Monday, September 07, 2009

I Met Dave Barry Once, But I Can't Remember It

About three years ago, I met Dave Barry at a humor writers' conference. He was the keynote speaker. Oh, it was a glorious evening. There are only a couple of celebrities I'd like to meet, and now he is crossed off the list.

I found a notebook yesterday with my notes from his talk. I was eager to re-read them, hoping to relive some of the fun and maybe be reminded of some tips.

Sure am glad I took these copious notes:

Daily Herald Tribune (yes, I think that was the Miami paper he wrote for?)
Grande Prairie
Lori Knutson
Shannon McKinnon
All three of these are somehow related to Canada. Why he referred to them, I do not know.

Back of th- (yes, that's exactly what it says.)
300 attendees
World Record Mad Lib
11,000 blanks Moby Dick
(What in the world??)

Sense of humor from mom (at last, a complete thought)
English major - sewage and zoning (Oh for Pete's sake! How did I think that could mean anything even 5 minutes later, let alone 3 years later?)

3rd Column: "You're not as funny as you used to be."
Taught effective writing seminars
"Florida-You can't spell it without 'DUH'."
Mississippi: How do they make toast?
(Unbelievable. Even the CIA couldn't decipher this.)
Jeb Bush (I think I remember that he told about meeting Jeb Bush and something odd and funny he said to Mrs. Barbara Bush--what was it now? Wait, don't tell me .... Ugh. No idea.)
Good editor. Take criticism. I believe those were bits of advice.
North Dakota, Neil Diamond
Thick towel

Yes, incredibly, I began a grocery list at a later time right under the notes.

So I'm sure you'll glean as much from Dave's talk as I did. Welcome to my brain, my thoroughly mesmerized brain in the presence of Dave Barry.

PS: I did meet him for the requisite book signing, and he was more than nice to every single person in line. That says a lot.


Franbles said...

Well, that is very funny! You made me laugh out loud - good start for the week!

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Hilarious! (You HAVE sent this to Dave Berry, haven't you? If not, you MUST.)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Rebecca, no, I haven't sent this. But I did send another thing right after the conference about how I met him to his rep, and she liked it. I don't imagine he ever saw it, though. It was a bit long, as I remember. You can read it here:

Debbie said...

That is very funny and I agree with Rebecca, you MUST send this to Dave Berry.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Hilarious! And nice to know that there are others who do such things too.... :)

I remember when I was growing up he was my favorite. I would always grab the paper and flip to his section. Me and my mom would laugh over it together. :)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I think this is the biggest reason I no longer take notes during sermons. I am so with you...when I read my "notes" I just shake my head and realize that at the time it made some sense to me but in retrospect it lost something in the translation.

You should sit next to Skoots in a worship service she takes shorthand and gets every word. It is amazing to watch!


Mama Belle said...

You must remember the Moby Dick one. Think, Linda, Think!

You and I share similar memory loss problems. I hide presents and then forget where I pur them, then find them a year later. Good grief.

Darla said...

hahaha, too funny. great notes! i gather at some point he was working in sewage and zoning? or someone was...??? we shall never know. i hate when i look back at notes and cannot remember a thing!!!

Kelly Combs said...

LOVE IT! I take notes like this too. LOL!

Susanne said...

Boy if this is your brain when you meet Dave Barry, what will you ever do when you meet the Donny? LOL. I can see it now!

Grande Prairie is in Alberta if that jogs your memory at all. :v)

sara said...

LOL!!! I have gone back over old journals and have felt the same way...who wrote these?

Mocha with Linda said...

It never bothered me before, but now I'll always wonder how they make toast in Mississippi. Good thing we have Texas Toast here.

I can imagine trying to take notes while he's talking, though - I would imagine it's a constant barrage of hilarity. Even when he's talking about something that should be relatively dull. Kinda like someone else I know. . . .

I love coming here!

The Bug said...

Yep - I'm the cryptic Queen of note-taking myself. I do it even now when my boss gives me an assignment (now, what the heck does THAT mean?). Ha!

Now I have to go look for a poem I wrote over 18 years ago - I'm sure that it's as fabulous as I remember.

Jenny wren's nest said...

linda, I have a virus, computer down till I can get it to the shop. get back with you later.

Joyce said...

oh, this is so my life these days...this was too funny!

MomE said...

The sad thing is that comments like the Moby Dick thing would keep me up at night wondering what it could possibly have meant! HAHAHA! My Dad used to read Dave Barry out loud...and laugh so hard he wouldn't get to the next sentence...very irritating! I agree with Robin...this is exactly why I don't take sermon notes anymore!

Kim said...

If I don't write it down, I don't remember it. Even if I write it down, I might not understand what I wrote. I am totally empathizing with you Lid!

Susan said...

Yeah I think that would have left me quite puzzled. Usually I take copious notes, but sometimes I drift. And sometimes the speaker isn't really conducive to notes. I'm thinking that's what happened on this day.

It DID make for a great blog post, though!

:-) Susan

Dena said...

I just happen to go to church with a lady by the name of Lori Knutson. Pretty sure she's not from Canada, but I bet she can find it on a map.IF you'd like, I could talk to her and ask if she was at that conference, and see if she remembers you.

See, I got your back!

Carmen said...

Loved this post! I'm an avid note taker. In fact, I've wondered if I should take a refresher shorthand course.

Hmmm...that's kinda sad, now that I think about it.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Wow, it's good to know you (and other people based on the comments) take notes like I do sometimes.

Dawn said...

Your notes look remarkably like my cryptic notes written on every scrap of paper in my purse. We must have been in the same shorthand class together.

Becky said...

you are stinkin' funny... and yes that IS a compliment. Have I ever told you that I am jealous of you for meeting Dave Barry.

Your notes from the seminar remind me of sermon notes I take at church.

How is it that I have missed all these posts...

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I'm new to your blog and this is my first comment -- you made me laugh out loud with this!