Saturday, January 26, 2008


In the last Thursday 13, I wrote about my favorite 70s songs. I've been called out on leaving out Donny and the Bros. Well, when I got a little more advanced in age (14,15?) my Donny love cooled. The quarterback on the middle school football team received the transference of my affection. And what was super unbelievably cool about Bryan was that--we actually talked on the phone. Donny just never got into that. So, as much as I loved Osmond music in the past, I discovered other music, and an era ended for me.

One of those bands was Chicago, and one of my favorite Chicago songs was "Saturday in the Park." ("I think it was the 4th of July ....") That's the song going through my head this morning, on this

"Saturday, in my house,
I think it's stinkin' cold outside.
Saturday, in my house, it's bad news when my doggy hides.
People sleeping, People eating,
A girl watching TV
Singing commercial songs ..."

What does your Saturday hold?

So far, I've plied myself with coffee and allergy meds and read the Bible. Next I checked my email and published comments here, all two of them. And by the way, you still have not decided whether or not I should go to the conference. Please push that task to the top of your "to do" list today, and make a decisive statement. Stop being so wishy-washy. Thank you.

Next I'll get on my elliptical machine, this time being sure to wear tennis shoes and a sport bra, because I'm sore in some very weird places from my pumped-up exercise regimen. Did I mention that since I pumped it up my weight has also pumped up?

After my shower, I'll do some housekeeping, but I've got to go get groceries, which I hate, because getting groceries precedes cooking, the bane of my existence.

More housework will ensue, and I should probably visit my elderly parents sometime today, except for some reason they tend to do all of their wheelin' and dealin' on Saturdays, the busiest day of the week, in spite of having any and every other day of the week available to drive on public streets when there's less traffic and it's a lot safer for everyone.

I hope to finish watching the 2nd disc of LOST, season 2, tonight with husband and girl who is watching TV right now. (8:00 AM)

I wonder what will happen today that will interrupt my regularly scheduled program?
How about you today? What's goin' on?


Ann said...

Good morning, Linda! I still say go to the conference :)

Today, my husband and I are getting our driver's licenses since we moved to a new state. Last year when we moved I had to take a written test which horrified me. I didn't know I'd have to take a test, so of course I was unprepared. I BARELY passed. This time, however, I only have to give three forms of ID. No test, YAY!

After that, I'm hoping hoping hoping my husband will watch the kids so I can go adventuring and find all those really important places like Kohl's and Target.

I'm excited about tomorrow, we are going to try another church. It's got all kinds of awesome programs for women's, men's and children's ministries. I hope the pastor isn't boring! (is it okay to say that?)

Anyway, blessings on your day!!!

Enjoy Lost! Only 5 days till it starts up again, you gotta get caught up!

Teri said...

Good morning/afternoon/evening/whenever you get this, Linda! This day holds much of the same as your day. Except we have gymnastics for the 5yr old, baseball sign up for the 8yr old and a husband who is choosing to spend his birthday with four buddies going fast on their snowmobiles someplace in the north. (I hope the writer in you didn't shrink back because of that huge run-on sentence!)
Anyway, I hope you enjoy your day! I am especially looking forward to grocery shopping on Saturday...yeah that is the icing on the cake of my busy day!:)

annie's eyes said...

Beloved "Saturday in the Park"love that song--wished it were warmer for you. I think we get the first sun today in about a month! And this is Texas. So, I have a list outside to do, since it's supposed to be up to 70 today--after a high of 40 yesterday. Happy Saturday to you, just the way I would choose with lots of commotion and family and plans to be together. Take care, annie

Julie said...

Linda, I love coming to your blog. You make me smile and see the lightheartedness in the day.

I too had a crush on Donny Osmond. But Bobby Sherman was my favorite for a while as he wrote a song to me, "Julie, Julie, Julie, do you love me.". He, like Donny with you, didn't call me either, go figure.
But I knew he must have me in mind, after all he did write that song.

Today is supposed to be housecleaning day, BUT I am fighting a cold, so I think I will just lay in bed, read, blog, journal, etc. Maybe before the day is out I can at least clean the toilet. Oh what fun!
My husband and oldest son are spelunking (caving) with friends. I told my husband not to go in tight places cause I didn't want him stuck in a cave! : )

I have yet to catch the "Lost" bug, but friends here are addicted! Tell me why I want to watch it...what about it do you love? Cause I know "nuthin".

Have a blessed day,

Susanne said...

I think around 16 my Donny love also packed it's bags and I started to get into "real" rock with Trooper.

Today? My son is 16. So I've dusted and vacuumed so that the Grandmas coming for dinner won't tsk tsk my housekeeping. Then I have to get the ingrediants for chili which my son requested. Then tonight we'll probably start season 4 of Smallville.

And go to the conference. You might not get another opportunity and if hubby's fine with it and all, do it.

Merrie said...

The good thing about working out is it build muscle... which weighs much more than fat - that is the WHY of the weight gain.... that's my story and I'm sticking to it! I work out in my brain - I suppose that's why I'm top heavy!

I say go to the conference. It's a once in a lifetime event. You can ALWAYS get the computer. But the holy trinity won't always be at your disposal all together at once - in one place - where you can get to them and touch them and see them and hear them and laugh and enjoy...
Just begin now to release your faith and believe that THIS trip will be the best with no problems.

Darlene R. said...

Go to the conference. I would if I were you. Does that help at all?

Today I went to the Y and ran and lifted weights. Then I went to the tanning bed (I don't want to hear about how bad that is. I am using up minutes that I've had for over a year and I am going on a cruise soon :)). I went to the Chiropractor and then to the store, with the rest of our little town! I went home and cleaned. I just got out of the shower and now I am checking bloglines. We are getting ready to take the kids to the library and then I am going to download some songs from itunes and scrapbook. Oh, and I should probably feed my family supper in there somewhere!
I know, too much excitement for one day.
And yes, it is SO stinkin' cold here in Indiana. Show me some spring!

Carol said...

Ok, I will be decisive and tell to go to the She Speaks conference. If for no other reason than if I go (and its still a big IF), I would love to have a cup of coffee (or 2) with you! Now go register!

Carol @ I Throw Like A Girl

BevMama said...

I just wanted to say thank you for the nice comment you just made on my blog - Happy Moments. I have had a really hard time the past two days with the situation and your kind words helped me so much and helped me to remember why I blog in the firs place. I am going to bookmark your blog and come back and read it this evening. Thanks again for the kindness.
BevMama -

Dinah Soar said...

I always ask myself "if money were not an issue, what would I do?"...that often clarifies the real issue for me.

All too often money is the bigger issue, although not the main or real issue.

Then when I've made the decision, is there peace?....generally I find, when I make the decision that is in line with God's will, there is peace...even if all the circumstances haven't been worked out, I have the confidence they will be.

If I do not have peace, it is a pretty good indication that I made the wrong decision.

Then comes the time, your choice will be confirmed.

That confirmation may not come for months later...but it will come.

We made a decision not to buy a house...I had peace about the decision, even though it didn't make sense totally. A year later the confirmation came...I was so glad we did not buy the house....we would have overpaid $25,000 because the housing bubble burst and we would have lost money we can't afford to loose this close to retirement.

Hope this helps.

Melanie said...

This morning I attended a girl scout troop leader training while simultaneously missing daughter's first basketball game. First time I have missed anything EVER. But, I was doing something for her and she didn't miss me that much. I think. I later ran errands including exchanging a sweater at the mall, then on to Target and home. I got all of my housework stuff done yesterday. Tonight I have to study for Sunday School.

VERY exciting at our house. :>)

PJ said...

8 AM - wake up with two little bodies in bed with me! Four eyes staring in my face saying "Grandma, are you awake?"

9 AM - Breakfast at pancake house with granddaughters.
10 AM - Make Indian headdresses from bright feathers and foam and various other "feather" inventions -- bouquets, feather pictures, etc. (Oriental trading had a sale on feathers!)

11 AM - set up matchbox car race track

11:30 Am - threaten to lock the two in a room and let them slug it out.

12:00 pm make videos of girls setting up "domino-effect" with Jinga blocks

12:30 - play checkers

1 pM - lunch time - a terribly unhealthy grandma mix of cheese-its, cheese, tiny salami sausages, macaroni and cheese, grape juice and some of the left over milkshakes from last night (shhh, don't tell their dad, my health conscious son!)

2 pm gather up clothes, find lost gloves, skate guards from American Girl Doll, put feather "bouquet" made by 6 year old in vase, in an attempt to get out the door and deliver them home!

3-5 PM - shop for storage unit for DVD's and Video's strewn about playroom during search for an agreeable movie last night!

P.S. Go to the conference!! You can get a laptop any ole' day!

Shonda said...

Good Saturday to you--
I went to a women's conference hosted by a local church. I got a good word and I'm blessed. I'm still floatin' from it.

I forgot to exercise today, but there is still time.

DH is working on his laptap and I'm sitting next to him with mine visiting blogs. But after I had a Saturday afternoon nap.

About the conference, I suggest you follow peace. If you have peace about going, then go. I pray the Lord will show you.

Blessings in Christ--

marina said...

Linda, I sent you a email about going or not going to the conference!!
And I too much like you found a handsome young guy in High school that started calling me and then my love for Donny went to sleep.And I found myself sing to Wing's ,Bee Gee's and much of the late 70's rock and roll and lets not forget disco! marina

Tammy said...

First of all, this was so fun to read.
Second of all, you a bit in trouble for not coming over and entering my birthday contest this past week.
And because of this you did not win. I's harsh.

Thirdly, that Chicago song was one of my absolute favorite songs when I was about 12 or so, too! I remember being able to picture the whole thing in my mind.
That, and Summer Breeze...I always put those two songs together somehow.

And your new Saturday song? I could have sung the same words today too!

Now, if you stop by sometime soon, I'll forgive you for not entering the contest...but you still won't win the prize. ;)

Susan said...

Go over and check out the blog of the author that I just reviewed tonight. She talks about the importance of conferences to the writer she's become. I say go.

Today's been pretty ho hum around here. Nails. Workout. Clean. clean. clean. Out to dinner with kids (cause DH is out of town) and now home. That's it.

Hugs to you...

:-) Susan

Fresh Girl said...

MY Saturday was filled with a cute little tow-headed boy. ;) And then the evening was spent noshing on chips and dip with his parents when they came to pick him up. And he's back again today, so that's how I'm spending my Sunday as well, minus the chip and dip, sad to say. ;)