Friday, December 15, 2006

Ice, Ice, Baby

Well, I've spent many hours on my numb rear tonight, trying to figure out how to format this new template to please me so that I could have a new look, free of charge. Result: Me no likey. All I want, ALL I want is: brown and lavender (no peach) and this particular small picture of a steaming cup of coffee. I could be happy then. I really could. Is it too much to ask? Even though this post is nothing much to comment on, will you please do so, so that I can know this new template is working? Thanks.

Last night I met my Wednesday night friends in one's home, where we "made" some Christmasy things; I'm not sure what to call them. They're made of glass blocks, the type people put in shower walls, or the kind they used to put in basement windows to let in light but obscure the outside view. Our hostess's husband drilled a small hole on one side, and we pushed a strand of 25 clear lights into the block.Then we tied or glue-gunned beautiful ribbons around the block, and one girl made our bows, which we then attached. You plug them in, and you have a glowing block of glass that resembles ice with a bow. You can add pearls or rope or small ornaments etc. to match your "theme." One girl was going to add candy canes to her very elegant block.

The husband (the "borer") is a master craftsman/carpenter. He just about went nuts down in that basement, trying to get us all streamlined like a factory assemly line because he is a very efficient man. But efficiency was not high on our list of priorities. Sparkles, oohing and ahhing over each other's blocks and drinking coffee while watching a Christmas concert for the President was high on our list. So he gave up and went upstairs.

I was literally covered in glitter when I got home. I even had some in my teeth! Some sparkles were left after my shower. All in all, I would say there was more glitter, sparkle, and glamour in that basement than at the Christmas gala on TV. Even without our tiaras.


Zim said...

I ran into one of your "partners in ice sculpting" at the Dollar Tree while they were getting the goods for this :-) Glad it went well!

Hope you're able to get the layout to where you want it.

Linda said...

Help me, Zim! Read the post above! I'm a prisoner in my post, lest I lose accress to my blog forever! :)

Susanne said...

Did my comment work? Did it? Huh, huh? I can't tell 'cause of the comment moderation. Anyhoo, I love your glass block. I've seen those before but never with the lights inside. Very patient man doing all that drilling.