Saturday, August 11, 2012

Little Dresses

This summer I held a garage sale. A neighbor whom I had not met came shopping for pillow cases, which made me curious. I assumed she used them in some sort of craft.

Later, I found pillow cases and rang her bell.

She seemed delighted to receive the cases, so my intrepid nosiness (which once prodded me to ask another neighbor why he had a child-sized casket in his garage ... "Halloween prop") prodded me to ask why she was collecting pillow cases.

She answered that she transforms the cases into dresses for little girls in Africa who must wear dresses in order to attend school. My neighbor is a retired teacher, so I could see how this project would touch her heart on many levels. She joined another friend to sew for an organization called Little Dresses for Africa.

Suddenly, my plain pillow cases seemed very lackluster and disappointing, but she assured me she could add trim to the hem and the body and make them really cute.

Since I'm not crafty, I had a hard time picturing the finished project.

And that is when she asked me in to see finished dresses, ready for shipment.


When I saw those adorable smock dresses hanging there, my heart sped up a little, like when you watch a video that moves and inspires you.

Well. I can't sew. But I can buy pillow cases.

Life has been busy this summer with twins now on the move, so I haven't been keeping my eye open for cute pillow cases, but I have not forgotten Little Dresses for Africa and plan to donate pillow cases. I wanted to share the project with you so that if you'd like to join the effort, you could visit the website and learn more. And see pictures, of course. If you sew, there is a pattern available on the website. There are many ways to support the effort, and you can also like the organization on Facebook. I hope you enjoy this video!


Kelly Combs said...

Lid, your link doesn't work for me. Can you send me the link on FB. I have a friend who might like this.

Isunji Cardoso said...

Oh my goodness... I am blinking back tears right now. That is the sweetest, cleverest idea I've heart in a while! I don't sew, but I can, and will, buy pillowcases! One thing though... why DID your other neighbor have a child sized casket in the garage???

Pamela said...

This touched my heart. What a beautiful way to shelter others. My son-in-law, daughter and husband both went to Africa this year (different trips) and they came back with a deep love of the people there.