Saturday, May 01, 2010

Something Special for Mother's Day

I'd like you to meet Myla Smith, a songwriter from Memphis, who wrote a song called "Lilttle Caleb" for her best friend's son after he was born. She's releasing it as a free download for Mother's Day, and you can catch it right here on her website. It's a very sweet song with clever, heartwarming lyrics. Myla's voice is pure and sweet and a joy to listen to.

This is a pic of Caleb with his mom, the inspirations for this song.

And here is Myla to tell you about the song in her own words.

So please head on over to Myla's place and give "Little Caleb" a listen, download it, and share it with friends! Thank you for the gift, Myla!


Amanda said...

She really does have a very sweet, soothing, pretty voice. I definitely signed up for the free download and her newsletter. :) You know for someone that doesn't have children yet, she NAILED it.

I'm going now to look the rest of her album up on iTunes. Thank you so much for sharing that!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Barbara said...

Just beautiful, she sure does have a sweet pretty voice too, hugs and thank you for sharing. Barbara

Mocha with Linda said...

So sweet. I was not familiar with her at all.