Sunday, January 04, 2015

Beginning Anew

It has been a rough week. My daughter and granddaughter had a violent flu. On New Years Eve, their outbuilding which housed their business burned to the ground. Then I got sick. It has been a mash up that calls to mind a Carol Burnett parody of a tragic 1940s movie: over the top drama, disasters rapidly occurring--but no laughs.

Tomorrow, we begin anew.

I'm hoping the substantial snow we are forecast will cover the debris of the outbuilding. I'm hoping it looks and feels like a comforting blanket.

I do wish for a bright white slate.

Here are the {gulp} goals I'm working on for 2015. I understand they're not as tight as they should be, but I'm mostly looking for improvement, unless I mention a measurable value.

• I've purchased a journal in which I'll write as I read my devotional each day: Jesus Calling. I still maintain that is a horrible title which brings to mind "Ding Dong, Avon calling!" or old timey cold-call evangelists. I've read about the controversy regarding the author using first-person perspective when speaking as The Lord of the Universe, but I find nothing that doesn't spring completely from scripture. It just doesn't cause me concern. And since most days' writings are devoted to saying, "Simmer down, Martha!" it's just what I need.

• I'm drinking at least 24oz of water daily, which is an improvement over 0 ounces.

• I'm running at least 750 miles this year.

• I'm working on a book list I found on Pointiest. Currently I'm reading/listening to David Copperfield.

• I'm staying on my supplements and gluten free diet because my eczema and psoriasis are way better than last year at this time. I highly recommend.

• I'll keep scanning old photos and working on ancestry. Soon I'll receive the results of my DNA test.

• I'll to keep writing on my blogs. One blog is about running in the context of being a grandma; one is about family history, and then there's my first-born, this blog, which I started in 2006.

• Less sugar, as in no sugar this month, at least. The most difficult! Since January 1, that has been my biggest personal challenge. I think about it all the time and am grumpy. In order to stay strong, I keep reading articles about how bad sugar is for us, which diseases and conditions sugar is associated with, etc. The addict in me is screaming, "Who CARES?! I'm sick of apples!"

Well, when I'm sane, I care. I'm at least trying this craziness during January.

So there it is, the back pack I'm picking up and throwing over my shoulders as I tromp through this winter. It's a little heavy, but it's not impossible because they're all things I want for myself, ultimately--better physical, spiritual and mental health.


Susanne said...

I am so sorry for the fire that destroyed the outbuilding. That must have been very scary!

I pinned that very reading challenge. We'll see how well that goes. Right now I think I just want to start knocking off some of 70 odd books I've got piled in my closet and under the bed. Yikes. Right now I'm tackling the Book of Negroes before it comes on tv this week.

Hubby has been off sugar since about November. It was tough at first. He eats nuts with a few raisins thrown in when he craves the sugar but he feels much better now. He even made it through Christmas without indulging. I made it up for him. :/

I've heard Jesus Calling is a great devotional. One of my goals is journalling a bit more in a gratitude/thankfulness vein. Hope to see you writing lots on this little blog of yours. I've missed you and your writing!

The Bug said...

What a great list! I'll check out the book list - seems like an interesting way to spice up the reading list.