Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Piggy H. (Ham) Hamm

Do you ever take pictures of beautiful edibles that you've created? I do. I take a picture of every single decorated cake I bake, in spite of three sets of teenaged rolling eyes when I do this. And sometimes, I take pictures of creations that I did not exactly "create" myself, but of those which seem to have sprung forth from my oven as spontaneously as Athena sprang from Zeus' head. BTW, she was his favorite "brainchild." (Couldn't resist.)

Anyway, I was baking a ham the other day, and when I pulled it from the oven and set it on the stove top, in a moment of glorious enlightenment, it occurred to my family that the ham had retro-morphed back into a pig. We could see a clear delineation of head, ears, snout, tusks, etc. We stood around marveling at the Mysterious Christmas Pig with wondrous and oohs and aahs, when someone pulled his wits about him enough to frantcially forage through the refrigerator and retrieve a maraschino cherry from 1997, stick it on a toothpick and poke it in for the eye.

Voila--the transformation was complete. I could make a fortune with this on E-bay.


Big Mama said...

That has to be one of the oddest and funniest looking things I've ever seen.

The Human Napkin said...

Okay, at first, I thought it actually WAS a pig head. And, um, eww.

Great, since I don't like turkey and this has grossed me out, what meat am I supposed to eat for the holidays? I guess it's a good thing we always have Mexican food. Tamales, yummm. As long as they aren't pork. Ha!

Too funny! Oh, and welcome back!

Susanne said...

So did you finally eat it or sell it? :v)

Melanie said...
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H said...

Hi. I came here in a roundabout way, but just wanted to say that this pig is hilarious and unbelievable. If I had a ham like this I would DEFINITELY take a picture too!

Nancy said...

That's completely weird and funny, but a little unsettling too!