Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Brew and Apron Giveaway

WONDER WOMAN RUNNING Pictures, Images and Photos

Action shot! Yeah, I thought you'd see the resemblance.

Only she spelled her name with a funky "y": Lynda. Can you imagine how ridiculous it would be to be called, "Lyd?" Well, unless you're Lydia, I guess. Never mind. (If you're reading this via FB, you need to click on the title to see the blog to see the pic.)

I'm giving this action shot apron away. You just have to participate in the grand kick off of this comeback meme:

Last year I began this monumental, historic (one year) tradition of posting our favorite Fall dishes once a week. (Aka meme.) You'll have to have your recipes ready by each Monday morning to do this crazy thing. We'll do this for 5 weeks. I'm giving something away at the beginning and a little something at the end.

Here's the print up close. Upon even closer inspection, you will infer that there is a "coffee theme" attached to this apron, which corresponds to this iconic image:

Two words: Masterful marketing.

The point of the meme is to use favorite, homespun, not necessarily healthy Fall comfort food recipes. Ones that Paula Deen would be proud of.

Are you up for this?

OK, here's the other thing. Since you didn't know I'd be asking for recipes today, I'm beginning this tomorrow, Tuesday, even though NEXT MONDAY will be the second installment. Remember, after tomorrow, it's Monday from here on out.

So choose your weapon recipe and return tomorrow to sign up for "Fall Into Flavor" and a chance to win the apron. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

Well, how was your weekend?

Mine was fun, despite an infection which nauseated me and caused me to puff up like a Pufferfish just in time for fun pics.

I went with some people from my small group to Brown County, Indiana, known for its colorful autumn foliage (that's leaves, for you sauna dwellers in TX and FL) and kitschy gift shops. Please note the strange sign Jorge and I are standing under: "Cripple Crow and Me. And Ed."

Also, the son came home from college this weekend, which is always fun. Part of that fun means five vehicles in our drive and garage. I'm sure the neighbors expect us to throw a washing machine out on the front lawn any day now.

Anyway, Moms of little ones, fortify your hearts: They will look as sweet taking a nap at 20 as they did at 2. Sleeping with his hood up makes my heart bunch up; I can't help it.

Sunday: Church, a walk on a greenway to commemorate a female friend who passed recently and then worked at Oneighty, where it was "Glo" night complete with a gymnasium lit only by black lights. Yes, that's me. Yay for Crest White Strips.

What did you brew this weekend?


2Thinks said...

Very cool glo. I'll have to tell Outside-the-Box about this. His youth group would love it!

Nice slide show here, too. I saw a kiss. *wink*

Quilldancer said...

A recipe on Tuesday. Okay. I'll try to stretch my attention span ....

Jewel said...

Isn't Brown County beautiful??? My family spent just a weekend there before school started. So I haven't been there in the Fall, but I imagine the state park especially is gorgeous!!! But this weekend might have been too cold for me to enjoy walking around at the quaint little stores. Did you have any fudge???

sara said...

I am so glad you are bringing this back!!! love all the fall recipes!

seeing your boy napping at home was too sweet.....oh I miss my girl!!! She will be home in 5 weeks and 1 day, but whose counting!!!

Tabi said...

Well, I want to participate, I really do except my problem is that all my favorite fall recipes are ones that I stole from you this time last year!! I just had to go back through your blog and find two of them to email my sister in law! Now, I guess I have to find something else to post! :)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Our first official weekend since returning from vacation. It was nice to reconnect with friends at church on Sunday.

Saturday night the hubs (I keep trying to come up with an appropriate blog nickname for him but can't quite seem to find the right one) and I participated in an Emmaus Community gathering. These gathering always fill me up with how great God is and give me a renewed sense of purpose. It was good to get washed with the Holy Spirit. Kinda puts things in perspective.

It's cold this morning, frost on my grass in the back yard and I had a fire in the fireplace yesterday so it is officially fall here.

Will be searching the recipe files for butter, sour cream and melted cheese ASAP!


Kelly Combs said...

You look beautiful, Lid. I mean really trully beautiful in those pictures.

And your son is a cutie pie in his hoodie.

Merrie said...

I've got my recipe ready! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

Jewel said...

I totally understand how you feel about your son. *sigh* I told mine that he will still be my "baby" even when he is 54 and graying! :-)
Looking forward to the recipes!!! I'm gonna go browsing through mine!

Mama Belle said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I definitely see the resemblance. I mean, I couldn't tell which one was Linda. Oh, wait. Nevermind.

I'm in like Flynn.

Now, off to figure out what I will post for tomorrow's Tuesday post that will be a Monday post for the next 4 weeks. Right? Got it.

The Bug said...

Ah - I meme I can skip. I am NO cook. But I like to eat, so if anyone needs a taste tester, that's me!

Mel said...

Love the pics and yes tis so about cute no matter the age our offspring nap!!!

Question did a bunch o laundry arrive with said child?

Mocha with Linda said...

I was thinking about this meme about a week ago when I went to pull up one of my recipes.

Busy weekend. My girl tried out for and made Region Orchestra. Woohoo! Now she's practicing fast and furiously for All-State auditions in two weeks.

Oh, and we spent time getting stuff for her projects that I blogged about. Snarl.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures from your trip!

I have been home sick, so brewed lots of hot tea and sipped it. Also sipped several of the carmel apple spiced ciders...thanks to you and Melissa! ha.

The glo pics are fun! Yea for Crest White Strips!

Amy said...

Food!! I like food!! Count me in. Except fall for me in CA right now is still in the 90's...I know it sounds as if I am complaining, but I'm not...OK maybe a little. I am an Iowa girl and I want FALL!!! So my recipe might be a little less hearty and warm this time around...

This sounds like fun!!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

You just look so glowing in your last picture. haha hehe, get it, haha, hehe. Okay, we all know I'm funny so get on with it.

I love Brown Co...that is where little Nashville is. One of those places in the far side has the BEST pumpkin cheese cake. The house with Thomas Kinkade pictures everywhere is neat how they have the lights illuminate the light effects in his paintings.

That bridge you are on looks a little too swaying there Lid.

skoots1mom said...

sounds like fun...i'm in again...last year there were some really GOOD recipes

your weekend was fun...i've been to brown county...back in the early 80's...a neat place and sooooo pretty.

my weekend involved washing sheets, youth counseling at our WAREHOUSE, and making pumpkin muffins...maybe that will be my recipe, don't really know yet. Tonight, it's kale, fresh potato salad and ham steak...

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Have I told you how stinkin' cute you are lately? Cute.

Wonder Woman clip: wow. I'll bet I could wrap my son's plastic ruler around her waist!

Apron: I want it.

Foliage explanation: classic!

Son in the hoodie: Love it. Awww...

Glow in the dark teeth: priceless.

Long live Fall into Flavor!

Brenda said...

I found your blog through Dana. We went to Brown County one year and loved it. It was quite a drive for us from St. Louis, Mo. but well worth it. We really enjoyed Bloomington also. And all of the antique shops. Brown County's State Park was really pretty.
I agree with you about ours sons...they are always our babies!

Faith said...

oh yay...I"ll try to play this time with the recipe thingy. LOVE your pics...your blog is so creative!!

Sarah said...

OH, fun! I just made my fave fall soup tonight...will share that for sure!

Also, how do you enter to win this apron??? :)

Anonymous said...

My son is in college too..he turns 18 can a mom be so happy and sad at one time, I wonder? Only I can pull off this really annoying feat, I think!