Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Sawyerisms

We are new converts to LOST. We began season 1 over Christmas break, and we are now in the middle of season 3. We will not make it all the way through by tonight, so we have a TiVo season pass for season 4.

People have been asking my why I have fallen in love with this show. I was trying to explain my new addiction to my 82 year-old mom yesterday. Do you know what she replied?

“There used to be a show like that a long time ago. Remember? You used to watch it; what was it called? Oh, what was that now …You know; that show about the island … and the people?”

I thought for a second. Then it hit me.

“You mean ‘Gilligan’s Island’?”

“Yes! That dumb old show. I never could see why anyone would like that. Who would watch a show about people on an island? And how many things can happen once you’re on an island, anyway?”

“Well, Mom, LOST is definitely not ‘Gilligan’s Island’. And many interesting things can happen on an island. Trust me.”

Then we switched to a topic everyone should be interested in: her not sleeping and what she ate for lunch.

If you haven’t watched this show; what do YOU talk about??!!

Anyway, a character that we love to hate and love to love is Sawyer. And one of the reasons we love/hate him is because he’s kind of like a modern Archie Bunker, completely politically incorrect and irascible. He has a grudge against and a derogatory nickname for everyone. The expression on his face in this picture is how this character wakes up. He's a mean cuss. But a mean cuss with a heart of gold. I think. This guy has been beaten up so many times that he should look like the string of flesh that holds a baby tooth in a kid's mouth. And yet, you can't keep this good 'ol southern boy with a soft spot for Freckles down.

So we have taken to keeping a list of nicknames, which has become a sort of game while we watch. If you don’t know the character and just read these names here, they will not interest you in the least and will not be humorous, especially because they are politically incorrect. But if you’re a fan, you’ll definitely appreciate


1. Jack: Dr. Quinn, Florence Nightingale, Dudley Do Right, Amarillo Slim, Daniel Boone
2. Kate: Freckles, Pippi Longstocking
3. Hurley: Babar, Stay Puff, Re-run, Deep Dish
4. Charlie: Reject from VH-1’s Has Beens, Menudo, I of the Needle, Baby Napper
5. Jin: Mr. Miagi, Ching Chang Walla Walla Bing Bang
6. Walt: Tattoo
7. Sayid: Kip, Sheik, Aladdin, Al Jazeera, Allah McBeal
8. Ana Lucia: Little Red Riding Hood
9. Libby: Moonbeam
10. Boone: Metro
11. Shannon: Sticks, Sweetcheeks
12. Henry: Artist Formerly Known as Henry
13. Back to Jack to round out the list: Marvelous Welby


Malcolm said...

Excellent idea for a TT. I regret that I gave up watching "Lost" during season 1. Didn't Sawyer also refer to Jack as "Metro"?

Nicholas said...

I have never watched Lost, though I realize I am probably in a small minority! I know roughly what it's about though, and i love the comparison with Gilligan's Island!

A Stone Gatherer said...

My husband and I are big fans of LOST! I was so surprised when he got addicted too! One of my favorite lines Hurley says when they are at the black ship(?)(where they get the dynamite), and Arndt blows up! I know this is terrible, but I like the stuble humor on this show, it's "You have a little Arndts on you". I know I'm terrible!

Barbara H. said...

I loved it when he called Locke "Mr. Clean" -- he does look a lot like him!!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Susanne said...

Well ya know I have no idea what you're talking about but I knew right away what your mom was refering to. LOL. Sorta scarey, that I knew that.

Lois E. Lane said...

One of my all-time favorite Sawyer lines: "Don't get mad at me just 'cause you were dumb enough to fall for the old Wookie prisoner gag."

Can't wait for tonight!

Robin said...

I love it! Tonight's the night!!!

And as far as my airplane story, I did begin to watch LOST on my flight, but the minute the plane started to split apart - I turned it off!!! My daughter and I had no idea that was what the show was about - we had just heard that it was really, really good! It did whet my appetite and after I got home is when my whole family got hooked on it.

ellen b. said...

Linda, your posts always make me smile. Happy TT

Fresh Girl said...

I've run the gamut on how I feel about Sawyer -- right now I'm in a "love him" phase, and it'll just be good to see him and all the others again tonight! But he'd better not be mean to my #3 pretend boyfriend Hurley! ;)

My TT is up, too.

Jen said...

We are Lost fans too....very addicting kind of like

Ann said...

I love it I love it I love it! It was so fun to watch lastnights rerun with the "Pop-up Video" type thing going. I really want to comment on it all, but I don't know how far you are and don't want to spoil anything, are you hoping we don't spoil anything that you haven't seen yet?

Life In Progress said...

Wow - you are a true fan! I'm impressed. I couldn't make a list like you did, but I do enjoy the Sawyer'isms. It's one of my favorite things about his character.

Did you watch the Pop-Up Video version last night? Maybe you're not that far into the DVDs. It was great & now I'm really READY for tonight's premiere.

Roxanne said...

Oh. . .there is much, much more where that came from. . .just wait until you get to "Jumbotron."

Sarah said...

I'm seriously laughing out loud here. I love LOST, so I can really appreciate this. My sister and her husband love LOST so much, they named their 2nd son Sawyer!

Cindy Swanson said...

Love, love, LOVE Sawyer! The comic relief provided by him and Hurley are invaluable. And those dimples....

Tasina said...

I am almost wetting my pants waiting for the show tonight. Thanks for putting this list together - I was just giggling remembering all of these. I also liked when Sawyer told Ben about 'Of Mice and Men' - "You'll like it....puppies die." hahahahaha

tasha said...

We got hooked on the show late too -- but we're all caught up and ready for the premiere tonight! Great list!! (PS -- I'm a Sayid fan myself)

Heth said...

Sawyer cracks me up so much. Love the nicknames.

Julie said...

You are not going to believe this. The first hour of Lost came on and about 15 minutes later the power went off until 2:30AM this morning.

My daughter, who has watched every episode by the way, was unable to watch any of it OR tape it.

You would have thought life shut down here.

Can you feel her pain?