Friday, August 13, 2010

Flashback Friday: Back to School

Did your family have any back-to-school traditions when you were growing up? Were you generally eager or reluctant to start school? Was buying school supplies a big deal or did you order them through the school? Were there any school supplies you particularly loved? Did you take your lunch or buy it at school? Brown bag or lunch box/thermos? Does the first day of school from any grade stand out? Did you ride the bus, walk, or go by car to school? Do you remember how early or late school began/dismissed each day? Did you go to kindergarten? Half-day or whole day?

My child has indeed started school as of this week, and here is the picture to prove it. Here she is the first day of kindergarten, 1998, and here she is this week, first day of her senior year:

OK, but this post is supposed to be ensconced in ethereal memory mist, thus the title "Flashback."

I never looked forward to school starting, but I did love, and still do, school supplies. Crayons are the favorite; what a distinct aroma they have! I also enjoyed those cardboard boxes called "cigar boxes" that held the collection all together when I was little, simply called pencil boxes today.

My favorite non-academic supply, though, has to be the beloved Osmond lunch box. I believe I had this in the 4th or 5th grade. I thought it was wonderful. Usually I packed a peanut butter sandwich, Cheezies and a drink or I bought milk.

My least favorite, non-academic school supply was the plastic rain scarf my mom made me wear on the bus in kindergarten. Talk about setting someone up for teasing! Here I was this little girl in this giant woman plastic helmet scarf! OH, it was awful. But I survived, and I'm sure I've put my children through just as much torture, so it's all good.

So those are some of my memories--how about you? Thanks, Lid!


Jennie said...

Hi, I'm following you on Google Friend Connect. Cute pictures. I remember those times when I bought lots of school supplies when I was in school. With the new increased tax rate now, it's pretty stupid. My little one isn't in school yet (he's only 2). I just bought him crayons.



Loved the daughter pictures. Crayons are my favorite too. I love the smell. Back in my day...I actually had a real cigar box. We would go to the tobacco store and buy an empty for 10 whole cents. Man am I showing my age. Thanks for the memories.

Mocha with Linda said...

Loved the cigar box! And I am so jealous that you got a cool lunch box. Your mom did better on that than mine!

And my mom was even worse about the rain. . .she made us wear galoshes, these hideous greenish things you put on over your shoes and fastened with a button. Makes me shudder to this day!

Cathy said...

A plastic rain hat! Wow! Did you take it off as soon as you got on the bus and out of mom's sight?

bekahcubed said...

That's quite a lunchbox! Since I was homeschooled, I never got a lunchbox--and it seems we never got ANYTHING with pop culture figures on it. No action figures, no branded clothing, no branded bedding, no branded nothing. Then again, no damage has been done (and I imagine my folks had a bit more money for not having branded me!)

Jim said...

This is good, Linda. I like you getting fresh new crayons each year. I did for school start or for Christmas. I forgot to tell that.

You poor baby having to wear the plastic rain hat. Kids remember the things they had to do that embarassed them. Even as grown ups we remember those things.

Susanne said...

My inner child is so jealous over your Osmonds lunch box. I never had one of those.

My embarrassment was my mom making me wear a scarf. You know those old fashioned see through older lady kind they used to wear in the '60's. My mom was always very concerned about keeping our ears covered on windy days. Why I don't really know. All I know is I was always mortified when she made me wear it.

I can't believe your girl is starting her senior year! Wow.

Susan said...

My grandma gave me one of those rain hats (I think we called them rain bonnets) when I was a girl, but I don't remember ever wearing it. I enjoyed your post!

Lauralee said...

Cute bliggity blog. Interesting post.