Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Revisiting One Of My Faves

So, you all know how I feel about the Vermont Teddy bears, as evidenced in this post. But I realize that Vermont Teddy Bears are making somebody rich, and I also realize that the rich person isn't me.

However, I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday, which is "Hoosier-speak" for, "HEY! I can capitalize on the Indiana tourist craze by making 'Hoosier Bears' and selling them around Valentine's Day to all of the men who want to get ... their wives to deep fry them some beef jerky and funnel cakes! Smack mah pappy and call meh jean-yus!"

So I've been busy in my arts and crafts laboratory creating prototypes for "Hoosier Bears." What do you think? There's one for everyone! I mean, don't they make you want to squeal and drool all over their little cutenesses?

The only thing is, for some reason the slideshow keeps repeating a few of them. There are nine in all, but you'll see about four twice. Argh. But then again, when you're looking at something this adorable and sex-ay, you've gotta look twice. They start with "Girly Girl Bear" at $19.95 and go up. Don't delay; order today. Operators are standing by, but like the Shamwow guy says, we can't do this all day!


Greg C said...

I can't see any slide show. All I see is a white page so I am guessing my show is stuck on the snow bear. It is cute though, all white and everything. It is adorable....I guess. Oh I want some jerky.

Jewel said...

haha you are so funny!!!

I'll take one of each!

Mocha with Linda said...

Ooh, are you promising delivery in time for Christmas?!

This made me laugh like it did the first time!

Debbie said...

You are a genius. I think my personal favorite might be the International Kazakh Bear.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Girl, you are SO not right. I'm just a shakin' my head at you. You are an absolute riot. Now, I see that as the wheel turns, the prices just get higher and higher. However, because you are such a dear friend, I will graciously support your efforts and will buy 2 girly girl bears for my nieces and 1 trendy bear for me because we all know I am so very trendy.

One question, how come the bear with Miss Zoe doesn't have a name. That poor thing. I don't even think she/he had a price. Is that the freeby with every order. The one we can receive and dress up to our own liking.

Enjoyed this. Thanks for the chuckle.

Jewel said...

Dying laughing here! I fell for it hook,line and sinker! LOL All the while wondering how you could "copy" the Vermont bears and get away with it!
and THEN came the pictures!! LOL
You ARE crazy! :-)
Merry Christmas, Linda!!!