Thursday, August 06, 2009


For about a week, Jorge has been telling me that I appear to be losing weight.

You'd think that observation would be very encouraging, wouldn't you?

Except that he says it looks like I'm losing weight in my head.

Yes, I said in my head. Not face, but head.

I said, "Are you sure it's not just that my hair is flatter? Face is thinner?"

"Nope. It looks like your head is getting smaller."

Thus we posed for the above pic.

Gee, I was hoping we'd make it to next June when we'll be celebrating our 25th, but in light of this kick he's on, I'm considering knocking him into next year without me.

Weight, Part II

After my gym work out today, I ran to WOWmart to pick up a few things. In the produce section, I hear, "LINDA!"

I turn to see an old friend, who also happens to have been Jorge's high school sweetheart. I truly love her very much-not just words.

Anyway, beautiful then, beautiful now. Groan.

As an adult, she put on quite a bit of weight, but she lost it recently and was so thin I absolutely did not recognize her.

I couldn't stop looking at her face and body, although I knew I was being rude. I just couldn't help myself. She said many people do not even recognize her.

As I stood there gawking, I remembered that I just came from the gym and had fewer clothes on than I'm used to wearing.

Like, here's what I wore to church last week:

And then I remembered that since she has seen me last, I've probably gained 15-20 lbs.


All I could think of when I walked away was, "Don't see me from behind. Don't see me from behind."

But I don't know why I'm so worried. After all, her head is still bigger than mine.

Lucky Jorge. If life had not turned out like this, he might have married her, and there he'd be stuck with a woman with a not small head. I hope he knows how blessed he is.


Staci Danford said...

Oh my goodness... I laughed my butt off (thanks for making it smaller) haha....
That was wonderful!!!

Smelling Coffee said...

Linda~ You crack me up!!!!!!!! The picture of "you and Jorge" is hilarious!

And for the record, I think you look great. :-)


MelanieNewYork said...


I thought you were going to say he said you had lost weight in your face. I know that's what I strive for when I'm on a diet. I'm a size 14 everywhere else, but in my face I'm a 4. YEAH ME.

H-Mama said...

you crack me up. this reminds me of the term my hubby used to use a lot... "fat-head". i'm not calling you one. promise.

so that's your weight-loss secret. keep wearing that 'church' outfit and you are sure to lose 5 lbs!! especially since it's summer and all. ;)

Mama Belle said...

I have that same outfit. That's the last time I shop at Sear's.

Men do not like big-headed women, so count yourself lucky. I think they mind a big-butted woman more.

Mrs. E said...

Chuckling!! My morning coffee and smiles. You make my day!

sara said...

LOL! this gives a whole new meaning to "pinhead"!

seriously though, I've seen your pictures lately and you look marvelous!!!

LynnMarie said...

Thanks for the laugh! I needed one. Med do say the straingest things....God love them

Tammy said...

That Jorge is cracking me up!

And just where do you buy a dress like that....I am in need!

Kathryn Magendie said...

LAUGHING !! omg - this is halarious!

Um, and, well, I have a little head! Dang it all! But it's chock full of brains, let me tell you- my little head is compact~! Yes indeedy do!

The Bug said...

I have a small head too - but it's always been small so I don't think it's due to weight loss. I always try to get "small" hats & then they cover my eyes - makes it hard to drive!

Carmen said...

Oh Jorge. Sigh. I'm disappointed.

I for one, think Lid has a lovely normal sized head.

That's right. I said it. I got spunk.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Jorge, Jorge, Jorge. (sigh)

Why is it that those chance encounters never happen when you've just come from the salon or are on your way to some special event - they're always when you've run in womewhere in workout clothes or painting clothes. Not that I've had that experience or anything...

Melissa said...

Oh, those big headed ex girlfriends. Isn't there an island for them? A far, far away island that is neither close to the gym or the paint store.

Angela said...

You are sooo funny and your new look---well new to me, I've been out of the loop, is delightful!