Thursday, April 24, 2008

7 Personal, Intriguing, Never-to-Be-Shared-in-Public Factoids Meme

Several people tagged me for this meme, and because I didn't write their names down, I dare not say who I think tagged me because I might be wrong, and then I'd get 57 comments telling me how I'm wrong and one comment telling me, "I do not watch LOST." I'm sorry, taggers. I'm terrible at this.

1. 97% of the time, I type my name “Lidna” because I’m typing so fast you can’t even see my fingers fly or even my whole body at this desk. You will only see my shadow. So if you ever get a reply or comment from Lidna, that would be me, 2nd Cup Lidna.

2. I eat paper cheese; do you? Don’t act like you don’t know what paper cheese is. Whatever—pretending you don’t know what paper cheese is, chuh! OK, it’s the cheese that’s melted onto the wrapper of your cheeseburger that you see when you unwrap your burger or burrito. I consider paper cheese a delicacy, as you can only find it at certain culinary meccas like McTaco King.

3. Once, when I was little and we were under a scary tornado warning, the young mother who lived next door to us called my mother and me over to be with her because she didn’t like storms. While we were waiting out the storm, we decided to pull a mattress out into the hall to sit under. My adrenaline was so high that I grabbed that mattress and pulled it to the hall by myself. When the storm was over and we were no longer scared, I started to drag the mattress back to the bedroom, and I couldn’t budge it. So apparently, I Hulked out during the storm and had the strength of ten Lidnas.

4. I’ve been exercising this week. That means I’ve been hungry. HONGRY. Today at work, I seriously considered eating the paper at my desk, thereby killing two birds with one stone—tasks done, hunger satisfied. But the desk papers lacked cheese.

5. In that place between sleep and waking, I talk to myself all the time as if I’m two Lidnas. I say things like, “Do you think [so and so] liked that cake I baked?” “Yeah. I guess so. They ate it, didn’t they?” “Yeah. I just hope they liked that cake I baked.” “Yeah, they ate it, didn’t they?” We get along pretty well, for the most part. But sometimes I tell myself to go back to sleep and the conversations stops abruptly, even mid-sentence, oddly enough. And sometimes, that particular voice sounds like my husband’s voice saying, “shut up.”

6. I have some undergarments drying out on my deck right now. When I put them out there, I had this joyous feeling, like I was “green” and getting back to nature, like I was Ma Ingalls, except I had not quilted my own bras. Then I turned to go back into the house and saw the entire neighbor family outside in the backyard playing on the trampoline and observing my classiness. You know they were thinking, “Oh for Pete’s sake; take it inside, lady. We value our children’s retinas.”

7. The last thing I laughed myself stoopid over was the Ken Lee video. Before that, it was the Alexis Cohen video. Anyway, I have now adopted the phrase “Ken Lee,” which literally translated back into real English means, “I can’t live” as in “if livin’ is without you” as sung by Mariah Carey (and Harry Nillson in the 70s), and is uttered whenever I’m trying to express a strong affinity for something. For instance, I’m going to publish a cake recipe soon that I have re-named “The Ken Lee” cake because it’s that good. I can’t live, if livin’ is without this cake. So if you get a comment from Lidna telling you she Ken Lee, tulibu dibu dou chou, you’ll know she’s quite fond of you.

Finally, Linda at Mocha With Linda bestowed this lovely award on me because ... because ... pssst ... Why, Linda? She said this: this gal's blog seriously cracks me up. . . .and then turns around and makes me stop and think! She's a busy woman with quite a public to keep up with and all, since famous people email her, so it makes my day when she stops by my blog or responds to a comment. If only she wasn't so Lost in American Idol!

Yes, Mocha Lidna, I have had highly, highly famous people email in the past, but you surpass them all. Linda and I share a name. (Surprise!) We both have blogs giving a nod to coffee. We are 40ish. We have teenagers. We have 81 and 82 year-old mothers. Trouble is, she's like Elinor Dashwood, and I'm apparently like Anne Elliot, so we're not Jane Austen twins. Other than that, we kind of are. I "ken lee" Mocha Linda.

I am Anne Elliot!

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Muddy said...

I am a Linda too and have been known to hang my undies outside on a rack and to spell my name Lidna because I am typing so fast. I knew there was a reason I liked your blog!

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

I love all of these facts about you! I am not a Linda or a Lidna but I have been known to be a Kellet. Now I'm off to find out
which Austen heroine I am.....

Oh and have you tried the Celebrity image finder? I have it posted in my sidebar (me morphing into Reece Witherspoon). The funny thing is, one of my daughters was 90% compatible with Billy Bob Thornton and my son was 86% Anne Hatheway. Those were some funny morphs!!

Ruth said...

Hysterical! I came by to see what you had to say about Lost tonight...but this was by far more enjoyable.
(Paper cheese indeed...!)

Lelia Chealey said...

Too funny! Loved the undergarments, the talking to yourself, the HONGRY-my son used to say it that way when he was little so that brought back good memories and I have a new nickname for my Mom as she's a Linda. :)
If you have a way of seeing how long someone visits your blog at one sitting then I think I deserve a prize for the longest visit. When I left my computer at 10-ish with every intent of returning right away imagine my surprise when I glanced at my computer at 3am during a potty break to see Eugene Levy's face. I had been on a previous post of yours when I left. Eugene Levy is just not so pretty at 3am on a full bladder! :)

Sarah said...

Always love your blog, it never fails to make me smile :)

From one cheese paper eater to another, Congrats on the award!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Okay, I am ROFL at Ken Lee!!! I don't know HOW I missed that one. I had finally wondered if it was the weird guy singing You Are My Brother. That is hilarious.

And I cannot begin to count how many times I've caught an email before it goes out from Lidna. Why not Lidan?

I definitely ken lee you!

The Other Lidna

Susanne said...

Paper cheese is very healthy! Not only are you getting calcium but all that fiber!

You crack me up, Lidna! ;v) I love how you take a plain old meme and have us in stitches.

I'm Elinore Dashwood. I think I better read some Jane Austen novels and find out if I was nice or mean or bossy or lovelorn or whatever else.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm a nursing mama, so I'm always HONGRY these days. Not so hungry that I'd eat paper cheese, but hungry enough that I'd eat a rice krispy bar that has fused with the napkin surrounding it.

Hypothetically of course. Ahem.

Carol said...

Hey, I'm Anne Elliot, too. We must have been twins separated at birth!

marina said...

Ok,LINDNAS!! you had me laighing so hard that I even started crying!!love #3. took the test I am Anne Elliot whoever that is I don't read her novels Hmm maybe I should.
I got meme too haven't done mine yet. marina

Carol said...

Okay number 5 had me holding my sides laughing ( I think that translates HMSL.) You are too funny. Thanks for such a good laugh.

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I've been enjoying your blog "lurking" this past month, and just wanted to take a moment and tell ya!

You do crack me up and congrats on the award! ☺

Marsha said...


Paper cheese must be a Muncie thing cause I loves me some paper cheese!


MrsJoeB said...

I was "Elinor Dashwood" which I didn't remember who she was but after reading it-right on target!! This was fun-thanks!!
In His Graces~Pamela

Heth said...

Hulked out?
Value their retinas?


Jenny said...

That was fun! I have done the thing with the underwaer on the deck! I wanted a clothes line but our neighborhood won't allow it!


Sing4joy said...

Now that's some fun getting tot know you! I am Elinor Dashwood. Lol.

Misty said...

i laughed my butt off at this post!!! seriously, hubby came in wondering what was happening. it was you. i, too, am a hyper typer and invert letters all the time. and only on my blog (unless it's my name) do i ever fix the problem. i call it character and inwardly laugh at my lil pun.
you seriously made my day today reading this list!!

Barbara H. said...

I'm Elinor Dashwood. :)

When my son was on a mission trip in Cameroon, they laid their laundry to dry on bushes -- and to watch out for the goats on the other side of the bushes not to pull their laundry off and munch it.