's too funny about your girl following the rules and using her turn signal.

Good gravy, mom, what do you expect in a van. They're long as a boat, she's bound to run into the flowers.

I drive a newer CRV and I think I'm in a boat whenever I drive my mom's Toyota Highlander.

bethj said...

That was so touching. When our daughter Heather learned to drive, I always felt the same way - my heart going after her, and a sigh of relief when she came home. Our youngest daughter is just 14, but she can't wait to drive either. It IS so hard when they grow up - being a mom is just such a blessing. Thanks for posting this!

Joyce said...

Very sweet post. Happy Belated Anniversary! We just celebrated our 25th. I'm behind on reading and commenting as we're still in temporary housing waiting on our sea shipment.

Loved the pig roast pics!

Roxanne said...

Love the video and the shot of her unbuckling. . .I have only 5 more years before I endure the same thing. I know it will go all too fast.