Sunday, March 09, 2008

Six Degrees of Monday And Brunettes

First of all, I was not telling a "nontruth"--I PROMISE a new look is coming soon. Get ready to fall off your chair. I'm just sayin'. And no, I still haven't posted that controversial post yet. It's written; I'm just waiting for the right time.

But now on to Six Degrees of Monday:

These are the lyrics to Monday, Monday by John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas, who was the real life papa of Mackenzie Phillips of One Day at a Time, who was skinny, but Valerie Bertinelli on One Day at a Time was not skinny, so she went on Jenny Craig and got skinny and then went on Oprah, who is sometimes skinny, and Oprah's show starts every week on Monday--and that, my friend, is "Six degrees of Monday." You're welcome.

Monday Monday
Monday Monday, so good to me,
Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be
Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee
That Monday evening you would still be here with me.

If you're here for the Ultimate Blog party, you probably won't be here for me Monday evening. But that's OK. I decided over the weekend that I'm gonna have to get over checking Sitemeter, the new bathroom scale, to validate my existence 23 times a day. (I take an hour off to watch TV).

Stuff: London Update.

College Daughter's itinerary today: Westminster Abbey, Changing of the Guard, Cabinet War Rooms/Churchill Museum, parliament, Big Ben, St. James Park, Regent Street.

Did I mention to you, World, that my sweet daughter saved up and paid for this entire trip on her own? That is how awesome she is. And can I just throw in that she's a junior and has never once asked us for a penny? Not once. Not that I don't want to give her everything she needs and I would never want her not to ask if she needs anything at all, but it's the principle of it--of her. She's a wonderful daughter in so many ways. Can someone bring her back to me now?

More Stuff: Hair.

I have two brunette daughters. I am blonde. I have always been blonde. I do help mine along now, because no one is 45 and this blonde naturally. Except, of course, Morgan Fairchild, Loni Anderson and Linda Evans.

Both of my brunette daughters have a weird habit that grosses me out. Well, at one time they both did; the older is now delivered of this stronghold.

That is, when they shower and their long brunette hair comes out of their heads, I believe what happens is they twist it around their fingers and stick it to the shower wall.


I used to Hulk-out when they did this. The older one thought I was over-reacting. Then she went away to college. She came home and told me about how gross some girls in the dorm are--get this: they stick their hair on the shower wall.

So College Daughter now comes home on the weekend and "disciplines" Younger Daughter for modern-arting the shower wall. This makes me smile on the inside.

Usually I make Younger Daughter clean it off. She never remembers to do it on her own, of course.

Friday, College Son came home for the weekend. Before he got here, I went in to clean up the bathroom, pulled back the curtain and found ... a clean wall. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. Clean.

Excuse me while I go back in there now and pick my jaw up off the floor and bring it back in here to use as a paper weight on the computer desk.

I asked Younger Daughter if she cleaned up the bathroom. She said yes. I said, "What made you do that?" She said, "Mom, I always clean it up if someone is coming over."

This is a bold-face ... "nontruth."

She cleaned it off because her beloved older brother was coming home. She adores him. He is worthy of cleaning off the shower wall hair.

He is worthy.

PS: I'm writing at the Cafe today. Please come by for a THIRD cup of Coffee. Ha.


marina said...

Good morining Linda its 7:32 am eveyone just left for there day our son left with his dad,[your kids are beauitful },,and I am so with you on these son who he may end oup marring it dose make a difference we just need to pray for them and who they may fall in love with!!But I just want to say you have done a wonderful job in rasing all 3 kids in college now ,not all kids go to college; you and your husband should be proud of your selfs!!.marina
PS,I am with you on the Oprah post too just havn't post it yet"

BethAnne said...

Your daughter is beautiful (even if she doesnt always tell the truth) ahhahahahahahah

annie's eyes said...

Ah dirty showers and three kids, two with very long hair--one of mine is brunette the other blonde with a lot of help. The boy's shower was the worst, even with the 40 shampoo and conditioner bottles in the girls'. Something about boy dirt and dogs--it doesn't get much yuckier. Off to read your internet cafe post. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane...worth every minute that I can appreciate the clean though empty upstairs. Love, A

annie's eyes said...

Why can't I ever say everything before I hit send? I guess because I'm still singing Monday, Monday...That is so great your daughter paid for everything on this trip. You have raised her to be one great daughter. And I am sure your other two beautiful ones are on the same track.

Melanie said...

Loved the 6 degrees of Monday!

Teri said...

I hope my my daughter loves her big brother(s) so much that when they come home for a weekend she will remove her hair from the shower wall...that is true love...non-hairy-shower-wall-love=BIG LOVE!

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

Hi Linda,
It was so nice to see your face in my comments this morning! I am really excited to "not recognize" your blog in the near future. Funny you should talk about teen girls and hair. One by one, my daughters have been the victim of "haircolor horror". Our latest episode was last night when Miss 15yr. old wanted to go darker brown but ended up black with brown spots. My job today is to pick up "OOPs Haircolor Remover" at Walgreens, recommended by her older sister who should know....

Have a good one~~~Kelley

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I don't think the shower-hair-wall-art matters on the color of one's hair. More likely, it depends on the length.

I've had long blond hair my whole life, and if I don't do the shower-hair-wall-art thing, the drain is a disaster. Now that is gack. (Although I will say I clean the wall every morning.)

But a sister who will clean the wall for her brother? Love. Twue love.

Susanne said...

Your six degrees of monday leaves me breathless. That's a lot of thinking for monday morning, girl!

What is with teen girls, hair and shower walls? Mine does the same thing. Her reasoning? She's preventing it from going down the drain and clogging it. We should be thankful to her, she states, that she is saving us from the work of unclogging the drain regularily. Sigh, I wish I could reason so well.

Mocha with Linda said...

Well, thanks to you that stoopid song is now going to be going through my head all day. So to get you back, you must take a big drink of coffee while I say: T. K. :-)

That is hilarious about the girls and the shower. As the baby of the family, I can totally relate to doing whatever it takes for my big brother and sister. (The big sisters part has worn off. . . !)

Already been to the cafe, and I'm getting pretty good. . . partway thru I thought "I wonder if this is Linda writing." (As in you, not me!)

Thanks for your sweet words on my blog! Have a great Monday Monday!

(We're having a rainy day and Monday - it always gets me down!)

Darlene R. said...

Oh how I hate wet hair stuck on the shower walls, floors, sink...wherever! Yuck, Gross, Gag me with a spoon (do you remember that one?).hahaha

Anyway, that is one of the things that makes my stomach turn flips... that and newspaper.

samurai said...

Wow - that is an awesome daughter you have there. I know all of your children are special, but that's pretty cool about her trip.

Lelia Chealey said...

Your sense of humor is just the best!! I know I can always count on you for a laugh. Many today as I caught up on the posts I've missed since I had the horrible flu.
Thanks a bunch for starting my Monday off just right sista!
Love you,
Did I mention in previous comments that I can't wait to meet you at She Speaks this summer?

Shan said...

Wow I am impressed she funded the trip herself. Good for her.

Brenners said...

Oh, wow. I love the name Brynn. I had never seen it or heard it before, but I love it. I love the way it's spelled. My name is Brenda, but one of my nicknames is Brenners.

Thanks for stopping by.

Fran said...

That nontruth daughter is beautiful!!! And, now i'll go get my 3rd cup! Thank you.


Susan said...

I think it is just so neat that she is over there AND that she funded the trip! It will be more special to her because of that, I'm sure.

Thanks for your comments on our "teacher video"! The kids LOVED IT! They are all doing the dance now, too. It's cute.

I'm sorry I haven't been around in a while, I've missed my visits. I'm also waiting with baited breath for the "new look"!!

:-) Susan

the mama bird diaries said...

I don't know how to tell you this but I have long hair and always stick it to the shower wall.

I try really hard to remember to remove it because it grosses me out when later in the day, I am bathing my kids and i see it all matted to the wall. Ick.

Your daughter is beautiful.

Ann said...

That's hilarious! And I do agree, even though there were privacy divider thingies, it is gross having to share showers/sinks/toilets with 20 or so other girls. I did not like that at all. I wore flipflops in the shower even. I'm not even certain anyone ever cleaned those bathrooms. I never saw any staff cleaning it. Bleck.

Carol said...

I have to admit that I read both your posts while still on my first cup of coffee (it was also my only cup today). Both posts were great! Take care!

mandy said...

"Sitemeter, the new bathroom scale"

LOL - Lord help us!!!

Life In Progress said...

Last night my husband and I were watching TV and saw the Valerie/Jenny Craig commercial. A bizarre conversation ensued that resulted in me trying to remember the name of the sitcom she was on. I was too lazy to go google her, but it was making me crazy. I come here today & it's the first bit of info. I find. It's like you've gotten inside my head!

Also wanted to say that I am a brunette with long hair. I try to prevent it from going down the drain by pushing it into a corner of the shower. When I get out I try to remember to take the hair with me & throw it away (I was going to make some joke about adding it to a collection, but thought that would REALLY make you gag).

My almost 4-year-old daughter is terrified of the hair. If she is using our shower, she refuses to touch it and stays as far from it as possible. I have no idea what that's about. The other day she got into our shower as I was getting out and she said, "Mom, can you take the hair with you when you go?" I obliged with laughing hysterically.

MoodyBlue said...

Linda, What a great post. I love your sense of humor! It is alot like mine!

Your daughter is beautiful, God bless her!

LOVED 6 degrees of Monday. Too funny!

When you were talking about your daughter's itinerary...when you wrote whe was going to Parliament & Big Ben - do you want to know where my mind went. To National Lampoon's European Vacation - "Look kids, Big Ben....Parliament". Remember? When he was driving around the circle and he "couldn't get left". LOL! He kept saying it over & over, and day turned into night. LOL!

MoodyBlue said...

Sorry, forgot to also mention my husband does shower wall art too. He leaves it for me to pull off the wall. Gross!

Debbie said...

The Six Degrees was great!! By the way, I really like the new bookshelf on the side.

I think shower walls have some mysterious magnetic quality that attracts hair - and darker hair stronger than lighter hair! If the Rotts even walk through the bathroom there will be a dozen dog hairs on the curb of the shower!