Friday, June 08, 2012

Lid Vs. The Lid

A couple of months ago, I was bringing up the big green garbage bins from the road to the back of the house. (Just because I'm rich and famous in my imagination doesn't mean I'm too good to bring up the bins.)

Just as I parked one, it somehow flipped toward me and tripped me so that I fell down on the open lid and was catapulted into the bin, slightly.

I don't remember the last time I fell down. It might have been 1968.

So I was quite shocked to find myself in a bin on my knees in a location where everyone at a four-way stop could see me. I got up, immediately looked around to see who might have seen and might possibly blog about it and embarrass me, then got up, came inside and laughed it off. Also, washed it off.

Today, the same thing happened again, only this time, the garbage bin meant BIDNESS.

I fell again, this time scraping open my knee in two places, spraining my wrist and twisting my neck. I don't know how this part happened, but the right side of my head was plastered against the inside of the bin.

I mean, really, the bin was just way too up close in my personal space. Or maybe it was trying to tell me that I was too much into its personal space. We had a falling out, in any case. Or falling in.

This time, I just sat there saying, "Ouch." "Ouch." "Ouch." You get the idea. I thought about calling for the babies' mom, but I knew she couldn't hear me and probably shouldn't leave two six month olds alone in the house to come and lift me out of a garbage bin. Then I crawled out and never looked at the intersection because true pain doesn't care who sees.

So here I am tonight, husband in Albuquerque, two babies who do not care that I am old and achy, just care that I keep that food coming in. Moral of the story? CLOSE the lid on the bins when I bring them up. Or leave it until Jorge comes home. I'm liking option two.

 What's the last clumsy thing you've done?


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

About a year ago I was over at my son's house, I had gone over to pick up the grand baby. I was in the hallway and I attempted to hike my leg over the baby wasn't pretty! My foot got caught on the top of the gate, due to the fact that I could not get my foot raised high enough to clear the top of the gate and I went down like a ton of bricks on my right knee cap. Youch...and a few other choice words were tossed about! That knee still gives me trouble....

Hope the cuts and bruises heal quickly!


The Bug said...

Ouch ouch ouch! This reminds me of the time a college friend was slightly (maybe a lot?) intoxicated & somehow fell into a garbage bin in a fast food restaurant. Unfortunately I wasn't there - but she didn't mind telling everyone she knew the story.

The last time *I* did something clumsy I tripped on a rug in the lobby of the building where I work & fell on my face (well, knees & then face). Yes, there were a LOT of people heading into work that morning. They were too nice to laugh at me, but I blogged about it anyway :)

Chris said...


So glad you're writing again...but so sad you're "trashed." :)

Susanne said...

Oh no way! Twice in a row? What city is this that distributes man eating garbage bins? I say go with option 2. Some jobs just need to be handed over to the menfolk!

Anonymous said...

You crack me slap up! So glad I haven't been in any lid fights lately.

Kim said...

As a confirmed klutz, I had to smile as I read your post.
I don't need anyone else to hurt me 'cause I do a fine job of that all by myself... walking into walls and falling over my own feet. Oh the stories I could tell! :)
Glad you're not too badly injured.
I vote for option two also.

Anonymous said...

The last big clumsy thing I did was get my head in the way when closing the back door of my Ford Escape. I don't do anything slowly, so when I brought down the door, I didn't move my head fast enough, and the corner struck me...just above the eye. I had a huge goose egg. This was the weekend we were in Auburn...together as a family...attending an Auburn football game. It looked like the hubster had socked me. Oy!

Grace said...

That made me laugh and laugh.
Sorry you got hurt, but the way you told the story was great.

Can't let the opportunity to crack a corny joke go by, so here ya go:

"Some folks have troubles and when they do, people refer to them as being Heavy-Laden. However it simply appears to me that instead of you being Heavy Laden, you were actually "Bin"-Laden." :)

Ok lol...that was just too corny. lol.

I repent lolol.

But seriously, If I were YOU, I believe I'd go for option 2 and
save the big green Bin-work for Jorge.

In Him,

Mocha with Linda said...

How did I miss that you blogged about this?!

Especially since you are replacing me with another lid that apparently you feel MUCH closer to!

So sorry you got hurt. I am forever falling off the side of my shoes (like sandals/flipflops with a slight heel) and I fell in the grocery store a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately I didn't hurt anything but my pride.

But the worst injury that is still healing is when I turned off all the lights one night and then bumped into the corner of the two-drawer file cabinet. Such a nice bruise and not. The bruise is finally fading but there's still a small knot.

Glad to know we're decrepit together. I think.

Dionna Sanchez said...

Ouch! Yet I can see the humor in the situation too! I do clumsy things every so often.

Recovering Church Lady said...

wow, think I'd be kind of paranoid that the bin was out to get me and refuse to go near it again! I can see the nightmare now....rows of menacing bins all heading for me!
Hope you stayed on your feet the rest of the week.