Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh the Power of "O," and I Don't Mean Oprah

Not sure, but I think my mom has a crush on someone other than my dad:

She is a faithful Dr. Oz viewer.

I like Dr. Oz OK, but I do not record his shows.

My mom does. And then she tells me all about them. Sometimes I'm not a very enthusiastic Dr. Oz show re-tell receiver.

Today, for example, when I went to bring them a few groceries and meds, she asked me to watch a segment on preventing ovarian cancer. I confess I was not enthusiastic about this, since my friend Diane passed due to that killer. I pretty much hate the topic.

But a few months back, I made a remark something like this to my mom, "Since I'm through with menopause, if I could, I'd just have the ovaries removed. Then I would never have to worry that the silent killer was after me. I think that should be an optional surgery." Obviously, I was very emotional.

Ever since then, she has been afraid I will actually try to get a doc to take them out. I assured her I was just rambling. Even so, she brings up the topic quite a bit.

The segment today was about a diet that helps keep ovarian cancer at bay and may even eradicate the cancerous cells.

One of the diet staples is endive, which I do not think I have ever eaten.

Studies of more than 62,000 women in the Netherlands have found those who ate endive had a 75% reduction in the risk of ovarian cancer. That's a pretty substantial claim, wouldn't you say? Supposedly, all it takes is 2 half-cup servings per week to do the trick. You're supposed to eat it raw. Dr. Oz says it tastes a little like cabbage.

Well, I say it can't hurt to try it. Of course, I'll never know if it's really keeping the disease away.

But it will make my mom feel good, and that's worth it to me.

I wonder ... someday ... what would MY children do just for my sake--just to put my mind at ease? Only time will tell!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, make some fancy salad wedges like on Food Network then let me know how they turned out.

Meanwhile, I bet your kids would sooo do the same.

Besides, you may love this stuff.


LynnMarie said...

I really like them and just add them to salads. Never knew they were so good for me but my ovaries have been taken out - a long time ago. So I will never know if they are good for me or not.

Joyce said...

I love it...its bitter so a little sweetness added in some way is nice. I have a recipe for endive with a pear vinaigrette that's good. I'll look for it...also I mix it in with other leaves in a regular green salad and that cuts the bitterness too.

I make the recipe in this link a lot-it is delicious but then I also love avocado...

Mocha with Linda said...

That's what endive looks like? I thought it was a green lettuce kind of thing.

Your conversations with your mom make me smile.

Susanne said...

Endive, eh? Who knew. I've never had any I have to admit but I think I could handle with all the fancy toppings Food Network likes to put on them.

Your "Mom" stories always makes me smile. I love reading how you relate to each other.

Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Good to know. I tape some of his shows when I see one that looks interesting.

Carmen said...

My mom used to make it for dinner, but she cooked it. I think I thought it was okay, but haven't had it for years. When I do go back to my dutch heritage, it's for stroop wafels, dutch licorice or a delicious brick of aged gouda! :)

Steve Finnell said...

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