Monday, October 29, 2007

More News From "College World"

First of all, you who have lifted Nate up in prayer, you are lovely people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. He is scheduled for a tracheotomy tomorrow, bless his heart. He has been seizure-less for 24 hours, which is an answer to their prayers. God bless you for praying.

Secondly, you who have prayed for me concerning the wizzies will be happy to know (simply because I'll stop posting about the grossness of it all) that I had the packing removed from my dry socket today, I hope for the last time (3rd time's a charm.)

And now the news from College World, where my two eldest are blazing new trails in academia. Or something like that. Whenever I ask how it's going, they usually leave out the part about academia and fill me in on things like school bus derbies, dorm olympics and Ok"sober"fest (Christian school.)

Our family dollars are going to a noble cause there. I just know it.


The eldest, my 21 year-old daughter who hates when I post the "Deer in the Headlights" picture, called me recently at 8:30 AM. [If I had more recent pictures, I would post them. Perhaps if her eyes fall upon this page, she will send pics.]

8:30 AM call from a college student? Not good.

Her: Mom ... Guess where I am. And guess what I'm doing.

Me: (scared) I don't have a clue. Where are you, and what are you doing.

Her: I'm standing outside in the pouring rain in my pajamas.

Me: Why are you standing in your jammies in the pouring rain???

Her: Because my dorm caught on fire.

Me: WHAT??? WHAT????

Still Me: Flashing back to the day we left her in her newly remodeled dorm this year, with its fancy wooden floors and new furniture and sprinkler system. She's on the 3rd floor. My eye wanders to her window to see if there should ever be any need to evacuate out that window, if she had to jump, would she live? My eye wanders to the fire escape route on the wall. If there was a fire, would she have presence of mind to remember how to get out? "Stop it!" I tell myself. "What are the chances of a fire happening in a newly-remodeled dorm with a brand new sprinkler system?"

Flash forward, Still Me: What??? Whaaaat?????

All turned out well. The fire started, believe it or not, in the brand new water fountain in the first floor lounge. How's that for irony? So the brand new facility has to be made even brand-newer.

I'm just sure our family dollars are going to a noble cause there. I just know it.

Second child is an 18 year-old son, sort of a jock type, wants to be a physical therapist someday. Here he is goofing around flexing. He's been doing this approximately 10 hours a day since about his freshman year in high school. Anyway, he was gone from home one month before returning to display a new side to himself: Earrings. Both ears.

Okaaaay. This is a kid who never wore any jewelry whatsoever growing up, not even a watch. Now he has two lovely hoops in his lobes. Which, by the way, he paid for himself. That cause was not noble enough to expend family dollars on, and besides he wanted to surprise us.

Earrings I can take; tattoos, I'm not ready for. He said getting a tat had crossed his mind. I told him to let me know when he gets one, because I'm going to get a matching one in the very same spot -OR- I would feel OK with it if he got a heart with "Mom" emblazoned across it. He said, "Riiiiiight." Hopefully, the mental picture of his mom with a matching tattoo will freak him out enough to curtail the urge to get one until he's about 65, at least.

Just call me The Sly One.


thouartloosed said...

I just love when our darlins start making their own decisions. Actually, if earrings are his worst choice.. Praise the Lord for answered prayer for your nephew and for keeping your daughter safe.

mom huebert said...

We never stop worrying, do we?

Speaking of earrings. My 16-year-old has been threatening to get them. He even spent a day or two wearing one clip earring, just to try it out. Finally I told him I just couldn't see him with an earring, but I COULD see him with a eyebrow ring. That freaked him out so much--guess he didn't expect that from mom-- that I haven't heard anything about earrings since. Hee hee!

Susan said...

Oh my goodness, Linda! I missed the prayer request yesterday.

The fire story is quite harrowing. UGH. I'm glad all is well.

As for the earrings and (possible) tattoos, I just know that one or both of these are probably in my future. DS 2 wants a Bible Verse tattooed to his foot (of all places). How can you argue with scripture??? DS 1 had his ear pierced in Middle School, but has let it close up.

It gets harder when they get older, doesn't it?

:-) Susan

PJ said...

Love the threat of "matching tats". That should deter an 18 year old!! LOL

Susanne said...

The thought crossed my mind that one of these days we're going to be seeing a picture of you with some tatoo emblazoned across your upper arm or forearm or something. But we won't go there. We just won't. ;v)

How scary about the fire. Gotta love her for the casual way she eased you into it.

Still praying for Nate.

Merrie said...

ahhhh you ARE wise!
I remember freaking out when our daughter came home from college (christain one) with her tongue pierced. Her daddy made her take it out. She went again later on and did it AGAIN... both times with her own money. It came out the week before her wedding.
It didn't change who she was. She was/is still a very warm loving Christain. Just really did shake her parents!

Ann said...

That's kind of hard...earrings can close up and heal, but tattoos will get wrinkly and lose their shape as he gets older. I've seen where people have them removed and get scared/burned badly. I'm personally too chicken to get a tattoo.

Nate and his family are heavy on my heart, I'll keep praying for him and his family. <3

Laura said...

Your idea about the tattoos is awesome... I've got to tuck that away for use in the future, just in case.

Daisy said...

Oh my! That's A LOT of drama! Glad everything is okay. :o)

Earrings? Both ears? It could be worse. I remember when my baby sister came home with her tongue pierced.

truth said...

Oh I can so relate! I am wary of those unexpected calls from kids away from home.

My son did the piercing thing too (and considered a tatoo.) He endedup with not only both ears pierced but his eyebrow. He said it was just a college thing and truthfully, I was thankful it wasn't a permanent tatoo. I can joyfully say that he graduated from college last December and all of the "rings" have disappeared.