Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Fish Flakes: Wedding Rings, Michael Vick & Carrie Ann

I did not know that it would be possible to find a picture of a cute fish, one that is real, I mean, not animated. But look at this fish. It is a cute fish. He's kind of smiling.

I think my "empty arms syndrome" [no baby to hold] is getting the better of me, don't you?

Random Flakes:

1. USA Today had a small story about which celebrities do/do not wear wedding rings. Why do people care? The article says that "Seeing stars wear their rings shows that they're open about the status of their relationship."

Last time I checked, most stars are open about everything, including things we wish they wouldn't share.

Anyway, I was just wondering what you all think about not wearing the wedding rings. Do you always wear yours? Does it bother you if married people choose not wear theirs?

2. Michael Vick. Do you have an opinion about his return to the NFL? I am all conflicted. I know that everyone deserves second chances and that he has paid for his crime. I'm just having a hard time letting go of my complete repulsion to this crime. Words fail me.

It seems the older I get, the more sensitive I am to suffering of any kind, even animals. So, having heard just a few details of what this man personally did to dogs (not just his associates, but he himself) I find myself not feeling so full of grace. I'm just being honest.

I don't know, if I were in charge of Michael Vick's life, what I would do with the man as far as a career goes, although I would vengefully like to sentence him to a lifetime of serving dogs. I guess something in me doesn't want him to regain NFL idol status. But I know this is not the majority opinion, nor is it the most biblical. Just keepin' it real and processing feelings out loud here at 2nd Cup. How do you feel about it?

3. Carrie Ann. Speaking of dogs. So one of my co-workers is an extreme dog lover. Make that "X-treme." A few months ago, she adopted a rescued Shih Tzu who had been caged the entire six years of her life in a puppy mill. The dog looks like the one at the left.

The dog's bottom teeth are gone, and her little tongue sticks out as a result, which is adorable. When my co-worker brought her home, the dog did not know how to walk up steps (still prefers ramps) and did not know how to jump up on a bed and did not know what a treat was. Have you ever heard of a dog who didn't know what to do with a "cookie?" Well, I got to meet this little sweetie the other day, and my heart just melted.

That may also be why the Michael Vick thing bothers me so much. Domesticated animals are at our mercy. I hate it when the powerful abuse the weak, no matter what the situation is or who the parties are.

The kicker is, the dog's name is "Carrie Ann," which is ironic, since my co-worker's name is Carrie! She thought about changing it, but it's been the little dog's name for six years, and all things considered, it's pretty sweet. I'm glad she didn't change it.


a Tonggu Momma said...

I don't always wear my wedding ring. I have sensory processing disorder and jewelry drives me wacko. I don't even have pierced ears, y'all. But I try to remember to wear it to church now, since - when we visited tons of churches last year - I found out through a friend that an entire congregation thought the husband and I were living in sin. Oops.

Susanne said...

The doggie is adorable. The Michael Vick thing makes me do a slow burn. I can't even get on that subject.

I have a fish flake for ya: Guess who's on Dancing with the Stars this year. Go on. Betcha can't guess. Your very own Donny O. Better get your dialing fingers ready. You have a vested interest! Keeping him on your tv each and every week for as long as you can. ;v)

Brenda Susan said...

That fish is very cute. I am positive that I have never written that sentence ever before!
I like ring wearers & I do not like animal meanies.

Esthermay said...

I'm wondering why we don't treat all the godlike *Sports Stars* [ooh ahh!] whose girlfriends have had abortions the same way as we are treating Mr. Vick for killing a dog!!

No offense to dogs!! I love dogs! . . . .woof! Now that I think more about it, ALL of the godlike *Sports Stars* should serve the dogs of this world! ...and that's how I feel about it. You asked.

Happy Tuesday!!

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

I care more about animals and the pass we give to celebrities than if they wear their wedding rings.

I don't really care if married people wear their rings. That's between the husband and wife anyway.

Just keepin' it real with Lid. :>)

Tell your friend she's a real hero.

Christi said...

My husband doesn't wear a ring and hasn't since about 1 month after we got married. However, he works as a maintenance electrician and works around machines that could pull his finger off if the ring gets caught. I prefer that he keeps his finger - I am weird that way.

A ring is not a chastity belt and it isn't going to slow someone down if they want to have an affair. I would almost rather see them not wear it if they don't take it seriously.

The Old Dairy said...

Hi Linda, Just wanted to drop by to say HELLO....I do love the new look header it's a crack up...Your posts always bring me a smile and a good laugh thanks for that....
Hugs Mandy

SusanD said...

Hey Lid, I can totally see why people in certain occupations don't wear a ring. But to me, the wedding ring is a symbol of a couples covenant and their honor and respect for each other. -- Don't like meanies of any kind to anyone. Blessings, SusanD

sara said...

My dad has never worn his wedding ring. he is a surgeon and was always having to take it off for surgery and then forgetting it, plus he is allergic to metal and it irritated his finger. All I can say though is that I prefer that my husband wear his! :)

as far as Vick.....I don't think 1/2 those NFL idols should be where they are, but he did do the punishment that was given to him and that is his "job". Maybe there are many more people that are going to look at him and think YUCK!!! I know I will,

Kay said...

Carrie Ann sounds like a sweetie! I'm a softie for dog stories. :)

My hubbie doesn't wear his ring anymore but only because he needs to get it sized (ahem). lol

I used to wear mine all the time, but these days I only wear rings/watch when I'm leaving the house and find myself taking them off later in the day.

Beth in NC said...

I love the fish picture! And my husband and I wear our rings. I would feel really strange if he didn't.

The dog is adorable and I am so glad she finally has freedom. Poor baby!!!

I don't think people mean to children and animals should be rewarded.

Kelly Combs said...

I think rings show outsiders to that you are spoken for. But it todays society people don't even care if someone is married anyway.

My husband thinks Michael Vick deserves a second chance. Paid his price, repented, forgiven, all that. I don't know. Is he sorry, or sorry he got caught?

Love the Carrie Ann story!

Greg C said...

As you may or may not recall, I just got a new ring because I lost my old one. I don't wear it all the time though. Men (like me) don't see a big deal about a ring. Most women I meet know I am married because I use the word We instead of I when I am speaking. I also mention my family a lot. I have also noticed that a lot more women come on to me when I am wearing my ring. Whats up with that?

My opinion is that MV is a dirtbag and should not be a Hero for our kids. I would have banned him from sports and made him buy a shovel and get a job at the SPCA doing what he does best. There I said it.

We had a dog once that had a broken jaw. He was the nicest dog and very protective of my wife. We got him from the SPCA/

Debbie said...

We were talking about Michael Vick last night. I think that everyone deserves a second chance and from what I have seen and read he is very contrite about what he did. He served his time, all 23 months of it. I guess that the real test will be to see if he has changed.

2Thinks said...

Lost the diamond out of my engagement ring years ago, but I wear a simple gold band, my wedding ring- always. I.T. wears his- always. That's what we do. Doesn't matter much to me what someone else does about this symbolisim.

Loved the word pic of the little rescued doggie.

krismn said...

The Vick issue is one that I am very passionate about, I own a beautiful Pit Bull and she is the sweetest dog around. Now, because of idiots like Vick, us responsible owners are always in fear of BSL, etc. I truley do not believe he is sorry for what he did, I feel he is sorry he got caught. I do not feel he should have been able to come back to the NFL until he proved himself and did good for the animals, etc. Our children look up to these people. My husband and I are huge supporters of Best Friends, the group that rescued 22 of his dogs, and other local groups that are no kill shelters. I also think there needs to be strict laws against puppy mills, that is another topic that makes me nuts and the state of Minnesota where I live, is one of the worst offenders. Sorry for the lengthy blog...like I said I am very passionate on this topic, I love animals.

Teresa said...

i follow your blog through someone elses. I also am raising a dog that was rescued she is a black lab but she is only 2. for most of her life she lived in a pen that was mad out of a pallet, dog igloo on it and a fence around it. She was so terrified of my husband especially in his coveralls. we have had her less then a year and she is the best dog in the world. She loves ny children all (6) of them.

LynnMarie said...

I wear my rings, all the time and so does my husband (not sure he can get it off now anyways) but my BIL doesn't and that is fine, he works around machines.
The Vic thing makes my blood boil! He should spend the rest of his days working for a shelter seeing how to help the dogs! But no one asked me at the NFL.

Sara said...

My hubby has never worn his wedding band, except when we go out. Same as Christi's husband, mine works around machinery that could tear his finger off. I've always been okay with it, but my mom had a hissy fit (on my behalf) when she found out. Makes me smile to think of it, because it just was SO not an issue for me.

Anywho, about Michael Vick, I understand that Tony Dungy has come alongside him and what an amazing man of God he is! I saw an interview with Vick, where he really seemed to "man up" and specifically admit his personal mistakes and responsibility in the matter. I believe in redemption, cheer it loudly in fact. Yes, what he did was wrong, but a truly changed man can be a powerful force for good. Of course time will tell, but I'll give him a chance and pray that he continues down the path to renewal.

Jewel said...

I too an torn about Michael Vick. He did serve his punishment, and I thought that was adequate. However, to be respositioned as an "idol".. not sure he is too deserving. THOUGH, if Vick is to be held to high standards, there is a list of names that could join him in the same boat! HOWEVER (again), I think many won't forget what Vick has done, and have indeed lost their respect for him as an idol, so the attention he gets may only be in memory of his past. We will see I suppose!

Joyce said...

I always wear my wedding ring and would feel undressed without it. I don't really have an opinion about Hollywood couples wearing theirs....I'm happy when a Hollywood marraige lasts but so few of those do. They may be open about the status of their relationships but that status seems to change overnite in most cases. Oops...it seems I do have an opinion.

Michael Vick-I grew up in a suburb of Phila. and have always been an Eagles fan. I read the comment above mine about him taking some responsibility for his own actions so for now I'll give him the benefit of a second chance although I tend to think there is something very wrong in the wiring of a person who can be so cruel to the helpless.

Oh, and I love the song Carrie Ann...I haven't heard it in years....have a great day.

skoots1mom said...

at one time, wasn't it against NFL rules to play for felonies?
Needless to say, I'm glad he's not in ATL anymore and I won't have to see his MUG every weekend in the fall.

cutie puppy...

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Wedding Ring: wear it most of the time unless water retention, heat related swelling and other wonderful things that make my fingers look like swollen sausages prevent it. It's just lovely!

The Michael Vick: I seriousness had to call my friend who knows sport and ask who he was and I live in Atlanta, sad but true! But I do however tend to agree with you. I believe in mercy and forgiveness it is the forgetting what he did that is very difficult!


The Bug said...

My hubby & I wear our rings when we leave the house - but just sitting around we don't. I used to wear mine 24/7, but when I would wake up my finger would be swollen, so I just got in the habit of taking it off when I take my jewelry off when I get home. If I forget to put it on in the morning I feel naked!

Michael Vick did his time & that was a sacrifice - but was it enough of one? I'm not sure...

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the Michael Vick thing: it's borderline for me.

I will say this about the wedding rings: I ALWAYS wear mine. A few weeks ago I took them in and had the setting replaced and they had to send them off. I was without my wedding rings 2 1/2 weeks, and I felt completely naked. Now they are back right where they belong, and I couldn't be happier. :)

Carmen said...

People that abuse animals have no conscience. I wouldn't trust them for anything else if I knew they mistreated animals.

I wear my wedding ring, my husband doesn't. He lost a lot of weight due to a medical thing, and when he wears it, he looses it. We're hoping the condition gets better and he'll gain some weight back.

Claudie said...

I have rescued many like little Carrie Ann. My last 2 are Lucky and Sasha. Ten years old and beautiful.
I cannot tolerate people who abuse any type of animals. Thank your co-worker from the bottom of my heart for her love of animals. X-treme is not a bad thing in my eyes. It's better than a little Michael Vick!!
I wish there were more extreme than not.
My 2 cents for tonight.

H-Mama said...

Awe... I love a good pup rescue story (aside from the fact that they HAD to be rescued in the first place). So great of your friend to do that. Our dog was a 'rescue' dog as well and I had to teach her not to be afraid of our stairs. Same thing. It was if she didn't know what to do. It took almost a week before she would venture them herself without my 'help'. She can now fly down them... ;)