Monday, January 05, 2015

Sugar Cravings

I will try to string some sentences together.

I'm on day 5 of not eating sugar. I'm mainly avoiding obvious sources, but I've cut out sugary yogurt, too. No Starbucks (I indulge only during the Christmas season), no Peanut M&Ms (my main weakness), no nothing.

Ohmygoodness. Cravings. MAJOR cravings. In the middle of a head cold, too.

It hits me especially in the afternoons and lasts until bedtime.

I get the urge; I re-direct my thinking.

I change what I'm doing.

I eat something healthy, like an apple or grapes. NOT THE SAME.

This is the 5th day, and I actually feel grumpy mean tonight. I feel restless, edgy.

So I Googled, "When do sugar cravings stop?" knowing I'd land on articles and discussions by super humans who have actually succeeded at this. Don't you know, most articles had a great big picture of some kind of sweets on the header. GIANT cookies! WHAT?! I scrolled down like I was avoiding porn.

The consensus is: the first week is horrible. By two to two and half weeks, the cravings should subside a great deal.

I honestly don't know if I can last that long if the cravings don't subside a bit. I've given up coffee for Lent before. That's what that pic above is about. I don't remember it being this AnNoYiNg.

Has anyone out there tried this? Did you live to tell about it? If so, please throw me a lifeline. But not a candy LifeSaver.


Darla said...

I have done it. It's so difficult. I have also done the no wheat and wow it's like coming off of drugs (I've never done that actually) Today was my first day off of wheat AND sugar in a while. The craving seems to pass after a bit but comes in strong waves. Hang in there it will be worth it. Especially with a head need that immune system working hard without the extra burden of sugar. Here's to me and you succeeding.

noexcuses said...

I did it, but I had support. I wanted so badly to change my eating that I was willing to do what I needed to in order to succeed. I realized that I am a sugar addict, and can never indulge in refined sugar products again. Fruits finally began to satisfy the "sweet" part after a few weeks, when I accepted the fact that this is where my sugar fix would have to come from. Don't give up hope. Try to get your hands on success stories of others (library, google, etc.) and read them for support. You are welcome to contact me, as well. Good luck!

Julie Todd said...

"Hello, my name is Julie and I am a survivor of sugar!"
I have had minimal to no sugar since June. The reason I say minimal is that occasionally I have had a salad dressing at a restaurant that has had sugar in it. Back in June I jumped on the Whole30 eating plan.. No sugar,no dairy, no grain, no legumes and I have, for the most part, stuck with it. I now have honey every day with my tea and occasionally I will treat myself to a little dairy. The reason I have stayed on it is because I feel better! I sleep better! My gut feels better. 😁 Once you detox from the sugar (takes about a week or less) you don't crave it anymore. Hang in there you will make it! I found a new energy! It's what keeps me eating the way I eat. I also found new things that taste wonderful like home made mayo and ghee. Foods just simply taste better when your taste buds get cleared of all the additives. Read your labels hidden sugars are everywhere! You can do this!!!

Kay said...

I haven't eaten sugar in more than three years. It was hard at the beginning but as I changed how I ate, I craved less. And I started using stevia to sweeten my tea etc and that helps a lot. : )