Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

Seems like just seven days ago I was uploading the button and linking to Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for yet another edition of "Friday's Fave Five." Because that's what I did seven days ago.

Anyway, here we are, at the end of the work week once again, which brings me 'round to number one on my list:

1. Fridays. Not the restaurant, but the day. Some love Saturdays or Sundays, but for me, Friday is the favorite day of the week because it inspires all kinds of hopes for the weekend; the world is your oyster on Fridays. There's so much time ahead, you know, like 48 hours or something, to fill however you wish. Fridays are just brimming with possibilities.

Do I always meet my Friday ideals over the weekend?

No, no I don't. But at least I don't have to fight a copier machine or answer the phone: "Oneighty. This is Lidna. May I help you?" only to be hung up on.

Part of my healthier eating habits includes Brummel and Brown spreads, which are made of yogurt. Check out that strawberry spread.

I agree with the website:

* Love it because it's blended with natural yogurt
* Love it because it has half the fat and calories of butter
* Love it because it contains 85% less saturated fat than butter
* Love it because it has absolutely no cholesterol and 0 g trans fat per serving
* Love it because it has a mere 45 calories per tablespoon

Most of all, I love it because it tastes good.

Why do I sound like a kid doing a Welch's Grape Juice commercial??

3. Great Value (Wowmart) Early Rise orange drink. Normally, the thought of orange flavored anything makes me go "blech." But I fell in love with this drink and have it every single day. It offers you 100% of your vitamin C with with a few other vites, to boot. Zero calories. ZERO.

It comes in little straw-like packages that you tear open and pour into your bottled water, like Crystal Light.

4. Biggest Loser: Contestant Abby Rike. This is probably my favorite TV show besides Lost. This season one of my early favorites is a young woman who lost her husband, 5 year-old daughter and newborn son in an automobile accident. She is learning to cope and live again. She wants to be healthy. I want that for her, too! She is inspiring. AND she made Jillian shed a tear, which is golden.

5. Job Shadowing week at the high school. I mean really. Did you think there would be anyone else in the whole wide world my daughter would want to shadow besides her dear old mom?

If you answered, "no, there isn't," then you are naive. But that would take effort on her part to set up an appointment with someone and put herself out of her comfort zone, so she was stuck with me. Then she dragged her friend along and picked up another classmate, as well.

So my boss put the girls to work painting signs, labeling files, filing files, applying labels, etc. Now the mystery surrounding my job is spoiled for her. And I'm sure she's feeling she can never ascend to the heights of a profession such as mine. I mean it takes a lot to master answering the phone like this: "Oneighty. This is Kritsin; may I help you?"

Here my boss is demonstrating how to ... hold a marker?

Here are office side-hugs. It's what youth ministry people do.

And now here's a little MySpace blingy weekend hug for you. Just picture me swooping in from the side.

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Becky said...

Thanks for the hug :-) I love Brummel!

Quilldancer said...

Have a great weekend. I'll see you at my place bright and early Monday morning.

Debbie said...

Love the Biggest Loser, pulling for Abby for sure. And have we EVER seen Jillian shed any tears before? It was rather disturbing.

Mrs. E said...

I'll take that hug! Thank you very much and right back at ya! (And I am with you on loving Fridays!)

skoots1mom said...

great all your pics

Snoopy hugs back 'atcha...i'm off to seek out ye little 18 holes (IN THE RAIN, no less...can you say 'good cause'?)

Beverlydru said...

I feel like I've been hugged. I've been reading your blog through your facebook links and then for some reason my commenter gives me trouble. But I'm reading!

By the way, I gave out your white fajita chile recipe AGAIN... my friends and family really like it. I'm spreading it around the SE.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Joyce said...

I'm with you on Fridays! So full of possibilities. Enjoy your 48 hours : )

Kim said...

Thank you for the hug. Can always use one of those!

Those yogurt spreads sound good. Will have to try them when we come home on furlough. Which I hear is a guaranteed 15 lbs. (furlough I mean) because everyone wants to feed you. Lots and lots of food. Not always so healthy food. Which, in all honestly, I'm looking forward to...all those things I can't get here. So maybe a little of that yogurt spread on the side to offset the massive amounts of bad stuff I'm eating? :-)

Have never seen Biggest Loser but that woman's story does sound inspiring; if that happened to me I'd still be in bed with the covers over my head. She wins whether she wins or not. She's well on her way to meeting her goal.

The Bug said...

I love Fridays too! And shhh! Don't tell him I'm excited, but I think I heard my boss make a date to do something outside the office at 4:00 today - spending my last hour alone in the office would be golden. I'm not a people person, remember?

Abiding Branch said...

Hello m'lady! Great Friday to ya! (some how m' and ya don't sound the same even when typing)

I loved that moment on the biggest loser too. I walked (4got to hit record) when Jillian was ripping that poor young girl a new one. Yikes. But to see that ending I felt inspired!! I can't imagine what that poor woman is going through. I want to watch her journey!

Mocha with Linda said...

Awww, I'm hugging you right back!

And I certainly wouldn't hang up on you!

Lois Lane II said...

LOL, how fun!! And I totally agree with you about No. 1!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I MUST try that Brummel. Something tells me it's healthier than the cream cheese I've been schmearing on my bagels.

Susanne said...

And a big Snoopy hug back to you!

Yes, I love Fridays too. Especially around 4:45 when all the kids head home and I can truly enjoy the Friday. Have a wonderful 48! Is there standing in the chute planned?

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Fun stuff :)
I missed the 1st episode of BL....I would've bawled my eyeballs out! I think she's the one I'm pulling for, too though :)

Anonymous said...

Girl, you need to be reading my blogs on Wednesdays! (Well, everyday really... but especially Wednesdays!) I do Biggest Loser recaps and we all weigh in (no pun intended) on our opinions. JOIN US!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Have a great weekend....Loved the FIVE.....

Willow said...

I usually have Fridays off. That's why I love Fridays! That and FFF. How sweet to have your girl choose to shadow you for a day.

Merrie said...

Thanks for the hug... I needed it!

Carrie said...

HA on the side hugs comment!

And I had not heard of Abby Rike. What an amazing story!

Followed your link through Living to Tell The Story and so glad I did! Have a wonderful weekend!

Susan said...

You make me want to go shopping for some of that spread AND the orange stuff! Good job, LIDna!

I was so moved the other night at BL. There are MANY stories that just moved me.

HOpe you have a FABULOUS weekend.

:-) Susan

Greg C said...

I am so ready for this weekend. It may rain but I don't care. I don't have to look at this darn computer and clear work tickets which I am beginning to hate. Make sure and post that photo on facebook for all the world to see.

Brenda said...

I will have to try the Brummel and Brown spreads, I am always looking for ways to get more yogurt into my diet. Sounds like a great week, how nice to have your daughter shadow you!

Jodi said...

I have to check out that spread. I never heard of it before. Have I told you that I lost 93 pounds?? I don't think I have. So...that may very well fit into my diet.

Speaking of diets. That is why I just adore you Linda...we have the same taste in TV. My very favorite show is Lost followed by The Biggest Loser!!! I LOVE Abby! She is on Facebook. Do you have an account? I do too....Besides Abby, I really am rooting for Shay. What do you think about that Tracey girl passing out in the sand. She was so determined to beat Daniel and when she started cursing and the bleeped her out. Next thing you know she was tasting sand. Hmmm?

Faith said...

Loved reading your faves!
The spreads sound great...haven't tried those yet.
LOVE the pic of you with the girls....yeah for youth ministry!
(my hubby is a junior high leader)
HUGS back at ya, enjoy the weekend!!

Lisa notes... said...

Friday is my favorite day of the week, too. It's the one day that I usually get a bit of solitude, which refreshes me so much. Thanks for the "Friday hug." Cute.

jamiely78 said...

I feel in love with Abby also. The inner strength she has is amazing....and to see Jillian cry - classic!

Faith Imagined said...

There is so much in this post I want to comment on! Lets just say it was a very interesting and fun read!

Jenny wren's nest said...

What a blessing you are to me. I went home and reviewed everything and did your meme, but when I got up this morning it was no where to be found. I guess I will try again

Thanks for the hug, you are such a blessing.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm SO with you on Abby on BL. I haven't even watched the show but a friend told me about her at the football game last night. She totally gets my vote God love her!

Cindy said...

I've been away for awhile.

Praying all is well.

Here is my new blog address:

Blessings, Cindy

Kaye Butler said...

Love, love, love, the biggest loser.

Not so much in love with lost. I feel lost everytime I watch it. I feel nervous and stressed out watching it cause I get so lost.

Anyhoo...My fav this season on BL is also Abby!

Don't you just love the fall premieres?