Sunday, May 02, 2010

When Chocolate & Ice Cream Fall From the Sky

Sometimes, good things happen.

Like one day, you open up your email and there is a message from someone offering you free chocolaty ice cream goodness.

A company called Edwards sent me a few coupons for their Singles A La Modes just to try, just for the heck of it, probably because the word "chocolate" appears in this blog approximately 9,763 times, so it was a safe bet I might say "yes" to the offer.

But far be it for me to hoard the chocolate.

OK, it's not that outlandish to think I might hoard some chocolate, but I'm not going to. I have 7 coupons left for one package of any Edwards Singles A La Modes in any variety, which includes:

Molten Lava Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Apple Crumb Cake
Turtle Brownie
Apple Crisp
Fudge Brownie

If you'd like to receive a coupon, leave a comment, and I'll let you know if you are randomly selected. Also, you can request a coupon for a free sample from their website.

I chose the Turtle Brown, and Mmmmmmm.

OK, I'm ready to share the love. Who wants some ice cream and chocolate??


Becky said...

I would love to try some ice cream!! :) The Molten Lava sounds heavenly!

Debbie's L'Bri said...

I love Chocolate ice cream and mint.

Mocha with Linda said...

Oooh, I think that is calling my name. Molten Lava Chocolate? Fudge Brownie? Turtle Brownie? Yum.

And I'm sure it's calorie free, right?!

R.L.Scovens said...

That Turtle Brownie sounds supreme!!! I'm always up for icecream and chocolate!

krystina said...

oh, pick me! i need something to help me get through these "sleep-through-the-night" training sessions! (get the baby to sleep through the night . . . I already know how, though I might have forgotten by the time I can)

2cats said...

Oh my gosh that really is a good thing to have happen.
I would have to choose Molten Lava Chocolate Cake. It sounds to wonderfully decadent.

Just Breathe said...

It looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

Oh Linda, you are speaking my language!!!!!

Please enter me in the contest for a coupon.

And, just so you know, stores put these babies on sale.

I'm a couponer (I've been called a Coupon Queen, but that's my mother-in-law. I'm the Coupon Princess.).

I recently got these little Gems of Joy for $.50 each.

Um...I think I picked up ten or twelve.


My favorite flavors are the Hershey's and the Chocolate Creme Pie, but the Key Lime Pie is to die for (not chocolate, I know, but tres delish, I promise).

Sorry for the long comment, but you hit one of my buttons with this topic!!


skoots1mom said...

ice cream and cake, do the ice cream and cake...
the turtle sounds awesome to me!

bensrib said...

Oh, I love me some chocolate!

lowrytinam said...

Pick me! Pick me! Please, pick me! ;)


Oh yes pick me please! I love Edwards pies....and chocolate.

Jaime said...

No way it can beat Blue Bell, but I will certainly give it a shot!

O Mom said...

free coupon and icecream in the same post! Happiness!

Kelli said...

I have never tried these, but with flavors like those how can I resist?

thecoolmom said...

Frozen ice cream treats? With chocolate? Count me in. I couldn't get the link to work to request a coupon.