Monday, January 18, 2010

So Much to Say, and Yet, So Very Little

Deep inhalation, deep exhalation.

So how ya doin'?

Because I'm assuming you're a polite bunch of people and would, if you could, ask the requisite question in return and then sit there politely while I answer, even though it's really boring, I'll tell you how I'm doing.

1. I'm like you; I am distraught over Haiti. I'm seriously thinking about seeing if I can adopt or foster an orphan. Probably won't happen unless there's an obviously open door, but I'm open to being open and looking around.

And now as a direct result of saying that, I'm going to get the most comments I've ever received on this blog just with people telling me where to find a Haitian orphan TOMORROW. And then I will have to, won't I?

2. I'm dragging behind on this blog stuff. I gotta be honest with ya, not much is happenin' at the Crows' nest. We're boring. I exercise, go to work, come home, ruin a dinner, do a little laundry, write a post and play on Facebook, then go to sleep. The hugeness of my existence right now is just overwhelming, isn't it.

3. Weight. I am FOUR pounds away from a personal goal weight. Four. Fore. 4. Quatre. Four, that's all. And yet ... I can't do it. I've been eating chocolate chips from the bag, which is not great, since they're semi-sweet, but they're brown and kind of cocoa-ish, so I do it. And then last night on FB, someone requested my No-Bake recipe, and it was like asking a junkie about his drug of choice. Good thing I didn't have all the ingredients in my kitchen that I needed to make them because it would have been all over, with the Fat Lady singing a merry tune and then pulling her hair out the next morning.

4. Zoe. She needs a bath. However, I have recently discovered that when I give her the bath, I wheeze afterwards, and it's quite--not fun. You would think this revelation would mean that many family members of mine would rush in to save the day and be my hero and be Zoe's personal assistant, but no. So I repeat: Zoe needs a bath.

5. I picked up 5 hours at work per week. Woo-hoo, I know, but you'd think I just got promoted to CEO of Macy's or something. I'm having a hard time adjusting, believe it or not. I'm very happy about it, for sure, but now I have to ruin dinner even later each evening.

6. I played the Bearded Lady again at Oneighty last night for "Carnival Night." The kids (the ones who didn't die of Clown-Fright Syndrome) had their pics taken with me as a souvenir of the good times at "church." Come to think of it, there were a few sweet old ladies in the church I grew up in who sort of had beards, so maybe it's a spiritual thing after all.

So how was your weekend?


Lori at The Davidson Den said...

My weekend? Short and full of sick kids. Awesome, huh? And now it's gone and become Monday again...

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Number 1 is how I'm doing too.

Mrs. E said...

You're the bearded lady?? I think we need pictures!! (Isn't FB the best? Let me just suggest the Bejeweled game on there. I am an addict!) Congrats on being 4 lbs. away from goal! Yea you!

SouthLakesMom said...

Inhale. Exhale.

Not much going on here either except that after two weeks of being very diligent with tracking that I was burning more than I was eating (calories), last night we went to a friend's for dinner. And it was all healthy and delicious but he had asked me to bring dessert and I made blueberry buckle thinking I wouldn't have any and...oh well, back to the gym today.

Hope your MLK day is full of joy!

Cathy said...

Our life sounds about like yours. Quiet. But you know, that's not all bad. It could be full of trouble and frankly, I'm just not up for that right now! lol

Enjoy the quiet times while you can!

Merrie said...

I'm with you... maybe it is the "winter blues" thing that has us all down. I open my blog to write and have to REALLY push it to come up with words even though, I am a VERY wordy person!
I have to be honest. I never even considered adopting a child in any shape or form... I take that back, I did want to adopt a child when we were house parents at children's home.
Okay, maybe I'll blog on that one. Thanks for the idea.
I'm doing well, actually, thank you for asking!

Mocha with Linda said...

It's your humorous take on the mundaneness of life that keeps us all coming back.

You can do those last 4 pounds. And look on the bright side - you weren't at that disastrous Weight Watchers meeting when the floor collapsed!

Susanne said...

I didn't do so good with the food watch either. My downfall was pizza on Friday night from my favorite place. It was sad, sad, sad. But so, so, delicious. It went downhill from there over the whole weekend.

Jewel said...

I've been moved to eat semi-chocolate chips, too, when nothing else sweet OR chocolate was available. They're actually pretty tasty or was I just really that desperate??? :-)
I read in a local article about the spike in those desiring to adopt Haitian orphans but it was said that it could take years before it is all sorted out. I'll try to find it and email it to you, Linda. My heart goes out to the people there, too. So truly heart-wrenching.

Tabi said...

Great job on your weight goal! You can do it!! I watched the 60 minutes special on tv last night and I too wish I could do more. I cannot even just makes me sick.

Sidenote: got my bracelet this weekend and it's a great reminder! Thanks!

Janice said...

Cracked up at #4... So understand what you are saying!

I equate making a batch of my favorite white chocolate chip cranberry cookies as directly violating Romans 13:14, and I will not make provision for the flesh or fulfill the lusts thereof!

The Bug said...

Good for you on the Haiti adoption - I honestly hope it works out because I can't think of a better family for a child to become a part of...

I agree that we need a picture of the bearded lady - just one would be fine.

My life is pretty boring too. So I write about inconsequential things that MIGHT make people laugh. It's a tough gig - & I'm not the blog goddess you are!

samurai said...

The weekend was way too FAST!

Drove over 450 miles on Sat. and then went out with the guys to see The Book of Eli. I really liked that movie.

Got the kids to church and then brought one of their friends home. Had a house full of people until we collapsed sometime after 10.

I am very grateful to be back to work. ;-)

Thank you for asking, and thank you for that little peak into your life. 8)

Heather said...

Is Zoe your dog?? My dog is Zoey too! Have a good week!

Amy said...

Just think all those kids will look back on that picture when they are moms and dads and smile, and say "I don't think she always looked like that..." ha ha!!

Your life sounds like...well life!!


Anonymous said...

"ruin a dinner" LOL

3. I seem to sabotage myself every time I get close to a goal weight (and I am NOWHERE near my final goal). What's with that anyway?

Dena E's Blog said...

What a riot you are, and not in a bad way,,thanks for all the laughs you bring about in me. And although you have gob's of followers I do believe I'll add on too and pics of the bearded ladies is a grand idea someone else mentioned here. Not sure how i happened upon your wonderful blog but soooo happy I did. How fun and encouraging you are to us older Christian ladies, notice I said older as I'm not quite there yet,well, not in my view of things;~) . Just a tad new at this and not sure what all the abrevations mean. Sounds like you have an AWESOME church to worship Our Awesome God too!!!
My weekend well, it was just as full and crazy as always and I'd rather read about yours its said so much better. Anyhooo, Big Hugs from Dena in the frozen tundra of Iowa
(and do pop over to my blog if you get a chance in your busy~ness sometime,I'd be thrilled)!!!

Debbie said...

Not a whole lot going on here and I am enjoying it. Yes, on #1 I too feel helpless with the Haiti situation. It's like there is no end to the suffering. Of course these situations bring out the good and the bad in people and watching the news you see more of the bad right now, so I haven't been watching much. though my thoughts are with the people of Haiti.

FB can be a time consuming but wonderful addiction!! :) Thanks for the post. God bless, Deb

Dena E's Blog said...

By the way, My hubby and I too are distraught over Haiti and have alos considerd adopting and ponder other ways to help possibly. We do pray for them each day. Just a lost feeling. And on a lighter note Our lil Chihuahua Sissi, is in need of a bath too,but it just seems too cold for her little toes,or is it me and I'm feeling lazy ;~)
Lets all continue to be prayerful for others,thats our Hope in Christ.
Wishing I have not overstepped any bonds ...Big Hugs Dena

Beth in NC said...

Ha ... you last comment about the bearded lady.

Be sure to come to my blog and read about some miracles that happened while my friends were trapped in Haiti! They just got home Saturday night. It is absolutely devastating. So sad. :o(

Four pounds!?!?!? Wow, I can hardly wait to say that! I pray you reach it. (Stop sabotaging yourself.) (((hugs)))


Abiding Branch said...

Oh Lid, I wish somethings were a little more borin at my house, I relish the thought! I am however still about 30 pounds from my goal and had a horrific diet the last few days.

We went to see family and catch up which led us to a much needed message at my (our) "home" church. I would give anything to live in East Texas again and go to that church regularly! Anyway, I can tell you that I know that I know this gal and three other family members were released from some pretty heavy baggage labeled shame, unworthiness, and just plain old guilt, that just had to go. :)

So we go to the other part of the family's house and kept the peace while the lone angry person was quite hypocritical. I love her but she is the eptiome of the one who dishes out but can't take it. Long story but we are so over it. ***sigh*** inhale exhale deepl I might add.

So coming to your blog provided a fresh brew to my day so take heart dear sister in the Lord bless this gal often!

Tootles before I lose my connection going back West to our home...must be something, going West that is! Bring-It-On!

Tammy said...

No Bake recipe.....pass that crack goodness on!

And congrats on the 4 more pounds, that is exciting.

Jewel said...

Don't play Bejeweled.. you will beaddicted.

Four pounds girl, you can do it!!! You're so close!! [Also, you forgot bpoun (4 in Khmer)]

Sorry, I don't bathe dogs.. it just isn't my thing. However, I would LOVE to see you adopt a Haitian!!

Jeanie said...

I've been 4 pounds from my goal weight for more years than I like to say...I get close, then back up.
Enjoy the "not much happening" existence" while you have it and rest up for when things get crazy, because they probably will.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

You are a hoot, Miss Lid. Everything you say tickles my toes. Semi-sweet chocolates, CEO, fore pounds.

I just finished off a can of pickled beets. Yum! I hadn't ate dinner and looked in the cabinet while I was toasting my wheat english muffin. So the muffin is next...dessert.

I need to reply to your email. I hope to do that tomorrow. I did my treadmill workout tonight...did well. Can't wait to start seeing some results but will have to kick out the food (like your semi-sweet choc) some chocolate would be good right now...wonder if I can find something dark brown to be a fake substitute. ha!

2cats said...

It is the middle of winter and I believe that everyone has cabin fever. Even if they leave the house everyday. We want sunshine and warmer weather.
I have always believed that when the goal weight is so close but unattainable, it is your body's way of say that enough is enough. I'd check with your doctor to maybe set a new goal weight.
And while I don't know if Zoe is you child, dog, or cat but I would wait it out. Someone will do the job.

skoots1mom said...

I'm doing better right hormonal meds seem to be doing their job @ the moment

Thanks for assuming I'm polite, and I would listen...I'm a good listener.

Your adopting a Haitian child would certainly change things up a bit.

There will be many to support financially through the aid organizations, I'm sure.

'Not much is happenin' seems to be a theme for us parents who have older children...I'm feeling rather unneeded at this point :/
I need to get busier with some people who need my hands...I am still working on a prayer shawl, knitting one at the moment. I think the next one will be a patterned crochet one...I'm just winging iton this one. go,'re doing great...I only have four-ty to go, myself. I'm having a hard time getting started back after the holidays.

Wheezing is certainly an indicator of a you itch or swell any? That's kinda careful, allergies can grow worse with more exposure, so talk to your doc. I don't want Zoe to be an orphan. Sprinkle some baby powder on Zoe until you can get her to a groomer, that way you won't wheeze :)

My Crockpot helped me get through my late-evening meal issues when I worked full-time. There are lots of good recipes for slow cookers ...

Hey, i'm to the point with no hormones that I could be the bearded laded with no costume...sad, I know.

Laundry and emails on Saturday...
SS & contemporary worship, BBQ salad for lunch then HomeDepot visit followed by watching some football playoffs with my hubs spelled out my weekend...sounds exciting doesn't it?!! But, I was breathing and could get around without anyone's help, so IT WAS GREAT!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

"The hugeness of my existence right now is just overwhelming, isn't it." well the best way to get rid of dull and boring would be to adopt a Haitian child...just saying


Roxanne said...

Hi friend. You are not boring. It is January. . .and very, very cold and frozenish where you are. You are hibernating. . .except for like work and impersonating a side-show act. . .and cooking and all. :)

Kim said...

Since putting back on at least half the 40 lbs. I lost last year being sick... yeah, I need to stay away from the sweets too.

As soon as I finish this bag of Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies I discovered in Mendoza :-)