Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Recap

Hope you had a great weekend, whether it was packed with fun or spent relaxing.

Kristin brought home her school pics on Friday. It hit me that this is the last time this will ever happen for me as a mom. That is to say, next year she will be a senior, so there will be expensive studio photos, but no more of these traditional little photos. No more deciding what to wear on "picture day" at school. Sigh. This is my baby, and every teeny little step along the way of her growing up stings just a little.

Saturday morning, the three of us, Katie, Jorge and I, trekked out once again to Kristin's XC meet, where I hunted for the elusive "money shot" of Kristin running in the race--a pic where she does not appear to be running in London fog or is disguised as someone else's kid. Or a tree.

So here we are before her race. Just look at that face--an expression of her true feelings about us being there with camera in hand.

And please note what supportive, involved, maniacal parents we are, prepping her muscles and giving her pep talks beforehand.

And I'm pleased to report this serendipitous photo op:

Yes, I finally snapped a couple of her that are decent. So that quest was finally over, but my chase for the smack-talkin' inspirational team t-shirts was still on.

Like this one, for example: "Run like you stole something." Nice.

Or how about this one, a quote from Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights:

And there were a few more gems such as:

"The wolf is only as strong as the pack, and the pack is only as strong as the wolf."
"Our sport is what your team does for punishment."
"We don't run pretty fast. We are pretty, and we run fast."
(Girls' team.)
Or how about this quirky one: "Insert clever team t-shirt message here" between parentheses.

After XC, we came home and cleaned the house and went to the grocery to get food for a surprise 50th birthday party I hosted for my sister-in-law, Cathy, on Sunday.

Here she is coming in the door as we yell, "Surprise." Note that we live in London, which is also foggy indoors, even though it looks like I might have blurred this picture, which we all know from the XC meets I never do. And then we all said in our best Cockney accents, "'Appy birfday, gurhlie!"

Here is another of my special effects shots called, "Double Blind: Flash Ricochet!"

Here is her son, Travis, and his 8 month old son, her first grandchild:

Here is the birthday girl with her cake:

Here is one of the gifts I gave her, wind-up grannies with walkers who race each other. These were so cute I almost didn't let her take them home.

Here is the entire group following my order to make a goofy face, which is probably my favorite family portrait of the fam ever:

Finally, I battled allergies all weekend with massive amounts of Benadyl and Claritin and ate my weight in sugar.

How about you? How was the weekend?

Tomorrow: Preview Wednesday's Random Dozen meme questions--get a headstart!


Darla said...

great money shot! and look at you there just so skinny minnie with your daughter...i don't know if that is normal at your age to look so good? i'm a little jealous, sorry. however, i love your funny photo stories, so i guess i will stop hating! sorry you felt bad, i have felt a little fluish and eaten my weight in sugar too, except that is alot more that your weight in sugar, just sayin'.

Quilldancer said...

I am glad you finally got the "money" shot, and spending the weekend eating sugar sounds way good to me!

Love those grannies in walkers. Too cute!

Debbie said...

Sooo funny! I am sure that others will soon be knocking on your door asking to be taught your famous "Double Blind: Flash Ricochet" technique.

And where did you find the grannies? They are awesome.

jbanks said...

I had the ultimate weekend experience. I somehow managed to talk my husband into getting up early Saturday morning and driving 1 hour to Needville, Tx for the 'city-wide' garage sale. (Not sure how Needville gets classified as a city, but there it is.) It isn't just one garage sale, but a collection of 80-100 participants who pay a small fee and get an 'official' sign to put up. Of course, by the time you include the slackers who decide to cash in on the extra traffic, you have more garage sales than you can possibly visit in a week.

We aren't really 'garage-salers' but it was fun. The drive to Needville was beautiful and peaceful. We had lunch at a tiny family-owned place that had some very good bbq.

Cherish your daughter's last year at home. I'm missing my kids!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Yeah for the money shot! I know that was hard-fought. As for my weekend? STILL recovering from the asthma complications brought on by the swine flu. I'm under strict orders to remain on the couch, drink hot beverages and rest. Yeah... that was fun for about three days. Nine days later? Not so much.

Kim said...

I am an utter and complete failure with No Bake Cookies. Tried your recipe the other day, thinking "For goodness sakes, if Lid can make these, surely I can!"

Only it turns out I can't.

Dry and crumbly. No clue what my problem is, and I may be brought low but I am NOT defeated. Oh no, not by a long shot! I am re-grouping and ready to try again. Once I go shopping and restock the ingredients list :-)

Any insights or suggestions? Could being at a higher altitude have anything to do with it? Maybe the ingredients I get here are somehow different?

Mrs. E said...

So proud of your XC picture!! Persistence pays!
I'm with you on the allergies...uncle!!
Those racing grannies are a hoot. I think I could use a couple of those!

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Great shots of Kristin!

WHERE did you get the grannies? I would LOVE to get a set!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Love the wind up grannies in walkers!!!

Too funny!


Kay said...

Love it! Glad you finally got a good shot of your girl! : )

OK.. those grannies made me laugh out loud! Now THAT is funny! :-D

Mama Belle said...

You and I share the same photography skillz.

That Ricky Bobby quote cracked me up.

Picture Day is for my girls tomorrow and I loathe those days due to the tremendous amount of time spent on hair and the fact that they must wear their navy, green, and red plaid uniform shorts with any shirt. Talk about a lovely ensemble, especially with a pink floral patterned shirt. We go straight to school and come straight home on those days.

Mocha with Linda said...

The grannies are hilarious!!

Did the allergies affect your eye?

Kudos on the pic of Kristin running.

Jenny wren's nest said...

Great money shot!.

Greg C said...

Just remember, those senior photos are not the only expensive thing. This sitting was 30.00.

I love the t-shirts. You need to come up with one of your own. I am batteling alergies right now.

2Thinks said...

Nice shot of Kristin! Love the grannies, want one. Good for you, you surprised her- my surprises always get found out. You and I have the same dining table and chairs- exactly the same one. Ha!

Going to try to do the meme this time. Going to try.

The Bug said...

LOL Darla - my weight in sugar is a lot higher than Lid's too!

Is that Jorge being strangled in the family photo? Heh.

Joyce said...

Congrats on finally getting that photo!

Where did you get the grannies? I must have those.

I recapped my weekend on my blog today so won't re-bore you here...I referenced a classic 8o's song which means it's now stuck in my head. Have a great day.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Love the walker racing grannies. Too cute.

Kaye Butler said...

Finally you got the money shot! Now what are you going to do with yourself at the xc meets?

Your photography skills are wonderful. I sometimes blind them AND make them have pale faces all at one time.

I'm doing the MEME thingy this time...can't wait!

We played in the rain all weekend. I went on a date, with 13 year olds. Fun times.

Lois Lane II said...

Haha! Love those T-shirt designs. Hmm...I may have to think of something for the Bark in the Park 5K next weekend...

Kelly Combs said...

"ate my weight in sugar." This is the Lid I know and love. Tell me tales about eating whipping cream from the can, and how many boxes of Blue Bunny you ate. I can relate to that Lid. The work-out machine Lid, not so much.

Ken Lee you!

Susanne said...

Yeah for the money shot! And it's a good one. Look at the pack she's leading.

Those granny toys crack me right up. Happy birthday to your sis in law.

How was my weekend? I don't know what all I did but the weekend just flew by. I'm sure I did something interesting but I just can't recall it at the moment.

LynnMarie said...

Love the racing Grannies! Where did you get them? Would love to have a pair myself.
Great job on the money shot.
My weekend, fought the allergies and the allergies won!

Anonymous said...

Who knew cross country was so tough?! I think you should make your own shirt with puff paint and glitter.

Anonymous said...

I love that final family pic! I saw a family Christmas card once from a pair of grandparents, both making hilarious faces as they laughed out loud -- that's because the six or seven grand children on their laps were crying or fussing or otherwise obviously far from picture perfect.

Debbie said...

Those "lasts" are so hard. What hit me last year was when we all went to cut the Christmas tree and I realized two would be at college this year. Excuse me while I go cry.

Roxanne said...

I am LOVING these team shirt slogans. . .the funniest one I've ever seen was on the back of a girls' lacrosse team, "Trample the weak. Hurdle the dead."

At least they had respect for the dead.

Dorothy said...

Great pictures and a wonderful day to remember when you get my age 63 time flies even life is one big fog..

My first visit here I'll be back.

Dorothy from grammology

Sarah said...

I saw a slogan the other day that said "The Surgeon General says it's okay to smoke the competition." :) Hehe.