Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Marshamllow Test & The Random Preview

Before you jump to the questions below, please watch this video because

A) It's so darn cute
B) It sets the tone for the questions this week.

Today is your preview. Come back tomorrow when you post and link up here.

1. How good are you at delaying gratification?
2. Maybe a marshmallow wouldn't be too difficult a temptation for you. What food (or anything else) would be most tempting?
3. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being saintly) how patient are you?
4. Have you ever waited for something in life only to be disappointed upon realization of the goal/object/etc.?
5. Are you a person who takes shortcuts?
6. Which line is hardest to wait in?
7. Did you wait to discover the gender of your unborn child until its birth?
8. Are you more patient with children or the elderly?
9. Did you ever sneak a peek at a present?
10. What is the longest you've ever waited for anything?
11. Who has more patience, you or your significant other?
12. Which of the following songs about waiting is your pick for the best? (OK, you may substitute another, if you like.)

A) Anticipation by Carly Simon
B) The Waiting by Tom Petty
C) Right Here Waiting for You by Richard Marx
D) Wait for Me by Rebecca St. James


Nel said...

I love it. Those kids were soo cute! I love the one that stuffed both of them in his mouth when she came back. How cute!

Thanks for sharing and thanks for coming up with the questions! Glad I decided to join in.

until next time... nel

Matthew and Larissa said...

I am an hour early for midnight here on the West Coast sorry.

Here is my link...Loving this weeks.

Melissa said...

That was THE funniest thing I think I have seen in a while. I have a 3 year old and the red head in the video reminded me of her. No question....I'm going to eat it NOW. lol

Mocha with Linda said...

I love that video! Some of those little boys crack me up!

Guess I'll patiently wait for tomorrow's Random Dozen!

Jenny said...

Ahahahaha, that video was so cute.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Wow. That was one test of patience. Loved all the different reactions from the kids. The little red head sure gobbled it right away. I didn't realize that marshmallows were so loved. I used to buy the minis and just eat them as a snack. I liked to put them on a paper plate and microwave. They had to be done more than a couple seconds so that they came out kind of chewy.

Joyce said...

What, no Hall and Oates? Wait for me? An oversite I'm sure : )

Cathy said...

I love that video!!!

Just Breathe said...

That video was so cute. I am joining in tomorrow. Hooray!

2cats said...

Cute kids. I'll be ready for tomorrow.

Shawna said...

I hated that video! As a parent of a child with ADHD (who has a mom who probably has it too), I see it as sheer torture. :) I would never do such a thing to a child. They should have gotten a whole bag for waiting so long! Wonder how long they actually had to wait...hmmm.