Saturday, March 08, 2008

News from London and Other Stuff

I was just thinking about how weird life is. Nineteen years ago, I was giving birth to a baby boy.

On that same date, my 2 1/2 year old girl was at home in Findlay, OH, with my parents awaiting the news. Oh, how her life was about to change.

So here's the weird thing, what if somebody could've looked into the future, to March 2008, and told us what our family would like 19 years later?

The baby boy is now a grown man, bigger than his daddy, deeper voice than his daddy. He's trying to figure out what he's going to do with his life. He has not officially declared his major yet. He just made the comment out of the blue (this is his sense of humor) "Hey, I was just thinking ... what if I went into Gansta Rap?" His dad did not miss a beat and said in a very nerdy, nasal voice, "I hear it's very lucrative."

The girl? She is traipsing around London tonight. Here is an excerpt of her first email, which I am permitted to reprint here:

"After we got checked in to the hotel, we went to Hyde Park and walked around for a few hours. It was windy and gray, but there were actually a good number of people just out and about in the park. We saw Kensington Palace, a famous statue of Peter Pan and J.M. Barrie’s cottage, and an enormous, intricately ornate monument to Prince Albert. I mean, that thing was HUGE. You have no idea. After trying to find an ATM and getting lost, we found the hotel and then went back out again to go eat dinner. Alyssa, 2 other girls and myself found a little Italian restaurant about a block away from the hotel—it was so good. I ate an enormous plate of spaghetti. I only regret it a little bit."

Clearly, the priorities are in order. We can only hope that she did not turn her back on her food or drink as I reminded her once or maybe twice before she left.

But sometimes it hits me: She is across the ocean. In another country. The same baby I had to use that blue rubber nose syringe on for years. How can she really be in London right this very minute?

Life is weird, I tell ya.


Jenny said...

Linda, stop this! I can NOT imagine my babies growing up and going to college and being on another continent. Can't imagine. Although, it must be cool to graduate to being friends with your kids, and reap the benefits of your good training. Still can't imagine it, though! Makes me "mama weepy". So, NO MORE!! :)

Anonymous said...

I was 18 and was married out of highschool in 1995. No--I wasn't pregnant. :) Within 3 months I moved to Savannah, Georgia. After two years there--only coming home once a year for Christmas we then moved to Germany. For 3 1/2 years and were not able to make it home that entire time. Now as a mother of an 8 year old I look at my own mom and realize just how hard that must have been for her to do. And she never once complained or cried or anything. Her answer was just to pray with me and for me--probably a whole lot more than I knew about. I even had my own daughter in Germany and my mother stayed up the whole night praying while she knew I was in the hospital till she received the call that all is well.

I guess I'm just saying that because mom let me go, knowing that I had to made it so much easier and I am forever telling moms about the difference this made in my own life. My husband's mother on the other hand was weepy, clinging, and annoying. Which made him loathe to call or contact her in anyway and still carries over into their relationship today.

Of course his mom didn't have God to trust to take care of her baby--mine did.

Maybe that's all the difference.


Linda said...

rmpl, I have to tell you that I read your name as "Rumple." I know what you are saying is true. I'm trying to whine and cling mainly here on my blog, not in her real life.

Mocha with Linda said...

So where's the video of the blue rubber nose syringe?! :-)

I personally am locking my kids in their rooms until they're 30.

annie's eyes said...

Life is so sweet, too, as it unfolds exactly as God plans. I know the pain of prying open that clinched fist around their once so tiny hand, only to see the butterfly fly, which was my prayer for each of them so long ago. It is only weird because it seems like I blinked and that day is here. Praying for your heart. Annette

Julie said...

How long is your daughter in London?

My daughter is on a 5 month's missions trip overseas with YWAM. She is currently in a town near London, but will be going to Poland in April for 2 months.

She's 21 and had her birthday while there. : (

She won't be home until June and left in January.
I miss her face!


Tina said...

I know what you mean. My daughter has gone to Europe and China and each time, I think, they are so far's amazing. And then I think... "hey! I STILL haven't gotten to go to another country! And I'm 40! The little...."

She'll no doubt have a fabulous time... and spend a lot of money! :)

Ang baylis said...

My daughter did a study abroad in Brighton, England a couple of Summers ago. I remember thinking the same thing. It seems like yesterday we were using that blue rubber syringe! My son will be going there this Summer. Amazing, isn't it? I have the same kind of picture as you shared on my refrigerator. I'm still back there!

Life is weird, I agree!
Angie xoxo

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

It goes by soooooo fast... in the "Blink of an eye"... I guess that will be my next devo!!

but, yes.. I'm with Mocha Linda.. where are the pictures / devo of the blue rubber nose syringe??

Have a great Sunday evening

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I have been using that blue rubber syringe every day this week. Please tell your readers I will be happy to post some photos of me using it on a STRONG screaming wiggly child and then depositing the nasty snotty boogery contents into a wadded up Kleenex and then y'all can quit reminiscing about it like it was beautiful!! ;)

So weird, I have been intending to do this for a WFM Wed, to show how to do the suction all alone. Linda, I am not joking when I say I think we are psychic. Blogic. This time you picked up currents from me.

Anyway, tell the girl that when I was in London we ate at this restaurant called The Stockpot as often as we could because it was tasted very homecooked and most importantly was very CHEAP - and it appears to still be the case, lo, all these years later. Cheap will become her mantra in London.

xo Missy

Amy Wyatt said...

I know you are missing her. I'll be praying for her safe travel and to have a fabulous time.

Hey, I have a new Saturday meme that I just started. I would love for you to check it out and participate, and maybe help spread the word.

Hope your week is great and that you don't miss her too much!

marina said...

Oh, Linda I know how you feel when my daughter left home I knew she would be back but it would not be the same she was making her own life now and I was too young to be in the emty nest only 39 them so God gave me a son WOW and said "Hear marina I knew you would be lonely and wanted for my timing to have your 2nd child " I had been trying when I was 33 years old and nothing until I trun 39 can you belive that!! praying for your
heart form one mom to another,marina

PJ said...

Ain't it just???? And wait until THEY have babies!!! It's even weirder.

Tammy said...

Oh Linda...I know it seems like just yesterday when you were changing those diapers and helping them tie their shoes! When my first baby was born, I didn't believe people that told me that it goes so fast...I'd nod nicely, but didn't believe it- truly- even though I was 36 years old and should have known.
But that baby is eight years old is seems to be maturing SO quickly...and my littlest baby who was really my turning 6 next month! SOB!

But you know, Linda...the age your kids are now is an exciting time of their life...and you get to be a part of it! You are there to at least help guide them just a little bit still...and watch them blossom!

It will be so amazing to where my children will be in just ten short years!

Melanie said...

Makes me want to tiptoe upstairs and watch her sleep.

hailqueenemery said...

hey thanks for the comment on my blog.. im actually having fun reading your stuff too.. im kind of like for the reason that ur a preacher's wife.. oh well.. im a preacher's daughter.. lol.. God bless!!

Ann said...

So sweet, I love hearing moms who's kids are grown up reflect on their childhoods. I stayed at a hotel called Kensington Court when I was in London. One of the housekeepers there stole my pajamas and black heels while I was out and about. I needed those heels for my choir dress (it was a choir tour) and had to wear grubby shoes the rest of the tour.

But anyway, I'm so happy to hear she's having a fun time!! It's a really cool place. I remember this park with lions, huge lion statues, I climbed up on one and had a hard time getting down. Anyway, now I'm just rambling.

bleeding espresso said...

So much excitement here--I love it!

Thanks for coming to visit me; I look forward to getting to know you better, building on our slight interest in coffee of course ;)