Monday, February 04, 2008

Humor is a Funny Thing

As I said last week, I have the best commenters in the world. You should read the funny responses to yesterday's post. This one cracked me UP:

" ... all my life I have been told I look "just like your daddy"... that is nice, except who wants to look like a fat, baldheaded old man when they are a little girl - or even a young lady - or for that matter a 58 year old! (yes, he was fat and baldheaded before I was even born!)..." ~ Merrie

Speaking of funny, don't you wonder why some things are funny to some people and not to others? I mean, how does a joke get lost in translation when you speak the same language?

Just the other day, Jorge and I were watching this news show where they were highlighting funny commercials. We just looked at each other and said, "But that's not funny." We had the same thought on each commercial.

And remember the Dramatic Prairie Dog video that made my 18 year-old son roll up on the floor laughing until he almost got sick? (This continued on so long that my husband covertly got the video camera just to tape him laughing.) How did that video capture the attention of so many young people over the last year until it became a phenomenon? I mean, do YOU get it?

Humor is a funny thing. Ha. No pun intended.

Last week, a new blogger friend, Teri at Facedown, (a great name for a believer's blog, by the way) delighted and surprised me when I read this in one of her posts:

I stopped in at Linda's Blog. Let me just tell you, she is funny. Ok, many of you read BooMama's blawg, which is very funny as well, but hers is a southern funny. I must report to you that 2nd Cup of Coffee is northern funny. Is there a difference? Yes. Can I explain it? Nope. I spent some time on Linda's blog this evening reading some archived posts and I must tell you all...I heart Linda. Not only is she a mother of three children, but she also works in youth ministry. Plus she likes AI. And chocolate.

First of all, I do not belong in the same paragraph or breath with "Da Boo." I mean, she's Queen, and we all know it.

Secondly, Teri is impressed that I like AI and chocolate. Clearly, clearly, there is a bright future for this relationship. I feel like the 6th grade middle school neighbor girl who just impressed the 5th grade elementary school neighbor girl with her Trapper Keeper notebook. Someday, the 5th grader will get wise, but until then, I am waycool, so let it be.

But the point of her paragraph, about a northern funny and a southern funny--what do you think? Do you see a difference? Is it just because we northerners don't say "y'all" a lot?


Darlene R. said...

I read that post on Fran's blog. Actually, I think that is when I started visiting your blog because I heart Fran and I heart funny!

There is a difference but I can't place my finger on it. You and the Boo are both very witty. All I know is that I HAVE to read your blog and I HAVE to read Sophie's blog. You both make me smile.

The Trapper Keeper brings back some fond memories...mine was purple and said, I love Brad..or maybe Aaron or Rich or Tim all over the inside of it! It is the very foundation of my mad organizational skillz! :)
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Jen said...

There is a difference but I wont comment. I will say humor is wonderful for the soul though. I love to laugh. We have some really good friends and they are so funny. Literally....I enjoy their company so so much.

Susanne said...

I can sort of get what she means but I can't explain it. And if you're "north" funny, what would that make me? "Far north", "north, north", "polar north", "not funny". ;v)

samurai said...

I have not visited for some time... a busy season... but 1) I wanted to say how much I appreciated your comment on my blog on Friday.... thank you very much... 2) I like the larger font... easier to read... 3) There are a lot of things my kids laugh at I just kind of stare at them. LOL

God bless you and your 'Northern Humor'

Fresh Girl said...

Okay, I hadn't seen that dramatic praire dog video before, and yes, that's funny... made me laugh anyway. It's like some director shouted, "Action! Be dramatic!" and the prairie dog was. heee!

And yes, I think there IS a difference between northern funny and southern funny, but like Teri, I'd be hard-pressed to pinpoint the difference. I just know it when I hear it. ;)

Linda, you don't have your email anywhere I can find it, but if you email me (mine is in my profile), I'll answer that question you asked on my blog the other day. I don't mind answering it, but I'd rather not do it on the blog. :)

Teri said...

You are waycool:)

There is a difference between Northern/Southern humor...and if somebody can just explain it to me I would be very happy!

Gotta go, I'm lovin my new friend Linda!

Darlene R. said...

So I just went to check on all of my blogline blogs and noticed that I called Teri (Facedown) Fran in my comment this morning. Duh! I heart Teri, too. I love all of my blog friends!

I'm losing it! It's all these two hour delays--they're makin' me crazy!
That's why I call my blog "Have you seen my keys?" :)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

First: I had that exact Trapper Keeper notebook in 8th grade.

Second: I do think there's a subtle difference in humor between regions. But that's one of the things I love about the blogosphere. We get to sample the flavors of all different parts of the country.

Third: You are funny in every flavor. I just love your blog. Y'all.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

There is definitely a difference between northern funny and southern funny. I can't put my finger on what it is, but it is there. I don't really know Northern humor like Teri does, but I do know Southern.

And then there is Texas funny, which is a whole nother thing. Texas is different - we are not the South really, although we have a whole lot in common with it - we are our own, well, our own Republic. We are a teeny bit different in all respects.

Anyway, I must like Northern funny too, because I think you're funny Linda. Cool trapper keeper :) And I dig your lavender Unicorn purse with the velcro closure too.

Laura said...

Oh, there is DEFINITELY a diff...though I couldn't explain it, either...and then, there are those of us who can't decide what we are.... But, your blog...decidedly funny!

Maggie - Mom of Six said...

Northern humor.....okay....that explains soooo much....(said the girl from the south) *grinning*

Melanie said...

I think funny is funny. The only difference is that Southern funny has humidity and Northern funny does not. But it in no way makes Northern funny a "dry humor."
From your Southern blogger buddy,

Lois E. Lane said...

I (unfortunately) viewed the prairie dog bit at work, and trying to suppress my laughter was a lost cause. I can only wonder what people thought walking by my desk as I stared into the monitor turning red so that I wouldn't burst out laughing. So yes, I also thought it was funny!

At the risk of being flatterous (is that a word? Should be), I must say that I too describe your blog as "the funny, cleverly-written one" when talking to my sisters (who are fellow bloggers). Your writing is so smart, and that's what makes it so special. You may aspire to Boo's status, but I aspire to Linda's!

Fran said...

Y'all, y'all, y'all, y'all, y'all.

Do y'all get sick of that word?? I hope not bc its just as normal as love, darling, and precious!

I think you are darling, precious, lovely, most hilarious and I don't care where you live! :)

Big ole hugs~

Roxanne said...

I also think that funny is funny. . .but there are some things that are regionally funny because you know the vernacular--the culture--etc.

That being said, I think that "Home of the Monkey Nut" is funny sounding even if you're from France.

DidiLyn said...

Linda, AI is on tonight. Just a friendly reminder. But I personally have already eaten my chocolate limit for the day. Yours, too, so don't have any more.
Thank you for the kindest remark on a post I wrote a week ago. You rock. Go get ready for the show. :-)

Alana said...

Well, Teri and I have talked about the northern thing before. One difference is definitely "you guys" vs. y'all. I kinda wish I could pull of y'all, but you guys is just more appropriate for me ;-)

Maggie - Mom of Six said...

Linda: My husband's family is from Ohio and Indiana and when we finally ALL got together we kept having to explain things to each other because our names for some things were so different. Here in East Texas when you ask for a coke you are going to be asked "do you mean Dr Pepper or Coke?" Up there you ask for a coke and it is a pepsi or you get asked "a what? do you mean a pop?" Just silly stuff like that. We had more fun making for of each others slang. When we left, my SIL in her best attempt at a Texas accent, said "Y'all come back now!" We both busted out laughing.

marina said...

Oh, good now I don't feel so bad hopefully the promlem will get solve soon!! marina

PJ said...

It's different just cuz Northerners and Southerners are different. Y'all and You-guys is just the tip of the iceberg. What do you call the meal at mid-day? In the south, it's dinner, up North it's lunch. The meal at 6 PM or so is Dinner up north and Supper in the south. So an invitation to "Dinner" so depends on ones understanding of timeframes!!! (and makes really good jokes) The pop/coke/soda tthing that Maggie mentioned and on and on.

I think it's when the common knowledge -- the unspoken -- is somehow touched. We don't laugh so much as what is said as what is not said.

Have your read: "From the Foreign to the Familiar"? It's a great little book on cultural differences. And from Detroit to Nashville is a cultural world apart!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Perhaps there is a difference but I'm not certain how. I just know a belly laugh is a belly laugh and I'm giggling myself silly over the Trapper Keeper. I'm with Kelly - I had the SAME ONE in Jr. High. :)


Mocha with Linda said...

Oh this is hilarious. I keep intending to put you in my sidebar, but I'm even OLDER than you are, and I keep forgetting....

And I love these other commenters, especially the ones from Texas - I gotta go check out Missy & Maggie (while I'm drinking my Dr. Pepper!)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad to find another Mike Rowe enthusiast. That guy cracks me up. His facial expressions sometimes are priceless!!!

And hey, about not wanting to be told you look old, one time when I was in my 20's, my MOM told me I looked like TED KOPPEL!!!! (He was "only" about 50 then!) Gee thanks, Mom! That did WONDERS for my self-esteem! And then when pressed, she couldn't say why! Except I had wavy hair. Give me a break! LOL!

marina said...

PS. you are so right all good things come to an end ,but good friendships last .love marina
But I still do miss my muchachas,sniff,sniff

kittyhox said...

Okay, I hadn't seen the prairie dog and it did make me laugh.

Also, the Trapper Keeper. Sigh. I thought I was TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL when I got my first one in the first grade. I still have an unhealthy obsession with office supplies/organizational tools.

T said...

there is a difference for sure. They are both funny.... and I agree with the "you guys" and the "yall" comment. I have tried to say "yall" and it just sounds dumb when I say it. But, when southerners say it, it's so. cool.