Friday, March 07, 2008

Your Mama Don't Dance (So Why is She on This Show?)

Judging by horrible promos alone, I thought that new show "Moment of Truth" was probably the worst program ever broadcast in history, with the exception of "Joanie Loves Chachi," or "Alf."

But I happened upon Lifetime's Your Mama Don't Dance" on a Friday night, and I think I'd rather be hooked up to Joanie's hairdryer and have one finger in an electrical socket while being asked embarrassing questions that might get me fired or divorced than participate in "Your Mama." It's that bad.

Ian Ziering hosts the show where five young people, partnered with their parents, are in the dance-off of their lives.

The night that I caught the show, five young men were dancing with their mothers, showcasing dances that "told stories" and emoted ... something. It was just weird.

Oh, did I mention they were dancing with their mothers?


Double Ick.

The only time a boy should be dancing all "story-telling" like that with his mom is when he's about three, while Mama is holding him in the kitchen, bopping to "Barbara Ann," and the "story" is that the cookies will be done baking in 8-10 minutes and so they can dance until they're done. Other than that, there just aren't too many times a boy should dance with his mom like that. Maybe his wedding. Or the day his college debts are paid off.

Sadly, three of the five young men that I saw mentioned not having much of a father figure in their lives. Had I seen this show when my son was little, I might have strapped him to his father 18 hours a day for the first 16 years of his life just to make sure he got enough dad influence.

If you do not believe me, check out this link where they offer you the video back-stories of the contestants in hopes of drawing you in emotionally and hooking you for next week. However, the videos produced the same effect in me as the warning videos in high school "health" class: Ew.

Like I said, I only watched the guys, not the girls. And I'm sure they're wonderful people. I just felt ... not rightness when one kid said they watched "Dirty Dancing" together and copied the moves.

However, if you do not want to see amateurs dancing and would like to see how professionals "in the biz" really get started, then please view this 18 second video of my son when he was about 4 in which he is singing and dancing busting some moves to the soundtrack of Disney's tour de force Aladdin, specifically, "I Can Show You the World." He is watching himeslf in the glass of a door (mirror). Notice his excellent lip syncing skills except for the word "world," which he pronounced, "wold" because who needs pesky "R's" anyway? Also, he has the David Archuleta tongue thing going on.

By the way, my son is 19 today.

Happy birthday, Jordan. Aren't you glad your mama don't dance?


Darlene R. said...

Loved the video!

Happy Birthday Jordan~~ From some lady that you may never meet! :)

Did you get all of that snow? We were missed~~ Praise God! I couldn't handle one more flake!

Melanie said...

I didn't see it, but it sounds pretty creepy. Ick.

Double Ick.

annie's eyes said...

Because it's his birthday, I bet Jordan especially appreciates not having a mama who dances with him. That does sound like a show destined for a shooting. Oh I didn't just say that. I pray not. Anyway, when one of mine celebrates a birthday I feel a joy too of having the privilege of being their mom. Hope you all are enjoying the day.

Kim said...

Linda, Mike and I couldn't agree with you more! We happened upon that show the other night, watched 2 of the son/mother couples dance, and we both said, "okay, that's just WRONG!" In SO many ways....ick!!

Love the video. You've given me inspiration to break out some old home videos. :)

Roxanne said...

Loved the video. If Jordan protests, remind him about the HUGE burger you just bought him.

Mocha with Linda said...

Reminding him you could be dancing is a good thing when he complains about you posting his childhood videos!

I don't even want to watch that show you described. I had enough of Oedipus Rex in high school.

Darnelle said...

OMG girl you keep me going! What a great sense of humor you guys have cultivated in your home. Awesome!

BTW - Your son's red shirt looks familiar. Our church members wear that same shirt when we do community outreaches and such. He's not in Louisiana is he?

PJ said...

Happy Birthday, Jordan!! And double Ick on the "Dirty Dancing" duos!!

Ann said...

Hello Linda!
1. I saw a snippit of that show too! I saw a young man dancing with a an older lady, no clue what it was about. I changed the channel after about 5 seconds feeling the same way. It's just not right. And now that I know it's a son and his mother? That is REALLY not right.

2. My 6 year old doesn't say r's either! "World" sounds like "wold" and "bird" sounds like "buwd." So far they say he doesn't need help with speech. but I am happy to say he got his l's down. No more wowwipops in our house, just lollipops.

3. The video is adorable!!! I really need to get all my video of the kids put on dvd's. First I need to find them all...those little tapes are hard to keep track of.

4. Happy Belated Birthday, Jordan!! I am counting on you to sneak your way into your mom's blog and share with us a really cute and silly video of her to thank her for sharing a cute and silly video of you! heehee!!

Have a super duper day :)