Sunday, May 09, 2010

Weekend Recap

I hope you had a great weekend; I sure did. Saturday, I went with my lovely mom to her church for a Mother's Day luncheon.

At 84, she was the oldest mother there, so they asked her to say the blessing before we ate. I was so appreciative to spend another Mother's Day with her. Yes, she is 84, but doesn't look it, I know.

I'm a convert to her skin care regimen now because I am a believer. However, the first and foremost reason her skin looks so good is that she never sees the light of day for more than 20 seconds or so. My dad has been dropping her off and picking her up at doors since about 1950. I cannot abide the "no sun" rule, even though I know the consequences. Other than that, I'm adopting her guidelines. Let's hope the genes are strong, that's all I'm saying.

Saturday night, we sent our baby off to her first junior/senior prom. She wore a dress that Katie wore a few years back in the Delaware County Junior Miss Pageant, and I think she looked great. They both happen to be petite girls, so it fit perfectly. She even had shoes to go with it.

In fact, the only items on which I spent money were a clutch, some makeup and the prom pictures. Am I cheap for mentioning that? Perhaps. But she went with a friend and was not emotionally invested in the event at all, just went as a fun thing to do. So I was glad not to have spent a ton of money on the dance. Maybe this will not blow you away like it did me, depending on where you live and what the prom custom is, I suppose, but I was floored to learn that one girl spent $500 on her dress. That's actually more than I paid for my wedding dress.

The best part for me was watching Katie do Kristin's hair and makeup. I don't have a sister, so witnessing this tender, fun-loving moment meant the world to me. It was an early Mother's Day present. Katie has been acting as a 3rd party mediator lately, and I appreciate her so much!

You'll notice one picture features my toilet. I'm sorry about that, but Katie snapped a pic of Kristin texting in the middle of preparations, and I loved that picture because it so represents her and kids nowadays that I had to include it. Sorry for the toilet and the wall mirror that makes it appear as though I have double toilets in one bathroom.

After that, Jorge and I drove to the nearby town where Katie (graduate) and Jordan attend college because Jordan's girlfriend graduated Saturday. We are SO happy that she is in his life; I could not have chosen a girl any better for him. And thrill upon thrill, we met her parents, brother and grandparents. They were completely lovely people and made us feel so welcome. We were even treated to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. In short, it was a wonderful evening, a real blessing in so many ways.

By the way, Jordan's girlfriend's mom confessed that she occasionally reads this blog. (GULP!) You all know I get a little wacky on here sometimes, and who knows what she expected when we would eventually meet, but I think she bestowed grace upon me for Jordan's and her daughter's sake!

After dinner, Jordan took us to see his new apartment in an old house on campus where he will be living for the summer. (Gulp again.) Very old, slightly scary at night for me, but he seems happy enough. Their fish is still alive, by the way, but we've had a cold spell and his house has no heat, so the fish is doing that playing possum thing where you'd swear it is dead but it's not. I know you appreciate the grandfish update.

By the way, what a relief to know that my grandfish's other set of grandparents is fabulous.

Sunday morning, we went to church, then I chose where we had lunch, which was Pizza King, a place I've mentioned once or a hundred times on here. It's an Indiana thing, and if you're born and bred here, you love it like nothing else. The piece de resistance is called the "Royal Feast," and that's what I ordered, as you will see in the pic. Also, you will see that when you sit in a booth, you pick up an old fashioned phone to place your order. And then when the pizza arrives, you have to decide which is better, the edge pieces or the center, and you can never decide, so you just keep eating.

After that, Jorge took me to see the movie "Babies," which I highly recommend if A) You like babies B) You're interested in learning about other cultures. Four babies are featured from Tokyo, Mongolia, Namibia and San Francisco. I happen to be partial to the story of the Mongolian baby because the culture is so near the Kazakh culture, which is of Mongolian descent.

The only thing is, the movie had not yet come to our town, so we had to drive to Indy to see it, about 60 miles. Then when we got there, it was sold out, so we bought tickets for the next show and shopped in a mall and got a skinny vanilla latte until it was time for the show.

I received lovely gifts from the kids, but the best part was seeing each of them and putting my hands on/arms around them. Oh, how I love those three people and their father.

I am a blessed woman--a blessed daughter, wife and mom. I don't deserve my life. I am so thankful!


Lelia Chealey said...

Sounds like you had an incredible weekend Linda! You deserve it.
I know you're missing your friend today and everyday.
Love you,

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend....Always enjoy your posts....

Mary said...

First off: your mom definitely does not look like she's 84! Beautiful!
Your girls: Beautiful!
I wasn't fortunate enough to have all 3 of my boys with me this weekend since Middle son is graduating next weekend. Oldest son had to work so he can get a couple of days off next weekend to come in.
Looks like you've got great kids and had a good time!

Cara and Jenn said...

I have Jr. Prom this weekend too!!!!
Sent you some blog award love...come on over and get it!

Mocha with Linda said...

What a fun weekend you had! Love the pics - even the one of texting by the toilet!

And your mom looks wonderful.

You have a sweet, sweet family!

Jewel said...

I love your daughter's dress, Lid! You can never go wrong with black and white and she is beautiful!
AND your mother certainly doesn't look her age! Wow!
Ed has promised to take me to see Babies and we, too, are going to have to travel some distance to see it but I don't care! :-) The previews look wonderful.

skoots1mom said...

to her church for a Mother's Day luncheon..the BEST gift ever!

At 84: no...she looks great

dropping her off and picking her up at doors...he's so loving.

first junior/senior prom: awwww...
a fun thing to seeing them enjoy it as an event rather than an emotional date.

fun-loving sweet, wish my dd had a sister to enjoy these moments.

old house on campus: bet he'll love it!

Grandfish update..hee hee.

Pizza King: pick up an old fashioned phone, COOL!

yeah: skinny vanilla latte until it was time for the show.

I got a card saying: "good for 5 free trips home to spend the weekend with you"

a blessed woman: indeed :)

LynnMarie said...

Great pictures of a great weekend. I'm so glad that you understand just how blessed you are.

Cindy said...

What a fabulous weekend!
Your mom does look great!
And your daughters: beautiful:)


You mom is gorgeous...can't believe she is 84. My mom looks everybit 81. the prom pictures are wonderful and your daughter was beautiful. I can see the beauty genes run in your family. The pizza place looked wonderful...I could almost smell that reminded me of Mama Mary's Pizza in West Palm where I grew up. Glad your weekend was such an awesome one.

Shawna said...

How awesome that they asked your mom to say the blessing! Come see the beautiful Mother's Day present I got.

Susanne said...

Busy, busy weekend but so full of good things for you!

Kristen is gorgeous and that dress is just beautiful. She looks like a star on the red carpet in the one picture that's a bit more close up.

"Ring the King" cracks me right up for some reason. how funny that you get to phone the order from your table. And it looks gooood! I totally would choose to go there too.

So nice that you had all your kids with your for Mother's Day. I didn't have my oldest which made me sad though she did phone.

Connie said...

What a great weekend and your mom does look FABULOUS!! Your daughter looked so pretty and I love the dress! Yes..some girls go overboard for their dresses and these's crazy. Good for you to stay practical.

Have a good week!

Betty said...

What a great weekend! And you did so much. You have beautiful girls Linda! And I love the dress Kristin wore! Very elegant.
Loved seeing the pics.

2cats said...

Sounds like you had an incredible weekend.
Your mom does not look her age. So now you have to give us what her skin care regime is, no fair not sharing.
Your daughters are beautiful It is nice to see them sharing time together getting ready for prom.
The pizza looked delicious. We have a place here that is called Broadway Pizza. That is like the landmark pizza place. I think every state must have one.

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

Love the dress! Just gorgeous.

Yes, I think $500 is a lot for a prom dress, too.

Pat said...

Such a wonderful weekend ~ lots of memories made! Your mom does NOT look her age...she is beautiful. Well, all you females are! Your son is handsome and seems like a really fun guy. I'm so glad you had this opportunity to share time with so many special people. Thank you for sharing the photos!


Lea said...

WOW! I sure hope you have your Mom's genetic makeup too. She looks amazing! What an enjoyable post and sounds like you had a "near perfect" Mother's Day. Bunches of blessings to you!

Pam Mitchel said...

Linda, I just want you to know I enjoyed meeting you on Saturday also, and that we think your son is great. I believe they are good for each other! As far as your blog, no worries, I totally understand wackiness! Sometimes I think I am the queen of wackiness, just ask Natalie. Ha! Thank you for you and George celebrating with us on Saturday.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Thanks, Pam. I just noticed I said, "By the way," at least 3 times in this post. I think I was in happiness hangover!