Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday--Funeral Blues, the XC Meet, the New Girlfriend

And it is captivating post titles like this which keep you coming back here, right?

It's 4:00a as I write this. I don't know when I have been so glad to see a weekend + Monday come and go, but it's almost over. Thanks for all of your kind thoughts and prayers. I may not have responded, but I have read them all, and they touched me.

Last night on Facebook I came across a status update by Beverly Lewis which I wanted to share with you (I asked permission, but it was 3:50 am, and she didn't respond, go figure, so I just charged on ahead here) which said,

Unity is such a powerful force! Had the wonderful opportunity this weekend to connect both in person and by phone with very special people who I've met "virtually". Nothing virtual about real connections.

The line "Nothing virtual about real connections" jumped out at me because I thought of you who stopped what you were doing long enough to say a quick prayer or shoot off an email or comment here. It meant a lot to me, so thank you!

How was your weekend?

Saturday we had the weekly XC meet which I've been writing about for 5 weeks or so now. This time, though, I was a bad mom and stayed at home to clean my house because apparently, when you are sad, your house grieves, too, and shows it by throwing up all over itself for four days.

It took a whole day to get it in line, and trust me, I do not live in a huge castle.

So, what do you suppose happened while I was sacrificing the next big photo op to mop floors?

Jorge called me on the way home from the meet to say, "Ohhh, you're gonna be so mad!"

"Why? What happened? Is she OK? What's going on?"

He laughs and says, "She beat her time by 1:30 and got a ribbon!"

Not only did I miss this, but other people got pics of her coming through the chute--the elusive chute shot!

And to top it off, he emailed me a XC t-shirt smack-talk quote to add to my collection: "Since you're behind, how's mine?" Why must the good stuff of life elude me every time???

Sunday morning, I met my son's new girlfriend for the first time at church. Jorge was all worried I'd be too "energized" about all of this and might embarrass them, so he wanted me to just be aware of how awkward it would be for both of them, etc., etc.


Jorge was off the wall energized. It was like Freaky Friday between him and me. Freaky Sunday.

He even pulled up his cell phone at lunch and took their pic, which nearly stunned me into pausing while inhaling my Puerta Vallarta vegetable nacho extravaganza.

That was the most un-Jorge-like thing to do in the entire world.

Thank goodness everyone laughed.

I wonder if we'll ever see the girlfriend again.

After lunch, we came to the house (remember, she's never been here before) and immediately I saw that Zoe had pooped a little turd. It was tiny, but I knew there was probably more where that came from, and it was probably still near the "jetway," if you know what I mean. So I picked her up in the air like a sacrifice and waved her around to see if I could detect any remnants.

I wonder if we'll ever see her again.

Also, I had to run the vacuum again over my dark family room rugs because 6 hours or so had passed since I had last done so, and they were dirty again. (They show every thread, every piece of lint, but dog poo, not so much.) So here is the new girlfriend lifting her feet for me to vacuum.

I wonder if we'll ever see her again.

But I had to get it decent again because two people I hadn't seen in 25 years or so were just about to show up at my door to go with us to the mortuary in Indy.

The mortuary, not surprisingly, was difficult.

We went out to dinner afterward and shared stories about our friend and toasted him and laughed and laughed, which he would have loved. We wished he could've been there.

It was good to see both of our classmates, and I told them that we cannot wait another 25 years to see each other again because we would be in our 60's, and one of them reminded me that we might all be in our 60s someday, but he's still, like, 25, and probably will be then, too. I don't know how he does it.

I came home about 8:00 last night find that Zoe had done number one in our living room.

Since I was a little melancholy, I thought, "Great, Zoe. Thanks for adding crap TWICE to my crappy weekend."

But I'm choosing to focus on the good stuff: The dazed and confused and hopefully forgiving girlfriend and son, the good friends, the good memories.

What did you do this weekend?


Debbie said...

This was the last weekend until, hmmmmmm, the end of December, that we didn't have something planned so I took advantage of that and did nothing. I do nothing very well. I am a master at it.

I was praying for you however and that is not nothing.

Mrs. E said...

Zoe knew you needed something else to thnk about this weekend, so she helped you out! (That might be a reach, but let's go with it!) What a weekend you've had. If I get the chance, I'll take a pic of the XC shirt in tiny town. It is a goodie this year. These kids crack me up.

You had a lot of life in your weekend. After the death of a loved one, we need that. My thoughts are still with you!

Dawn said...

Sometimes Mondays can be rough. Other times, they are the end of the previous week and the beginning of the fresh, new week. Hope today is the beginning of good week for you.

I can relate to the "special gifts" pets can leave for us. In our house, it's the cat's fur balls. Never fails, it's when there's company!


Tabi said...

I sit here wishing I could give you a hug. I am praying for you and hope you have a better week.

Jenny wren's nest said...

Linda, I am so glad you survived your weekend. Isn't it just the way of life that something eventful happens when mom is not there. go figure?. I dread the meeting the girlfreind or boyfriend thing.

Susan said...

I've been following your updates and have been praying for you. My weekend window is up at my place. I had to laugh cause I just found out that my DS 1 has a girlfriend at college and I was wondering if he might bring her home...AND what she might think. Glad I'm not the only family like that!

HUGS to you, Linda.

Beverlydru said...

Isn't laughter such a gift? It's also a barometer, kinda like a thermometer, for the emotions that is. To me, if you can still laugh, it means you're going to make it. It's really good medicine! Glad you had a dose with your friends.

Kelly Combs said...

Well, the weekend is behind you (like the girl running behind your daughter!) so now you can move ahead. Life doesn't offer us ribbons when we keep going, but honey, you deserve one. :-)

Have I mentioned buying Zoey a kennel and putting her in it when you aren't home? It does work. :-)

Ken Lee!

2Thinks said...

It sounds like a hard weekend. I am thrilled for your girl, though. You must really love that dog- I'd have a hard time with her little "problem". Doggie diapers?

Hope your week will rejuvenate you some.

Mocha with Linda said...

This weekend I thought about you a lot.

My heart has ached for you. Hope things get better soon.

And I bet you'll see her again.

Greg C said...

I ate bugs this weekend, nothing special just a stink bug. You sound just like my wife. She likes to wait till the last minute to clean and if you show up early for something at our house, be prepared to lift your feet while she vacuums under you. haha.

Roxanne said...

Loved the quote "there is nothing virtual about real connections." So true.

Nursed two sick kiddos and thanked God (again) for fever reducing medications so I don't have to worry about them dying in the night.

I am also home today. The kids are chatting and laughing (and therefore coughing) but they will be home again tomorrow with their DAddy, so I'd better use my "vacation" to get work done.

Glad Jorge threw us a new smack talkin' t-shirt saying to get us through the week. :) Love to you.

The Bug said...

Saturday's blog post was "taking it easy" which pretty much sums up the weekend for us. We had a nice time not doing much - & yes, I prayed for your family & his...

LynnMarie said...

Sounds like you had a lot of life to celebrate this weekend. I'm so glad you had such a long time friend; many people can't say that. Tears are a measure of how much we love someone. Sounds like you had a lot of love.
Zoe just wanted to give you a break from all that pain and did what she could. Cute girl.

Faith said... amaze always can make me laugh....thank you!
What did I do this weekend? oh my...loaded'll have to come over to my place to read about it....GOD IS GOOD AND FAITHFUL!!

Joyce said...

I love the verse in Lamentations 3...'The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies are new every day....' Praying for you in this new week...

Oh, and I bet the girlfriend comes back : )

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I hope things get better for you, my friend. I'm sorry for your loss, and I pray the Spirit of God would comfort you now as only He can.

Love you much, sweetie. {big hug}

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

We had a fantastic weekend away from all the babes. It was a much needed, much welcomed time for us!!
Sorry to hear about your bummer weekend. But I know what you mean about sometimes being glad that Monday is here.
Praying you have a better week :)

Quilldancer said...

That hyper personality thing may mean Jorge is in love. I hope you didn't all terrorize the girlfriend too much. Perhaps she'll love him in spite of you. ;)

It is good you were able to celebrate your friend's life with others who loved him. Laughter in grief is healing. It helps us focus on what we gained rather than what we lost.

Seems Zoe had a definite opinion about the quality of her weekend,too! I hope things settle down for the both of you!

Susanne said...

I'm so glad you made it through the hard weekend with your laughter in tact. Prayed for you and Jorge.

What did we do? Went to the big city for a doc appt. but went a day early to see the big new mall they have. And you'll never guess what store they had. Outdoor World Pro Bass Shop. Wow, is all I can say to that place. I got a great shot of daughter "kissing" the moose. I may just have to post it if she'll let me.

Melli said...

Awwww... I'm suuure the girlfriend will be back! Yours is just the kind of house they like to come back to! The REAL home. I'm always amazed when they come back to mine too - but they always do!

I'm so glad that you had that opportunity to have dinner with your friends after the hard stuff. The dinner part was where the healing begins. Being able to talk and laugh and share stories and memories...

My weekend was fairly uneventful this week. I just worked on cleaning out the back room.

Sue said...

Well... sounds like you need a fresh new start after a trying weekend. Hope you're feeling a little brighter today... and the dog has stopped adding to the stress. Is your dog not well?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Zoe needs some doggy diapers!