Monday, June 11, 2007

Am I Boring?

Here is the blogging equivalent to the "Does this make me look fat?" question that you ask your husband which makes him break out into a sweat: "Am I boring?"

Well, am I?

I was just looking at my reader stats, a habit from which I was broken when my Internet was sick for so long, to find that today, I am exactly twice as boring as I was this same day last week.

I'm going to check to see what my topic was when I wasn't so boring. I'll be right back.

OK, it was the foxes. Really? You like reading about foxes?

Hmm. Uh, did I mention we have raccoons, too?


Kelli said...

You? Boring?


Don't listen to those stats.

Their just jealous of the foxes.

Ang said...

I love reading your blog :) I love your honesty and your transperancy!!

Cindy Swanson said...

You are NOT fact, you're one of the most amusing and entertaining blogs on my Bloglines list!

I, too, agonize over my stats at times. My readership has gone way down recently, despite the fact tha

t I feel I've taken pains to present interesting and informative posts.

I look at my comments, too...or lack of them...and get bummed. I see blogs that every time they matter whether the post is extremely interesting or not...they immediately get, like 26 comments.

In the end, I know I have to chill. If blogging is going to be a source of angst or a self-esteem killer, it's not worth it. I get enjoyment out of blogging. Hopefully, other people like my blog...but if they don't, there's nothing I can do about it.

Susanne said...

You? Boring? Nevah!

I think stats are way down today because Chilihead at "Don't try this at Home"is doing a blogging carnival on how you started blogging. So I think people are going through her looooong Mr. Linky reading those posts.

So don't get too hung up looking at your stats numbers. They don't always tell the full story. You are one of the most non-boring bloggers out there. You could write about oh, bed comforters, and make it funny and interesting.

Susan said...

Boring is not a word that I would ever associate with this blog and you. It's a refreshing place to visit.

I've been watching mine lately and I always wonder WHAT I have to do to get people to comment. I mean, sheez, it seems like sometimes a lot of people visit, but very few leave a word or two saying they've been there.

I guess the key is NOT to look at them, right??

:-) Susan

Southern Girl said...

Of course you're not boring! I'm pretty sure I am, however, as my stats this week have lessened by about half. What's up with that? Maybe we should ignore the stats. ;)

Melanie said...

Are you sure Herb didn't give you a little something else?

I can't imagine you EVER boring!!

I'm thinkin' you need to find out how to lock and load something for those foxes...

Laura said...

You. Aren't. Boring!

Tell those stats to take a hike, because we are out here, lovin' on you and your writing. :)

I don't know Cindy Swanson (up above in comments) but I'm with her. It can be a might be discouraging when you try, try, try to write something cool, and you get, for instance, 1 comments from a guy who calls himself "luigi" with a non-existen blogspot blog, and all he writes is: "Great blog! Ciao!" I definitely get jealous of those folks who can write about anything and in about 14 seconds, they have about 38 comments.

Connie Barris said...

Boring? do what?

you keep me in stitches... not like you get in the ER.. but those that make you pee in your pants stitches...

Nope.. you got it babe

Liza's Eyeview said...

NOPE - you are not boring.

I like reading your blog. Keep blogging!

Lisa M said...

I totally love your blog. It's one of my favorites. Please keep on blogging!

Deena said...

Stats, schmats....

We adore you! We love you!

You're funnier than you think you are...and I would LOVE to have a raccoon...but I'm sure one day you'll let me know why that would not be a good idea:-)

Tammy said...

You asking if you're boring is like Mt Hood asking if it's a little flat...:)

I actually realize that I, on the other hand, am very boring. But then, I am not the queen of humor as a certain someone that I know...nor do I have foxes terrorizing my cook-outs and raccoons joining in! ;)

Deena said...

Oh, and **TAG**--you're it! Stop by Junk in the Trunk to see what I'm up to now...bwahahahahahahaha!!

T with Honey said...

I just had my coworker ask if I was OK after choking on my water while reading about the Epi-dagger. Definitely far from boring. Ignore the evil addictive blog statistics. And if you do manage to ignore them tell me how to do it too!

Gretchen said...

Racoons? Well, then, i'll have to read more often! ;)

Don't we all struggle with that question when we "put it out there" for people to see? I know I do. It's gotta be about the fun of it, otherwise, it's not worth the time.

Me, I'm enjoying my "2nd Cup of Coffee".

Michelle said...

I've really enjoyed your blog and I'm glad to have found you. (Hope you don't mind me as I keep coming back. ;) Your blog is so far from boring it's not even funny! With foxes and raccoons, no one could ask for more. :D

Deena said... got go for it!

Julie said...

A little kooky, perhaps, but never the "B" word.

And, you don't look fat, either.

Connie Barris said...

why did I name my blog Little Red hearts from God? if you go onto my blog and read the side bar.. there is a story that explains it.. I owe it all to my little girl... and God...

blessings dahlin

Zim said...

No way!

You're my favorite, Linda!!!
And don't you forget it!


From the East Coast,