Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday's Faves & Internet Cafe Today

I'm in for a quick Friday's Fave Five, but I'm also posting at Internet Cafe today, so please do go and say hi over there when you finish reading my list. I would appreciate it "ever so much."

This stuff works, and it's less expensive than Mary Kay's. I just dot it around my eye and especially under my eye, and it looks like I'm healthy again and not like I've been awake since the Preppy look was all the rage. Almay, you light up my life, and my eyes.

She's holding canning jars. Yes, I helped, a little, some friends can salsa this week. And the part that is the Fave Five is the snatched-from-the-garden fresh tomatoes. Oh. my. lanta.

Is there anything like a vine-ripened tomato? No there is not. It is like eating a ball of summer sunshine. You can literally taste sunshine. So I've been taking sunshine with me to work and eating it at my desk. Yum.

Ahhh, we renewed our World Magazine subscription. It's a great publication. Trust me. Get one from the library and just see what you think. I actually didn't know such a quality publication existed.

Yes, the bathroom scale. This week, it was my friend. I have now lost 10 lbs. since May. This. is. good.

I had a S'mores party, which I will post about at a later date. There were seven of us, eight if you include my little beloved, my little Pretty. The Precious.

I did indeed save you a seat. Pick up a second or third cup and tell me what you think.

Why is it that in the middle of a restless night, worries come at you like a flock of geese relentlessly honking and snipping, demanding the bread in your hand? As soon as you give a morsel to one, another comes charging at you.

As I write this, it’s 2:30 am. I’ve been lying awake due to mid-life hormonal power surges and a persistent snore beside me. Before I rose, my personal flock of geese was closing in, snatching my peace thought by anxious thought.

Question: What do you do when worries surround you?


My ADHD Me said...

I suppose I do the same thing you do, as I am commenting in the middle of the night, soon after you posted.

Becky said...

I ate a tomato the other day. It was solid, barely any seeds at all. A little salt and a sprinkle of Parmesan, mmmmmmmmm.

Great job on the ten pounds lost. Have you hugged your scale today?

When my anxieties get the best of me I line them up and decapitate them one by one then have myself some stuffed goose for a midnight snack.

CrowGeo said...

Wow! You look incredible! I've saved this photo -- it's one of my favorites of you. I love your joyful, fun-loving spirit.

Kim said...

Sorry you're having another sleepless night! The occasional one isn't too bad but you get a cluster of 'em and it makes it hard to function, doesn't it? I'd like to say I'm always very spiritual and when I can't sleep I pray, but honestly that usually happens only the first night of a hormonal power surge. Consecutive nights I'm too tired to think, much less pray. I try counting sheep or quilts or books. I make up silly posts in my head that I'll never write because they make no sense due to my complete craziness that ensues from prolonged lack of sleep. Sometimes I get up and try to read but the words move around and I'm suddenly dyslexic. Bottom line: there's really nothing productive coming out of repeated nights of insomnia. I'm hoping one of your other readers will have ideas though! :-)

Mrs. E said...

Congrats on losing the 10!! Yahoo!

Pamela said...

I will have to try the Almay. I have the dark circle/allergy eye look going on. Pretty sad when my own granddaughter comments on them! Although lately she has been pretty free with her comments to Deven and to me. Oh well, she gets is from the "Cole" side of the family--lol.

Jenny wren's nest said...

I want to know how you lost ten pounds while having smores.

Julie said...

Linda, Tell me more about the eye cream.. I've been using "Avon"..... and I'm out and in desperate need.
My issue is dark circles... I was born with them it seems. Is that what the Almay does for you? Can I get it at WOWmart?

Can't beat a good tomato. I actually have a garden this year and have loved the fresh veggies.

Way to go with the weight loss. I set out to lose 10 and I've gained 3 while on this stupid medication.... ugghhh... and I have a wedding in 29 days (my daughter's). I guess I'll be the pudgy mother of the bride... ugghhh...

I'm heading over to the Cafe....

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Julie, yes, you can get it at Wowmart, of course. I have really dark circles. I put dots all under my eyes and over the lids. Then I pat it with my finger to smooth it out. I works really well.

Jenny, I did join a gym in May, but I wasn't getting anywhere with that. So I kicked up the running a notch, and it came off. However, I still do the gym stuff because I know that building muscles speeds up metabolism and that I need balance as I work out my lower body more with running.

Greg C said...

I tell her to go sleep on the couch, that's what I do. Just kidding. So are we having some more of those California fire flashes? Come on down for a visit. You can hang meat in our house.

Nothing bothers me at night until the alarm does.

Susanne said...

I'll have to give that Almay stuff a try. Does it come in gallon jugs? ;v)

We had vine ripe tomatoes last night that, can you believe, I grew. Oh my goodness. I wish I could grow them all year. Nothing like it.

I have never heard of World Magazine.

And I can't believe you followed up a picture of a scale with 10lbs lost with you sitting there eating smores! How do you do that?!

Mocha with Linda said...

Great Cafe post.

Love fresh summer tomatoes. Haven't had any really good ones this year though - just tasteless grocery store ones.

So do you have to take Mylanta after you eat tomatoes?!

Your man always leaves the sweetest comments.

And yeah, I, too, want to know about this S'mores Weight Loss Plan!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Well, you know, I don't eat S'mores every night. And last night I ran about 6 miles. So that's the plan.

Lisa notes... said...

I've never been brave enough to can anything. Good for you! And congratulations on the weight loss. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

That Almay sounds fantastic -- I'll check it out! And hurrah on your 10lb loss -- well done! As for swarming worries... I find that rereading Genesis 1 reminds me Who is really in charge here.

Susan said...

Oh that horrible worry monster. Ugh. I hate it when that happens to me. I pray. I say "No REALLY Lord I'm giving it to you." Then, if I'm being totally honest, I sometimes play tug-o-war as I snatch it back from His grip. Sheez. Then I ask myself, "WHEN will I learn to really LET GO???"

I love your list and I'm thinking I might make a trip to the Almay counter tonight.

BTW, there is NOTHING like a fresh tomato grown in your neck of the woods. They simply don't taste that good here even when they are picked right off the plant.



Staci Danford said...

I just love reading your BLOg.. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to write or read. It always makes my day just to see the woman in your header.. hee hee AND.. I'm going to get some ALMAY concealer today.. My eyes have been tired since I passed thirty.. They've got over a decade to conceal. ha

lailani said...

I sing (in my mind) Amazaing Grace or some other praise song. If that does not work, and all house inhabitants are in and settled, I go to the couch, turn on HGTV, and then I don't think and I am out within 30-45 minutes. :)

Pttyann said...

Very good post Linda and now I more clearly understand the scripture casting your care,and I'll also be doing that mental exercise about the balloon very good. My main scripture is 2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given me the spirit of fear,but of power,love and a sound mind when the geese start quaking and I'm restless then this scripture will get it quiet again so I can sleep.Linda this is my first visit and I'm enjoying your "Beautiful Place"
Love ya

Cyndy said...

okay, this comment has nearly nothing to do with your post except to say that I love coral and I think it looks fabulous on us blondes...oh, and your playlist has become the soundtrack for my day! That's what I really wanted to comment on. :)

Debbie said...

Ah yes, the hormonal power surges. I have found that, for myself, when I wake up in the middle of the night and then am wide awake and can't sleep that the Lord intends for me to be praying for someone. And he lets me know who. And then I can get back to sleep.

Sue said...

I LOVE your description of a vine-ripened tomato... a "ball of sunshine" - lol SO true!

What I do when am overcome with worry is pray and ask God to take what it is I'm worrying about.

Re: the mid-life hormonal power surges... oh my... I am starting to understand how that feels. Is it possible to tear off our skin to cool us down?

Melli said...

Mmmmmm! I have been sO enjoying the tomatoes from my garbage can garden! You are right - they DO taste like sunshine!

Congrats on that 10 lb. loss! Good for you!!!

I RARELY worry about anything anymore... but when I do, it's usually because I forgot to stop and talk to God about it. The minute I'm reminded to do that, it goes away! BUT... the sad part is, that by the time I'm worrying, I won't remember to pray unless I'm reminded... or it comes a regular time of prayer in my day! (which I think is crazy!)

Pat said...

oooohhh Linda, I feel your pain, the snoring one and the night time brain activity! The good news for us is the great ideas that came to you!
Sleep well this weekend!

Willow said...

Wow! So much here this week: tomatoes~ our favorites are SunGold cherry tomatoes. They have to be SunGold, little orange balls of summer sugar. Books, smores, scales.

About the goose and the gander~ I get up and make bedtime tea, pull out an easy read book and wait until I'm sleepy again, and pray for peace.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Bacon and tomato sandwiches are not the same with store bought tomatoes. Love them. A lot.

I used to get World Mag and miss it, actually. Great read.

I think it's really cruel that you posted BOTH about losing 10 lbs. AND having a S'mores party. Humph.

Doesn't work for me like that. I'm glad it does for you, though.

Hope you get some sleep!

Baba's Special Babies said...

Hi Linda, thanks for the tip on this eye concealer... can it help with puffy bags under the eyes??I think that only surgery will help me!!

Nothing hits the spot like a fresh tomato with lettuce and light mayo..

I am a night owl and also have hot flashes..I get out of bed and read or work on my blog on the computer..

Have a good week-end. Hugs, Baba

Julie said...

Thank you for your sweet words at my blog. You blessed me today!

Faith Imagined said...

Loved your favorite five today! I'll have to check out the highlighter because I do use the one from Mary Kay and I love it!

Also, I'm totally going to get the World Magazine. You are the third person who has told me about it.

I loved, loved your Internet Cafe devo today. It really blessed me! Thank you for the image of the red balloon.

I'll be singing "99 balloons" today, since it feels like I have 99 burdens!

H-Mama said...

10 lbs... Congratulations! I must start the s'mores diet right away!

Anxiety. Deep breathes. Oh... and my oldest has been known to tell me, "Now would be a good time to count to 10." We help each other out that way. ;)

Susanne said...

For some reason your link is toing to a former FFF. Fixing it now for you. :v)

Linda Benson said...

Worries. Hmm. Definitely rope in the friends. I don't like "alone" anxiety. I find myself connecting to others fast and furiously to banish those 'closing in' worries. :) I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for having me!

Debbie said...

Sometimes I can let go of the worries. Other times, I am up all night.
And I will try that Almay! Thanks for the tip.