Saturday, March 08, 2008

Banquet Pics

Just wanted to share this photo from the Volunteer Banquet. It was a sport theme, so we were supposed to dress in our favorite team clothes or our own old uniforms, etc. I don't have a favorite team, so I wore Jorge's old football jersey. We went to high school together and esteemed each other highly (a-hem) but we did not date until college. But I thought he was so good looking, and so did a lot of other girls--but I got him! PS: Don't forget to visit my real post for the weekend (the one right before this one).


marina said...

WOW,what a nice story you met Jorge in high school but never really met,then met him again in college I must of miss that part ,your husband is good looking I can see why all the girls like him!! what a great couple you make!!have a nice day, marina

Debbie said...

You look so cute in Jorge's jersey!

annie's eyes said...

I was hoping you'd post about the banquet, but this is better. You both are too cute! love ya,

Susan said... that's just CUTE!!

:-) Susan

Ann said...

You look so cute in his jersey!