Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Update: Embarrassing T-Shirts, Julie & Julia

Good Last Day of August to you.

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend.

Saturday morning I went to my 2nd-ever cross country meet which I found out is abbreviated by all the cool people as "XC."

My daughter has just started "XC" this year, after giving up many years of dance. So since our son never participated in this sport, I'm still learning so much about it.

Like, there is no regular, obvious way to follow them because, well, it's cross country, not cross asphalt. So they run around cornfields and into woods and around schools and through crowds of screaming parents at various points en route to the "chute" which is not a slide as in "Chutes and Ladders" at all, but the finish lane.

And, all parents of all teams at invitationals wear T-shirts with pithy, sassy sayings on the backs of them, like, and I quote:

XC Parents Need:
No bleachers or chairs, only comfortable shoes.
No announcers, only coaches screaming out splits.
No shelter from rain or shine, only a poncho or umbrella.
No popcorn or hotdogs, only a snack in our pocket.
No cheerleaders or mascots, only a loud voice.
No time outs, only a straight 5k.
And, at the end of the chute, all we need are our runners.

Yes, Jorge and I actually wore shirts with this manifesto on Saturday and will be expected to wear them every Saturday through October. Not to mention that I ordered a size too big for myself, so I'm wearing a frump shirt with all that wise-crackin' talk on the back. I would like to amend mine to say:

Some XC parents need:
Lawn chairs, because we are older than you young parents in skinny jeans, not that we're bitter.
To know what the "split" is that the coach is screaming out. Some of us thought those were things you did in cheerleading.
Shelter because rain makes us cranky.
More than a "snack in our pocket" which should instead say "pockets" because there isn't one giant universal parent pocket, but that's nit picking.
Also, I would like a hot dog, thank you.

I do appreciate that there are not time-outs, though. Time outs are torture, as I remember from our son's sports.

Once again, my intrepid daughter was thrilled that she did not come in last place and that she beat her own time by a few seconds. I always knew she was awesome, and now she has proven it to the universe. She is awesome and very cute, but she doesn't like for me to say those things, so let's just pretend I told you, "My kid is totally average in every respect. More accurately, she is merely one teenager in a nebulous cloud of teenagers."

Saturday night, I went with three friends to see "Julie and Julia," which was a great little entertaining movie, even though, as you know, I cannot cook. J & J contains both funny and sweet moments, but it wouldn't be "Lid the Prude" talking about the movie unless I mentioned that there were also a few bad words and overly sexy scenes in an otherwise pleasant little diversion. I'm sorry, but you just don't need the images of sex and Julia Child within five minutes of each other in any context.

However, Bloggers, this is a movie about blogging among other themes, and I think you will enjoy it. From the time Julie creates her blog to getting her first comments to getting bigger recognition, you will relate and/or fantasize. When tension grows between her husband her because of blogging, you will relate. When she worries about not having a post for her readers, you'll understand her anxiety. When she realizes the narcissistic nature of blogging, you will recognize that truth once again and laugh.

My friends often leaned forward in their seats to see my reactions to the blogging parts of the movie, and I'm sure the row behind us behind us wondered what I must have done to inspire this group action.

This is the first time I've seen blogging featured in a movie. It made me think a lot about why I do this and why you do this and how long it will last for all of us.

Here's a good article on Julie Powell and how her blog "The Julie and Julia Project" inadvertently made her famous, and since I didn't give a true plot synopsis, here is the trailer:

Have a great Monday! Bon appetit!


Kids Connection said...

I just loved the movie! I definitely recommend it to everyone I know! :)

2Thinks said...

Interesting lessons on the sport of XC. I like the way you amended your shirt.

As for Julie and Julia. I loved that movie. It's true what you say about some of the unneccesary parts, but I tried to let them slide b/c I was impressed with the blogging theme.

You know how you are an administrative assistant to a director of youth ministries (or at least I think that is what you do),well, guess who's son just got hired as the new Director of Youth Ministries at a local church? Yep. Outside the Box landed this job before he even set foot back on Michigan soil (he spent the summer in New York) soooo, I was thinking. If I apply to be his administrative assistant- you and I will have the same job.

Not that I would do that, but I was just thinking.

Good point you made about thinking about why we do this blogging and how long it will last for us all...I've also wondered about that.

Pam Warden Art said...

I also wonder how long the blogging phenom will last...It's such fun, but can it take the long haul.

Lynda said...

I really liked Julie and Julia! I also wished the language had been better, but the story was very fun! I'm not a cook (in the capital "C" sense of the word!), but this movie almost made me want to become one! It's definitely a chick flick - there was only one poor man in the audience of women at the show I went to! lol Go see it girls!

Debbie said...

I loved Julie & Julia...except for the sexual scenes between Julia and her hubby. I kept wondering what that added to the movie.

Kim said...

It was very smart to get a size too large t-shirt to wear while watching your "totally average" kid run XC. As cooler weather comes on you can layer on more clothes and still keep the shirt on the outside for all the world to see.

[And your amended manifesto is much more clever!]

I'm hoping the movie is out on DVD by the time the daughter comes in Dec. so she can bring it :-) She went to see it the first week it was out -- being an even bigger foodie than I am. Sounds like a fun/funny movie.

Jewel said...

So... I've been wanting to see Julie & Julia, but I haven't yet! I'm sure I will wait to rent.

CANNOT believe tomorrow is Sep 1st! Crazy.

Jenny wren's nest said...

I cant wait to see this movie.

Kim said...

My son ran cross country in high school as well, and my favorite shirt quote that they had (the coach chose a different quote for their t-shirts each year), was one that said: "Our sport is your sports punishment."

samurai said...

My beloved and i LOVED Julie & Julia! We had such a great time because my love LOVES to cook... and well... i love to eat! a win-win!

I also ran XC back in HS. I have no idea why... i never ran before in my life... the first day of practice the coach sent us out on a 12 (yes t-w-e-l-v-e) mile run!.... to warm up! I can't believe i stuck with it... even though i was never one of the top 5 runners on my team. I failed at the only goal i had ever set... to beat 20 minutes for the whole 3.2 miles... never did it.

Keep the faith - it is important for your daughter to know she has someone cheering for her!

Kelly Combs said...

I like your T-shirt better than the real one. Because it's real! I definitely want a chair, although not a hot dog. But I'll take a funnel cake. (but I hate how I'm covered in powder sugar after I eat it. Don't wear black and eat a funnel cake...I'm just saying.)

Susanne said...

So how long between intervals of daughter running past you in xc? Or do they only pass by you once?

Loved the movie. That is really funny that your friends would all look at you when ever the blogging thing would come up in the movie.

Kay said...

I love J&J as much for the cooking...although I'm no JC... as the blogging. I also wished they could have left out some of the nasty stuff. Had it not been for that, I could have taken my 14 yo to see it and she would have loved it.

A friend and I were discussing the lovey smoochy stuff and she and I came up with another 'slant' on it. In a way, it was nice to see people in love and married. Normal people. Not just 'the beautiful people', but just regular folks. Having said that, I didn't really want to SEE any of it though. lol

a Tonggu Momma said...

I love to cook. Even more importantly, I love to eat. So I adored the movie, especially since a Friday matinee served as an almost adequate distraction for the Tongginator's first day of kindergarten. *sob*

Kim Kasch said...

Hey, I know all about XC 'course I was never cool enough to know that abbreviation - back in the day when my kids were running.

My little Luke was even in the Junior Olympics for XC: ”#57” Luke Kasch”

And, I LOVED Julie and Julia - but I don't remember any sexy scenes. I was probably too busy looking at the food. Heck, I didn't even notice the topless scene in Titanic. Not until my husband said it was there - we even rewound the video to see - 'cause I did NOT remember that.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Love your t-shirt much better than the other XC parents' t-shirts.

I'm planning to see this movie with friends this Sunday.

Mocha with Linda said...

Your t-shirt is the best.

Even though everyone else has said it already, I know it's my opinion that really counts! LOL

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I really LOVE IT when you amend things! Your shirt cracked me up...I think you should have one for Jorge that has the first caption, and then put yours on your shirt. Standing behind you two would be a riot! :-)

Dena said...

My son's first XC meet isn't until next week. He has 2 meets each week until mid October, but thankfully, none are on Saturdays. Oh, and caramel nut Detour protein bars remind me of snickers bars and they help the hungries. On meet nights we don't usually get supper until after 7-8pm. I always bring Detour bars along.

At least your teams shirts are better than ours were a couple of years go "Our team has the runs" with a picture of a runner with a piece of TP stuck to their shoe.

Jill Kemerer said...

Your t-shirt list is hilarious! (...not because we're bitter...) Ha!

I'm looking forward to watching Julie and Julia too. Thanks for the recommendation.

Joanna said...

Oooo I'm going to see this movie this week. Can't wait.

Heather of the EO said...

I loved Julie and Julia.

And I had no idea that XC was a way to say cross country. No I know how to be hip in some circles :)

Greg C said...

One can get famous by blogging. Who would have thunk it. I haven't seen the movie but I am hoping that the adult scenes were far from the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

I want to see this movie too. It looks very cute and how can you go wrong with Meryl Streep!? Love her!

I too wonder how long the blog thing can last. It seems that most days I don't want to blog...just read everyone elses. Just haven't been feeling it lately.

Mrs. E said...

I'm so proud of your daughter running XC! I don't care where you finish, there is such a sense of pride in that sport. (Does it come from knowing only about 10% of the population can do what they do? Or from knowing what they are doing is so healthy for them?) And if I were you I'd trade those shirts in for HOT PINK ones that say: GO GIRL GO!!

Anonymous said...

HAHA. Just stumbled upon your blog. Love the XC shirt. :)

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Can't wait to see this movie. Hoping it's still on this coming weekend so I don't have to wait for it to come out on DVD.

I have to admit that I went to one of my nephew's XC meets and decided that I'd just wait for basketball season to be a supportive aunt :)