Monday, January 25, 2010

Mom Moments

Moms know how unique each child is. Recently, I had special moments with each of my three. See if you can relate. If you cannot, try to recall your own special moments to share. Why?

Because (sing to the tune of "We Are Family")

We are Mom-mees.
We got family stor-or-ees.


Oldest child, 23, who has moved back home, walks in door from work and announces: "I had my first conference call today."
Me: "OK."
Her: "Hel-lo. This is grown-up stuff. You know, Big Deal and everything. You might want to write it in my baby book."

Second child, boy, home for the day from college (exercise science major).
Me: "OK, body-major Boy, tell me why my toes keep Charley-Horsing around. They curl up under my feet or they spread east and west or one random one will pull up away from the crowd like it's being Raptured. What in the heck is this? How can I fix this?"

Him: "I don't know. Look it up on the Internet. That's what I'm going to tell my clients someday.

Me: "Good idea. Why shouldn't you be stingy with all that knowledge you're stashing away and make sure you live as long as you can and who cares about anyone else, right?"

Him: "Just kidding. You're out of potassium. Potassium level is related to muscle control."

Third child. Had something like senior pictures taken Friday. I let her stay home Friday to prepare for the 2:30 appointment. It was the first day she has missed this year, so I didn't feel too bad about that. (I remember when she was little; she was sick so often, and I worried about attendance all the time. This is no longer a concern--a real perk to the growing up process, I might add.)

In the morning, we went to IHOP for breakfast. Mid-meal, I reached for the syrup for my blueberry pancakes and inadvertently poured coffee on them instead. I lost it, but #3 maintained her cool and did not even bat an eye at her mom or crawl under the bench seat. This is a sure sign of maturity and restraint.

At the studio, mid-photo shoot, I broke into silent tears. This display came on the heels of just the day before my explaining to someone that I do not EVER cry when I am happy like you see women do on TV. I said, "I just don't react that way. Tears are for sadness." And then God laughed and made me cry the very next day out of joy and pride.

Yesterday I sat at the piano with #3, helping her to master the old "Spinning Wheel" song. To hear her play that song that I played when I was young and then switch to The Fray's "Never Say Never," which she has taught herself, much to my continued amazement, I was overcome with pride and love again. Did not cry, though. Apparently, pride crying is for public display!

And I can't forget my other proud moment with her when she told me that she had created a rap name for my 84 year-old mother, Lucille:

Lusizzle B.

Love those kids. They keep me in line, out of breath and amused. Who could ask or anything more? So back to the song:

All! All of the people around us they say
Can they be that close?
Just let me state for the record
We're giving love in a family dose.

So how about it, Mommys--did you have a special moment this weekend you'd like to share?


Kim said...

Most definitely special mommy moments this weekend. My son is continuing to learn the ins & outs of being a great basketball player (and you KNOW how "important" that is in East Central Indiana! haha!) and had a great game on Saturday....and then we drove 3.5 hours north on Sunday to surprise our sweet girl for her 21st b-day, {which is actually Tuesday the 26th}. (I have no problem whatsoever with public's what I do....or so I'm told. ;) )

Mrs. E said...

Love Grandma's rap name!

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

#2 has had some 'moments' of late, but all in all, is a good kid. Just totally twitterpated. So last night at youth group when he led worship and brought 30 of us closer into the presence of God it was a good moment.

Mocha with Linda said...

Love the peek into your time with your kids. And I suspect the tears at the photo shoot were also prompted by the fact that your baby is taking graduation pictures!

We had an ordinary weekend here, and I'm treasuring all the ordinary moments.

Greg C said...

How about a daddy moment? After a round of father and son golf my youngest said; You know what would make this a perfect bonding day? If we went to Burger King on the way home. He knows my weakness.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Well he's right about the potassium...I had to eat a banana EVERY DAY while I was pregnant the first time so I could sleep at night without waking up looking like a contortionist.

I can't imagine being where you are; but I'll bet you said that just a few years ago, too, huh?

Betty said...

Not this weekend, but when they were both home over the holidays we had some very special moments. Too bad I didn´t write them down....
Your kids sound like a lot of fun!

Rach@In His Hands said...

3 lovely memories. So, DID you write all of these down in their baby books???

My mommy memory: My Josiah walked more than crawled this weekend. And I only teared up 3 or 4 times thinking about how my baby is growing so fast!

Raise Them Up said...

What a great post!

I have mom moments all the time. But at the moment, I can't think of a single one. I guess that's a mom moment in and of itself. Why else would I draw a blank if it weren't from brain overload induced by so many mom moments??


Jewel said...

My sister and I babysat 14 kids friend evening. Six hours. Fourteen kids. I'm 21 and I never want to be a parent.

Ok, just kidding... but I'll certainly be content for at least another month or two!

Amy said...

I did a post today about my 9 year old daughter asking me to teach her how to juggle...she still thinks that I know everything. However, my 14 year old son definitely does not, thank goodness for my little girl.


P.S. I don't know how to juggle...

skoots1mom said...

#1...Enjoyed watching dd do her own laundry, now that she's a senior it IS HER job to clean her clothes...that way I can answer her questions and she'll remember what to do the next time and before she gets away to college.
#2...dd and girlfriend had a movie night here on Friday...Transforms2 and The Proposal were our fare...and while they were discussing The Proposal, friend noted she had gone to the movies to see it originally and that she enjoyed it but the company was with her mom and friends and they were all 45 or older and OLD people just AREN'T as much fun...thanks, Mags! ha ha...I love her dearly, I do :)
Being the OLD person I am, I'll close for now and get back to my rocking chair...enjoyed your post!!

Faith said...

my mommy moment ocurred on saturday afternoon when I looked over at my 16 year old and she said "Yeah Mommy I don't think I'm quite ready for the interstate" while driving for the 2nd time on the she is SOOOO not ready for the highway. neither am I! but I sure am proud of her for trying...she is a very hesitant first driver....

2cats said...

I had a Mommy moment just the other day. My son called home because someone he was close to had died. He needed his mom. Even at 25. I am proud and pleased and of heavy heart but learning to deal with his own mind.

Roxanne said...

I have not had a good run of days. . . make that weeks. . .make that months. And today BEGAN with a speeding ticket and ended with me taking tomorrow off because I am exhausted (long story.)

Anyway. . .when I got home, my 11 yr. old daughter had made signs for the fridge, my bed, my book, and my pajamas that all had to do with me spending the night and tomorrow at "La Langley" Bed and Breakfast.

Later my son (8)came in with a diet coke on a plate (like carrying it on a tray) with a dish towel slung over one arm and said, "At La Langley, we treat your drinks with care."

And as painful as my past few months have been, it has been worth it to see my children shine--to see them WANT to take care of me like I have taken care of them--not in an unhealthy way, but to know that "La Langley" and a REALLY cold diet Coke to help my "boo-boo" or "meltdown" or "hurt feelings" is very much like a soft lap and some cold juice and a video used to be for them.

kcinnova said...

Potassium, check! I ate a banana this afternoon in hopes that my foot muscles don't spasm again tonight.

Let's see... the 10yo is sucking down books like candy... big books like Eragon and Eldest.
My 17yo thinks nothing of running 10 miles after school (and then he walks the 1.5 mile trek home). Um, hello? TEN MILES!! It's a big deal to me.
Then the 14yo was helping the 18yo list the pros and cons of each college being considered. I thought it was pretty funny that the 18yo didn't think of doing it but his younger brother had no trouble at all.
And later on, the 14yo was composing a tune on the piano. This is the kid who thinks he isn't creative!

AuburnChick said...

Major mom daughter (Chicky) turned 18 on Friday. Added to that was her soccer game, where her high school team won districts...a big deal cause it's the second year in a row. The girls sang Happy Birthday to Chicky. That was when I teared up.

I enjoyed reading your accounts because it was a reminder that we'll never stop having "Mom Moments" no matter how old our children get.

Tabi said...

This entire post made me smile, if this is the kind of kids and experiences I get to have when they get older than I would feel so lucky! I will still hold on tight to these little children that run around trying to drive me batty too though!

I had a great mom moment last night! My oldest loves anything involving the earth, like the moon, stars, plants, sky...I mean anything and she loves it! Well, we walked outside last night to see this huge ring around the moon, it was really pretty and neat, so I went and woke up my girl to show her. She stumbled outside, looked up, said that's cool...can I go back to bed now? Lol..yes baby you sure can..I just thought it was so precious! Also, I also got asked on Friday if she could call this boy at school her boyfriend because he asked, she's nine.

Jenny said...

Lovin Grandma's rap name. Great moments.

southerninspiration said...

Awww, great post! I love it when my kids surprise me and I am overcome with pride! That means you did a great job, Mom!


Daycare Girl said...

Your toes are being raptured! HAHA! :) Love it.