Monday, August 03, 2009

Too Long to Read? Nahhh! Grab a Cup. Let's Catch Up!

Welcome to cawfee tawlk. I'm your host, Linda Richman. Er, Crow. Tawlk amongst yaselves; I'll give you a tawpic: Weekends. Discuss.

Ah, the weekend. Allow me to Back it up, Barkus.

Meandering Moment: Pre-retirement, my dad was a trucker. He drove an 18-wheeler, which meant loading and unloading at docks was a huge part of his life. One of his closest co-workers was a guy named Don Barkus, whom I believe is now passed on.

When my dad would talk in his sleep, even years after retirement, one of his most common exclamations, and I do mean exclamations in the sense of !!!!, was a phrase oft-heard at the docks:

"Back it up, Barkus!"

which completely cracks me up and causes me to look for opportunities to say it.

Thus, "Back it up, Barkus," has become synonymous with
A) Physically step back, Dude
B) Rewind mentally/verbally.

Where was I? Oh, backing up the weekend, Barkus.

I fell down Thursday night. It was bedtime, and I was walking through my fam room to the one step up which leads to a short hall which leads to the bedroom, when the step reached up and wrenched my ankle, which caused me to do what this model does in the video, although I wasn't carrying a watering can. And by the way, I feel sorry for model Kamilia Wawrzyni, one, because of the way I'm sure people butcher her name and B) There is actually water in that can (Why?) and III) That had to hurt.

So all weekend I have been dealing with "water can ankle."

But I didn't let it stop me from running, and Friday I ran 5.5 miles + walked a mile home. When I collapsed in the grass of my neighbor in Halteman Village, it may actually have been one of the proudest moments of my long life.

Jorge's flights from Ft. Lauderdale and Atlanta were both delayed, so I had one more evening by myself which I spent with Barbara Stanwyck.

On Saturday, I went to the beautiful wedding of the daughter of my friend, Diane, whom I've written about before who is battling cancer:

Saturday evening, my father went into the hospital with chest pains, and I stayed there until 1:00 AM when they admitted him. I went to bed at 2 AM, rose at 7 AM, went to church, then took my mom back out to the hospital and sat with them most of the afternoon. (I knew via staff he wasn't in apparent danger or even in severe discomfort. The chest pains come and go.)

Dad is 87 and is in remarkable health for his age. So far, all of the test results are good, don't think he had a heart attack. Monday morning at 8:00, cardiolyte Dip and Echocardiogram. Say a little prayer. He's such a sweet man and so incredibly hard of hearing.

Final note on the weekend--Pet peeve list addition: Docs with foreign accents who will NOT speak up nor slow down when speaking to obviously deaf elderly people. What is up with this?? Where is the bedside manner? I kept telling the hospitalists how hard of hearing Dad is, and they would repeat the question with the same speed and volume. It was incredibly rude and ridiculous.

Dad would stare blankly at the doc, then turn his head to Mom for help who is also hard of hearing and not accustomed to foreign accents, who would either answer incorrectly or look to me, then I would speak VERY LOUDLY to demonstrate what you have to do for him to hear you, and then the doc would say, "OK," and then ask the next question in the frustrating manner. We did this absurd scene over and over. I was a loose cannon by 1:00 AM.

I was ready to shout, "Back it up, Barkus, and turn it up, too!"

OK. Now it's your turn to discuss: Weekend.


Kim said...

Will be praying for your sweet dad today! They took my FIL in last night but he was sent home around 3 a.m. with an adjustment in medication. PTL! The daughter left a brief message so I don't know if he actually had a mini stroke or if they were able to prevent one. He's 88 and has alzheimers so it doesn't matter what the docs say or how loud or in what language (although if it were in Spanish he could understand) because he never really gets what's going on.

The "Back it up Barkus!" cracked me up and I can totally see myself starting to use such a great phrase (and I can see others saying it too)! Just think, Lid, you may be personally responsible for adding to the English lexicon. LOL

Kelly said...

I'll sure be praying for your dad too. He looks like such a sweet man.

I couldn't agree with you more on the fast-talking, foreign-speaking doctors. And sadly, they are becoming more and more common. I would've been a loose cannon as well. How rude!

Debbie said...

I will be praying for your sweet daddy and your family. And I don't know why people aren't more sensitive to others needs. Just rude, I suppose. Oh, and poor home training:)

Brandy Thixton said...

Oh my. The "coversation" with your husband cracked. me. up. I was laughing so hard, my husband had to stop the movie he was watching to see what on earth was going on. Too funny.

Said a little prayer for your father (and his doctor) today.


Chatty Kelly Combs said...

Oh, Lid, I hope your sweet daddy will be recovering soon. My husband's daddy is 87 and nearly deaf too, so I can relate.

So glad you Backed it Up to tell the fall story, and glad it wasn't worse. Running 5.5 miles is AMAZING! You are so talented and determined.

Keep hanging in there girlfriend.

The Bug said...

MY FIL is hard of hearing too & when my MIL was in a car accident & had to have surgery to clear up some blod clots around her brain the thing that everyone commented on was that the surgeon totally understood how to talk to my FIL & would make sure that he got it before moving on to something else. Amazing!

My weekend consisted of eating an overpriced chicken salad sandwich at a historic mill, having the best ice cream in the universe (slight exaggeration) and unpacking my stamping supplies from our recent move. Pretty low key - nice after spending two months moving!

Susanne said...

Praying for your Dad and your ankle. That must have been very scary. How frustrating that Dr. must have been. My mom is getting hard of hearing and I have to remind myself to speak up and slow down.

My weekend? Exciting stuff like grocery shopping, unloading and putting away of said groceries. Had to stock the fridge because the oldest and her boyfriend arrived yesterday for a 10 day visit. Can't have them starving to death on my watch!

2Thinks said...

I wish the best for speedy recovering for your sweet dad.

Your running impresses me. I can't run.

I'm thinking of posting soon re. my weekend.


skoots1mom said...

you absolutely crack me up...
hope your 'water ankle' is better...
i posted my weekend activity that was so much fun...
come see :)

Jenners said...

Well, that sounds like a full weekend ... drama, injury, wedding, reading. What more could a girl want -- except a healthy dad, a clear-speaking nurse/doctor and a healthy ankle?

And now I might start using "back it up, Barkus." That just has a great ring to it.

Mama Belle said...

I have a serious problem with not laughing when people fall. I wish I could control it. A lady fell down the stairs at church last week. When I say fell, I mean face down, sprawled out, underwear showing and all. After I checked to make sure she was OK, I had to run and hide because I was laughing so hard.

I had students every year in my class who would dump their desk over and fall sideways. Me, the teacher, couldn't stop laughing.

Geez. Get some control.

Will say a prayer for your dad.

Greg C said...

Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he feels better. I think that model tripped due to lack of eating. For God's sake, someone get her a cheeseburger.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

I've been away from blog land for quite a while. I'm slowly getting back to it. Your blog is the first one I've had a chance to catch up on. :) I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and hope your Dad gets to go home soon.


Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Glad your dad is okay -
My weekend, and beginning of the week, was packed full so I've been remiss in visiting. The title for my weekend should be Death of the Diet. Noblesville farmers market Saturday - left my purse at Justin's and had to go clear back after getting home. Ribfest Sunday where we had to taste everything for comparative purposes in case "Fat Boys BBQ" decides to enter next year. Women's group at my house Monday for dinner and a family dinner on Tuesday.
I'm afraid to get on the scales!