Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 30 is National Candy Corn Day

Thanks to Candy Corn Wonderland, here are some fun facts about the waxy stuff that many people love but won't admit it, because it's sort of a "pedestrian" candy. (Pun intended because I will never be so clever again as to make a wordplay like that. Woo-hoo.)


If NPR can steal directly from this site, so can I. Candy Corn Wonderland people, if you feel like suing over this swipe, please sue NPR because they have a little more money than I. (Have I ever told you about my love/hate relationship with NPR?)

October 30th is National Candy Corn Day

1. One serving of candy corn contains only about 140 calories.

2. Candy corn has 3.57 calories per kernel.

3. More than 35 million pounds of candy corn will be produced this year. That equates to nearly 9 billion pieces -- enough to circle the moon nearly four times if laid end-to-end.

4. Halloween accounts for 75% of the annual candy corn production.

5. A cup of candy corn has fewer calories than a cup of raisins.

6. Candy Corn was invented by George Renninger and produced by the Wunderlee Candy Company in the 1880's. In 1900, the Goelitz Candy Company, now Jelly Belly Candy Company, started mass producing the candy, but, due to the lack of machinery, it was only made available seasonally from March to November. Its recipe has remained unchanged.

7. Candy corn isn't just for Halloween there is also:
Reindeer corn for Christmas (red, green, and white)
Indian corn (it's chocolate and vanilla flavored)
Cupid corn for Valentine's Day (red, pink, and white)
Bunny corn for Easter (pastel-colored)

The reindeer thing has some credibility because maybe deer eat corn. I'll go along with Indian corn because it looks like that AND someone had the good sense to add chocolate. But Cupid corn? Bunny corn? What's next? All white for Winter Solstice Day? All black for Memorial Day?


Laura said...

I learned so much here! :)

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

I can rest the remander of the day as I have just learned something..

I use to love the stuff.. now maybe one or two and I'm done...

great trivia...

Merrie said...

Yes, I will pray for your cousin. I pray in the Name of Jesus for his complete and total healing. I pray for those who minister to him in the hospital that they would have divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding and revelation as to how to treat him. I pray that his body will respond correctly to the treatments and that his spirit will respond to the call. I say, he will LIVE and NOT DIE and declare the works of the Lord!!!!
I the Mighty Name of Jesus! Amen

Merrie said...

I love candy corn! I found a recipe to use candy corn and peanuts in a mix. It tastes great - like a pay day candybar... but obviously much less in calories.
Thanks for the fun facts!

Daisy said...

3.57 calories per kernel? EEK!

LOVE me some candy corn, but only Farley's. It's made with honey. MMM

Amber said...

OMG, I can't believe such a day exists:P

0:) Amber

Dawn said...

I have to say, being the chocoholic that I am, that I rarely waste 3.57 calories on a candy corn. But that was very interesting!

Thanks for stopping by for the first time - I always wonder how people wander onto my site, and I love having new cyberfriends. Please come back!

I read the previous post about your college kids. I had to thank the Lord that your daughter's dorm fire wasn't as serious as the fire in NC that killed all those college students yesterday. What a tragedy!

And your son's earrings - my son has tats - many places. I hate them. But to him they are a statement. All sorts of statements! Many of the statements were made when he was far from the Lord. Much more about that on my sidebar - A Story of Deliverance, if you're interested.

Have a great day!

Cheryl said...

Good Morning! You really gave me some information that I did not know. My husband loves candy corn. Thanks for sharing that. Have a good day! God Bless!

Susanne said...

I love candy corn especially the chocolate and vanilla ones. And now that I know they are less calories than raisins they are on my diet. I wonder if the "Sparks People" or the Weight Watcher's people would approve?

Lois E. Lane said...

Mmmm...Leprechaun corn...
Thanks for the info! I had no idea. I must properly celebrate :)

John and Alison............. said...

FYI - Your title says "November 30 is National Candy Corn Day". I found your blog through BooMama or BigMama...can't remember which one. I enjoy reading. What caught me was the Clinton Kelly from "WNTW" posts.

Susie said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for visiting me!
What a fun post on an old time candy!
I was just reading another blog who questioned "how you eat your candy corn"
(I eat mine in three bites, one color at a time) I like only the traditional ones!

Beck said...

You know, I'm not sure I've ever had candy corn!

Becky said...

Thank you so much for stopping by today and leaving such a very nice comment. I dont' know why our paths have not crossed before as we have some comments from the same folks.

I sure hope your eye is better. Tooth better, eye bad, that is not what you wanted I'm sure.

And that fire in the dorm. Oh my goodness that is also not the kind of news you need. Especially from you little girl miles away from you. Eeek. I am so glad that all turned out ok. I assume she can go back to her room and not have to make other arrangements.

Your son is cute as can be. And can I tell you ... I have an almost 25 yr old with earrings AND tatoos. Yes, there is an s on that word. And he is finishing college and wants to do mission work. Great kid. Crazy. Those tatoos are not for me. But as you say, it is their money.

I have a new saying since I have adult children. "I no longer make excuses for my kids. They have to do that for themselves."

Have a great day Linda. And thanks again for introducing yourself.

Becky said...

Oh, and the candy corn. So much to learn. It is the one candy I can easily get sick on ... but I always go back for more.

thouartloosed said...

I just bought candy corn today never realizing that this is national cc day! Enjoyed the info. I must admit that while I love chocolate, I'm a purist when it comes to the candy corn.

ellesappelle said...

Wow - 30 October is my birthday and I don't even know what candy corn is! Methinks I will have to find out.