Friday, July 17, 2009

What I'm Currently Faving

First of all, thanks to all of you who offered opinions yesterday on laundry room decor. That was fun for me. Let me know if I can ever return the favor. I think I know a color/theme, but I'm keeping it under wraps until the big reveal. Fun!

And for the record, I like the wrinkly Rupert, too. Which is a sentence I never, ever expected to say for any reason whatsoever in my life, but there it is: "I like the wrinkly Rupert."

Each Friday, Susanne at Living To Tell the Story invites us to share a list of ... join me now, Julie Andrewses: a few of our favorite things.

If you are new to this blog, the joke is that I hate musicals, and one of my blogging buds, Dena of Green Acres made me this button during the height of Musical Madness.

Back to Friday's Fave Five. And the categories this week are:

1. Favorite Food: Fresh green beans from the garden of my friend, Cindy.

When I was a kid, we ate our haricots vert (ooh-la-la! Honh, honh, honh!) after they had simmered for hours with ham and potatoes, and then we put butter all over them. Now I like them a little crisper and greener so that you can actually tell they're beans and not just a conduit for "seasoning," otherwise known as "fat and starch."

Honh, honh. I make zee joke.

2. Favorite exercise: Ball Hamstring Curl. This exercise is kicking my derriere.

(Image from Fit Sugar)

But it's so worth it because now I look like this:

3. Favorite movie I've seen lately:

There is one spot that contains bad language near the beginning of the movie; after that, it's a clean, funny movie. I love Ricky Gervais AND Greg Kinnear (a Hoosier). Ricky Gervais plays the museum curator in Night at the Museum, and he wrote or produced or somethinged the BBC's "The Office." Greg Kinnear is rottenly cute as he was in Sabrina. No one does "the cad" like Greg Kinnear.

4. Favorite gift-blessing of the week:

These beautiful hand-crafted cards from my blogging friend and Co-Lid, Linda at A Merry Heart, given to me for no reason at all except to bless me, and I promise you, I appeared to be very blessed as I opened the box and saw the sweetness. Even my 22 year-old girl said, "I want to make these!" Thank you, Merry Lid!

5. Favorite song this week and maybe one of my all-time favorite videos ever:

Have a wonderful weekend; I'm going to Lake Tippecanoe with my girlfriends!


Lisa notes... said...

I need to try your favorite exercise! :-) Nice list. Have a great weekend!

CrowGeo said...

I love this video too; and I love you for loving this video. Our caption might read:

Linda & George
Note passing in Mrs. Ayres class sparked a love that has only grown stronger these past 28 years.

Chatty Kelly said...

Hey girl - we had our "snaps" the same way. (In the south, they're snaps, not green beans.) Cause that's the noise they make as you snap off the ends out of the garden.

Any-hoo, re: following me, I believe you can follow the same person multiple times. A flaw of google. So if you come back today and try to follow me again, you will be able to as if you were never following me. :-)

Mrs. E said...

You hate musicals but have a favorite exercise?! Sorry, Lid. That is just wrong! : ) Happy Friday!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I saw that movie, like it as well!!!


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Aww, Jorge!

Lelia Chealey said...

Oh, I loved that song. I'm so glad I stopped by here. Not sure why, but my emotions are just swirling this morning so this was a good place to visit. Just wish it were in person...
love ya!
Have a fun weekend.

Susanne said...

Awww, you have a sweet Jorge! :v)

First I want to say that every time I load up your page I get a chuckle out of your header. Love it.

I did that exercise at the gym for years and never looked like that. Wonder what I did wrong?

Susanne said...

And I forgot to say how much I love those cards Linda made you. I lurve me some nice notecards. What a sweet gift!

Mocha with Linda said...

Well, what can any of us comment after your sweet man's? Another fave for your Friday!

Have a blast this weekend!

Dena said...

Ok you two kids - go chat on a private line. ;-) j/k. Very sweet!!

Have fun with your girlfriends!

Jenny said...

I need to try that exercise so I can get a derriere like that :) Great list, have a great weekend.

Faith said...

Haven't seen that movie yet....thanks for sharing about it!
loved your a long time since I visited your blog..i had forgotten how witty you are!
God bless you and have fun at the lake!

Greg C said...

Girl you had me till you said your favorite song. That song is just a little too sweet for my tastes. I think the group name should be Plain White Sugar. My current favorite video is Rob Thomas' Diamonds. Love the look of that girl as she takes that first deep breath after awakening. It is kind of religious to me.

Rebecca said...

Hmmmm, I think I'll have to try that exercise.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Greg, I like that Rob Thomas song, too. And his song Smooth is in my top 10 favorite of all time.

Karyn said...

Love the song/video! Thanks for sharing it.

I laughed at your description of the beans from your 'past'. Seems the veggies from my childhood were rather discolored and overcooked as well - and swimming in butter. No wonder so many of us had to learn to like veggies.

I hope someday I can have a favorite exercise.....right now I can't imagine it.

Sue said...

Again... LOL with the Rupert talk - hee hee

And so your butt and thighs are looking like the incredible hulk are they? Those exercises are sure working I guess! Good for you... My favorite exercise is getting up to go to the fridge ;-)

LOVE Ricky Gervais too... and even though there are a few rough patches in that movie I LOVE it's humor too. I've already watched it more times than I'd like to confess ;-)

Have a great weekend :-D

Anonymous said...

You're a crackup. Wow, those derriere-kickin exercises are really helping.

Always love stopping here!

Anonymous said...

You and Jorge are sweet!

Just Be Real said...

Oddly enough, after seeing the lushious green beans, I had to go over to my cabinets and retrieve a can of them. I got the craving now. I do not like musicals either, except, Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Honh honh honh, you are vairy funny! :)

Susan said...

Hi Linda! Long time, no "read"! I've been out of commission...taking a break and I'm just making my way down my blogroll. You are DEFINITELY one of the blogs I've missed the most. I love your list and hope you're well. I'm going to be in Indy in two weeks and I"m looking forward to my trip.



Ginger said...

I saw that movie not too long ago...cute movie and made me think!

Love green beans...snap beans. That's what they are called here in the deep south. When I was growing up Mama would put a little bacon grease or lard in to flavor them. They were really good, probably not too good for us!

Willow said...

To this day, I can't face canned green beans! Had too many of them growing up. I'm so blessed to be able to get fresh green beans almost all year long at my farmers market, cuz I love them!

Have another great week!

Lois Lane II said... that song. =)

And fresh green beans. YUMMY!!

Pamela said...

Cute video - love the exercise tip - and the mention of ham with green beans and potatoes brought back a great memory. It was our staple camping dinner when I was a kid - it all cooked in one pot and the blending of the flavors was delicious!

H-Mama said...

wow. i tried your exercise at the gym yesterday... back of my legs now look like the image above; however, the bum is going to take a few more... um, months? ;)