Friday, October 30, 2009

My Current Favorite Song And Random Dozen Feedback

Random Dozen Feedback:

I'm spending my blogging time today catching up with the last 25 of you. I'm enjoying this meme immensely, but it's wearing me out!

Here are some observations I've noted while reading:

The English teacher is by far the most influential/favorite.

You guys are so funny about how to tell when you're getting older. I should compile these and start a stand-up routine.

But most of you show your age by replying that you do not text, or if you do, it takes you a week to send a message, and even then it's not guaranteed to get where it needs to be. Funny!

Yellow appears to be the most-cited favorite color.

Most of you do celebrate Halloween, with the reservation of no evil stuff.

You all want to be a "suburban mouse," even though that wasn't an option.

Apparently, you are all the life of the party. Can you imagine if I got you all in one room? Party central!

The naming of the star thing is similar, I think, to adopting a highway. Your money goes toward funding (probably sending Koalas into space or something like that) but you get the "romance" of the notion. You either get this, or you don't, it would seem.

So have a great weekend--if I haven't been around to see you, I'm on my way!

Favorite current song:

If you have not heard "Say Hey, I Love You," then it is time. WARNING: It will stick. All day.


Quilldancer said...

That was a wonderful song. I was dancing in my chair. What a great beat and what fun to watch.

You know why your Random Dozen is so popular, yes? You actually ask intelligent questions that allow us to connect with one another over things that are relevant to us. One gets tired of those memes written by 14 year olds who want to know what color socks we have on. Pft!

Tabi said...

We actually in this family ALL love this song. My youngest is the greatest when this song comes on, dancing around, singing. I love it. And because I didn't comment on the last post...I really actually loved the wig!! I think you should totally sport that sometimes when your feeling spontaneous! (and yes, I am pretty sure I didn't spell that right!)

Debbie said...

Oh my word I am so going to have to buy this song. It is stuck in my head now, stuck I tell you.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Love the song! A good way to wake up in the morning!

SouthLakesMom said...

It IS difficult to visit all the others and I guess as hostess you feel compelled to do so.

I used to participate in a couple of photo memes but when you go to post and there are already over 100 postings, it loses it's allure.

I guess you could say something like "this week's special number is 3 and I will visit all those blogs which have a Mr. Linky number with a 3 in it" so people at least know why you haven't been there? Just an idea...

Have a glorious blessed weekend of worship!

Brenda said...

I loved the video. Not sure about the dancing barber though...Ha. I wonder if this would be a good one to show at our teen dance we sponsor. It is hard to find videos that are appropriate for a church run dance.

Mocha with Linda said...

Your meme totally is the best one out there!

And that doesn't surprise me one bit!

Kim said...

Dancin' in my chair....I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing...sending it to my hubby & my kiddo! :)


Greg C said...

I refuse to watch the video because every time I do it gets stuck in my head. I love the dancing in the video.

Jewel said...

Thanks for the compliment. [I'm taking it as a compliment by the way!]

I wasn't sure how to answer the texting question because there isn't much that would prohibit me from sending a sms. =/ Shows MY age? HA.

Does your daughter have any plans to visit IWU for a college visit day?? We could meet then, on my turf!!


The Bug said...

That WAS a great video! I'll have to share it with Dr. M.

Angie said...

Loved that song...gonna go see if I can get it for my IPod. I can foresee my little girls bouncing and singing in their car seats now! They love this type of music. Thanks.

2Thinks said...

The more I see, the less I know, but I know one thing- that I love you!

You the blogger.

Janean said...

i'll have to try to find that sounds funny! great, great blog!

Angela said...

Too fun! Now I'm dancin' with ya. My latest fave is Smile by Uncle Kracker...cannot. get. it. out. of .my. head

G-Zell said...

Love this song and very catchy. You were right LOL.... heyyyyyyy the more I see the less i know.. I love you I love you.. I guess Jeff will thank goodness this is what I am singing LOL.....

Thanks for the cool upbeat song.

have a great weekend!

Michelle H said...

Although I haven't taken part in any of these yet, I love to read what everyone has to say. I laughed at the part about the English teacher being the favorite/most influential (would have been my answer, too), because it really makes sense that a blogger's favorite teacher be the teacher that had them doing the most reading and writing, for what is blogging, but reading and writing? Makes me wonder what my old English teacher would think of blogging.