Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If I Put It Under My Pillow ...

Well, this riveting story will teach those unfollowers I spoke of earlier not to unfollow ME:

Remember the dental cap story from the other day?

My temporary cap popped off tonight following a trip to Sbux.

I was driving down the THE busiest street in out town when out plopped a "tooth," just like when you're 10 and the last string of flesh snaps and you've suddenly got a tooth on your tongue or in your hand, only I'm 47 and so it's not cute and no one said "good job," and I doubt that if I put it under my pillow anything good will follow, like cold hard cash or a cute pair of sandals under my pillow in the morning.

So now I definitely cannot throw back my head and unlatch my jaw in a Julia Roberts laugh until I see my dentist again. I will be at his doorstep bright and early tomorrow morning.

That is all.

Sorry to be so brief, but I had to put a cap on this story.


Debbie said...

sorry to hear about the tooth! I broke 3 teeth in gym class when I was in jr. high. When I was in college one of the caps fell off and I was mortified --- it just isn't cool or in to have a part of your tooth missing. I raced to the local dentist to get it fixed before being noticed!

Praying for a quick fix!

just trying to live better said...

I will never "unfollow" you, Linda. Your stories crack me up!

Brenda Susan said...

Oh no! Dang, got to go back to the dentist again? So sorry!

ByTheSea said...

LOL... I am sorry for you.. but thank you for the laugh I needed it... how about 57 and losing your side front one.. I have to be like this for another MONTH!! ackkkk I just went to the dentist and he said it cracked all the way down to the root.. so I am scheduled for an implant.. not something I was looking forward to this summer... and they cant get it set up until Sept 3rd it is so stressful worrying about smiling at someone and them freaking out that hagatha the witch is looking at them! Now that I have freaked you out.. I am sure yours will go better than mine UUU UU <--- my smile.

Joyce said...

Teeth are on my list of things to ask God about when I get to heaven : ) I'm clenching my jaw just reading this.

I hope your smile is back today.

Melanie said...

I've had dreams (make that nightmares) that every time I try to talk a tooth falls out.

I would talk to Jorge and see if he can't FB the tooth fairy for a cute sandal hook up.

Mocha with Linda said...

What an aggravation. But you still made it's funny, and that's the honest tooth!

Susanne said...

If you ever find that tooth fairy that caters to the 40+ crowd, let me know. Hopefully you'll get that fixed for good this time. If it's any kind of comfort, at least you were in your car by yourself and not in some important meeting talking to some bigwig.

Jewel said...

Unfollow you? How dare they? :-)
I'm so sorry about the missing tooth, Linda, but your telling about it was so funny and I needed a laugh!
ANDD I loved the play on words by a couple of the commenters. :-)
I'll be praying that you are able to get a replacent pronto!!
Love your new blog look!!