Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hi. So I've been taking a little break from Facebook for neurotic reasons, but I think I'll pick up my beloved quill pen and set to work at the old blog annals for a moment or so. I could hardly remember how to sign in.

Catching up:

-Still grandma-ing, three days a week, in my stretchy "grandma-ing pants," otherwise known as "yoga pants" or "yogurt pants," because my girl, JRoo, sneaks yogurt onto me which I notice later when I'm in public, of course.

-Still running. Have a goal of 500 miles in 2014. I'm half-way there, so a bit behind, but I'm not giving up.

-Embarking on new adventures in eating gluten-free and eating all-around healthier. Mainstay is a big old honkin' protein smoothie each day.

-Still daughter-ing my mom the two days of the week when I don't have JRoo. Mom has been a widow for a full year now. Mostly we talk about bodily functions. (Hers.) We also go to the doctor, the Walmart and the hairdresser.

-Sent my youngest back to college to begin her last year.

-Waxing nostalgic daily as evidenced my pinning vintage 1970s everything on Pinterest, even hair yarn and Liddle Kiddles. It's a midlife crisis.

-Reading East of Eden by Steinbeck.

-Hanging onto summer as long as I possibly can.

What were the things I used to blog about?
TV shows (American Idol, Lost) -- Current favorites: "Mr. Selfridge," "Downton," "The Voice," and my guilty pleasures, "Celebrity Apprentice" and "The Talk."
My kids, parents and dog (Still have the same ones.)
Walmart (I'd like to see the study that shows how much of our lives we spend there, like they tell you about sleeping.)
And my standby: "I Know You Think I Make This Stuff Up," posts about weird experiences, like falling one year ago today and breaking my arm because I thought a creepy man was after me while I was running. [Insert eye roll.]

Yep, this is it, the Seinfeldian blog about nothing--2nd Cup of Coffee.


Joyce said...

Miss you on the's nice to see you here : ) I was in WalMart last week while visiting my daughter. Remembered why I avoid it if at all possible-ugh. Not a fan.

Susanne said...

I've missed you and your "I know you think I make this stuff up"

The Bug said...

Hey there! I'm a terrible blogger these days - never have time to read & hardly ever write. Sigh. In fact, I should be crocheting something right now!

Kimberly Hoyt said...

So glad you're back! I can relate to having trouble remembering how to log in -- we just finally got internet at our house after two years. Oh the joys of living in an almost-third-world-country. Actually, I'd have a better chance of having internet if we were back in Uganda since the mission we were with there now has their own tower and everything.
Anyhoo... looking forward to reading your thoughts on whatever you choose to write about!