Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Writing: Where I'm Writing Today

Today I posted a column at Internet Cafe that I wrote for the local newspaper last year at this time about getting through the holidays when you struggle with depression.

Also, in today's issue of the Muncie Star Press, I wrote about "The Family Table," a tweak of ideas I've blogged about here at 2nd Cup.

Have a great weekend!


PJ said...

Love the retro Christmas!! AND..the "Family Table." God does have a way of turning our little schema upside down!

Great advice on depression as well. Too many well-meaning people give unrealistic advice.

I'm so glad I stumbled across your spot in the blogosphere!

Merry Christmas! Be Blessed!

Johanna said...

I had read the post on depression before, these are true, compassionate words of encouragement that may soothe and reassure someone suffering without making them feel as though they are somehow at fault. A beautiful post, and such an important thing to address this time of year. I have been stuck at the kids table cutting everyone's meat for four years now- a big change from the years before, when I lived near my sisters, and the kids sat in our laps and stuck their fingers in our food and drooled on us, and we thought everything they did was sign of their emerging genius. And I don't have a kid's table at home. So the "Family Table" gets a big "Right on!!!!!!!" from here, and I have a little uneasy image in my head of myself pointing and yelling and expecting everyone to do what I say as Extreme Ruler of the House, a lofty position earned with my age and the fact that I have bosoms, so I got some ideas about how I need to be less insistent that my words of wisdom be obeyed by certain teenagers. So, lovely, and thought provoking, as always. And I was SO NOT sneering at your grapefruit sized dog, I have extreme jealousy over the outfits, I have four boys here and the only accessories made for little boys are ties,so I would love to dress up a little dog. The three Yorkies I've known personally(Spencer, Punkin,and Punkin ) were really cute, but also tough little fight-to-the-death balls of teeth and fur in the face of danger. So no sneering-sorry about longest comment in the world here. Merry Christmas!!!!!

Suzio said...

I love what you wrote on CWO about depression. What struck me as significant was your statement that "our purpose and destiny is not nullified because of the struggle". We are able to turn that weakness into a strength for helping others. How true that is, yet how powerless women feel in the throws of depression. Realizing that our strength comes from Christ and not from ourselves can make all the difference in our lives.

Missy said...

loved that article Linda! Have a blessed Christmas.

Melanie said...

Awesome column today! You know, I think if Jesus came for dinner today, he would sit with the kids at the kid table. :>)