Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Buh-Bye Carly and Countdown to LOST

So every single one of us bloggers got it wrong, you know.

Don't be tryin' to tell me you knew Carly was goin'. We all said Brooke or Jason. I cracked up at Jason's expression when he was reacting to the news that he was safe; he sort of twisted up his lips and shrugged--totally Jason. And to quote him from his memorable, yea, infamous, CATS performance, "a new day has begun" for Jason Castro.

I loved Randy's phrase that went something like "red-hot molten lava," but I would apply that to the "Tainted Love" Ford commercial. That rocked. I even loved David C. in that. I could watch that over again several times.

So we can look forward to another week of "Oopsie" from Brooke White and poses by Syesha Mercado, the invincible piano model.

Finally, because someone disagreed that ALW looks like Mike Meyers:


I didn't post right away tonight because I was out with girlfriends until 11:30, which means tomorrow will be a complete and utter fog, which is no big deal because we're only coming up on our second-biggest event of the year at Oneighty. P-shaw. No biggie. What-so-everzzzzz.

But oh, people, it's time. LOST is back on Thursday night!

Oh, how I need to talk about it because it just helps alleviate the wait!

Here is the LOST post I wrote but never published after we saw the last episode. Hint: the last half of the post is better than the first, beginning with Sayid's picture.

So if I asked you if you have it all figured out, I'm betting your answer would be:

"Not yet." I mean, really. Didn't you sort of sympathize with Michael's frustration when that little note popped up? The writers just keep baiting us and baiting us, but we don't get any big answers. And even when they supply some answers, they then pose even bigger questions or go on hiatus! It's like they keep saying, "Ahhh, not yet, plebian mainlanders. It is not your time to know--not yet. Bwa-ha-ha." It's insane.

Many people (approximately 3, give or take 2) comment after my LOST posts that they do not watch LOST. I'm telling you, go get season one. After the first episode of season one ended, I just sat there for a second or two processing everything in silence. Then I turned to Jorge and said, "Oh. OH. We are not stopping here," and on to the next episode we went. (It's like remembering falling in love for the first time. Sigh.)

The plot is highly intriguing, but it's also fun to see spiritual issues addressed. Did you know that John Ankerberg has written a book about that aspect of LOST? It's called, What Can Be Found in Lost.

Anyway, Jorge and I watched the last LOST with two of my friends from Girls' Group that I meet with every Wednesday night, plus one of their husbands and her daughter. That was fun. Except the girlfriend who sat next to me is the IRL Cindy who got me hooked on LOST in the first place (There is a Blogging Cindy who I believe must have conspired with IRL Cindy to hook me.) so she is like a walking encyclopedia of the most cryptic minutiae from "previously, on LOST," which kind of made me feel like a sub-fan instead of a regular fan. She's like ... SuperFan. Or, to put it another way, "She knows jack." (wink, wink.)

This is LOST Cindy and me. No, we do not always do the matchy-matchy. Here is Cindy's LOST prowess: She remembered that Libby gave a boat to Desmond. She remembered that Locke's mom was in the asylum. She remembered that the compassing bearing was 325 and that those were the numbers on the helicopter. Yeah. It was like having one of those pop-up episodes sitting next to me!

One of the biggest things we found out this week is that the island (or should I treat it as a proper noun and capitalize "Island" since it obviously has a personality?) anyway--the Island has power off the island. That is, the Oceanic 6 are not able to commit suicide. I am happy to brag that I called that as soon as Michael survived the crash. The way they showed the aftermath of the wreckage and then showed him alive in the hospital bed, I knew instantly there was no way he could've survived that, and then it hit me, "He can't die!" Wasn't it freaky when Libby offered him blankets?! Yikes!

Finally, we know: The Oceanic 6 are Jack, Kate, Aaron, Hurley, Sun, and Sayid, also known as "Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown--Badder than Old King Kong, Meaner than a Junkyard Dog Sayid Jarrah." When Sayid ratted out (sorry, Eloise) Michael, I thought Michael was a goner. Wrong!


Two things about the following picture. First of all, this has to be the most unflattering picture of Juliet ev-er. Secondly, if females are not Tom's type, exactly what is he locking his lasers on in this photo here?!

Random question: Why does Sun always call Jin something that sounds like "Jin Su-shi?" I always think of raw fish when she calls him that. It's not his full name; that's Jin-Soo Kwon. Maybe it's a Korean term of endearment?

Random recognition: Remember how in previous LOST posts I pointed out that Desmond looks like Eric Clapton and Barry Gibb--and that Juliet looks like the Grinch but a pretty Grinch? Well, I just realized this week that Karl looks like a young Matthew Broderick.

Bonus pic: Here is my youngest doing her imitation of Juliet (shoulders up, curly smile):

Finally, here's the schedule for the rest of the season:
Episode 9: April 24
Episode 10: May 1
Episode 11: May 8
Episode 12: May 15
Episode 13: May 22 (Season Finale)

Here we go, Losties!


Linda Vujnov said...

Sooo surprised, but posibly not as surprised as Carly! Not a Lost fan...sorry...too sci fi now. But, I am very excited that The Office is FINALLY back!

What's next said...

Thanks for the schedule... we are living for Thursday night this week!!! However, my 8 year old has decided she needs to watch it with us which completly interupts the show, she asks a million questions!!!!

sara said...

Oh I am so happy that I own DVR!!! I have choir on Thursdays, so I will be up late watching the new episode!!! LOVED your recap! LOST so frustrates me and intrigues me at the same time. I found your blog on Mocha with glad to find another Lostie!

Lynn said...

We can't wait for it to start up again either!

Come visit my new blog,, it is the Life in Bloom one in my profile.

See ya!

Mocha with Linda said...

Although I'm totally Lost on this post, it's still a great opportunity to tell you that You Make My Day!

Melanie said...

I was bummed about Carly and I think she was shocked. She said,"I'll have fun from now on" when she talked about her song. Like she was going to keep singing. I still think she has a chance for a record deal because Simon likes her talent. Maybe not her wardrobe, but that can be changed.

Ann said...

Lost is tonite! I almost forgot! That Tom thing kind of makes me not want to watch it though. It was so pointless and disappointing. I dunno.

Diane said...

The producers were asked in a radio interview what viewers could do to prepare for the surprises coming up in the rest of the series. Their response? "Keep reading your Bible."

God uses the oddest things to get people into His word!

I've watched since the beginning, but haven't been obsessive about tracking every little nuance and figuring out the easter eggs and the finer points of the's still a great deal of fun.

samurai said...

Ok, this may be old news... but...

WaHOO! I know someone who is published! :) Congrats.

I still refuse to get sucked up into Lost. It looks like a great show and all, but... :)

Mommy, the Human Napkin said...

Okay, you talked me into it! I watched the first few episodes of the first season of Lost on TV, but then they moved something I liked better into that time spot on another channel, so I missed some episodes,and then I really was LOST and had no idea what was happening. But now that school will be out for me in a couple of weeks and I won't have English language history and linguistics on the brain 24-7, maybe I can get caught up and finally understand what everyone is talking about! :)

Grace said...

Locke's mother was in the asylum?? Didn't catch that one. Thanks for the head's up...
Did you see the photo on the monastery guy's desk of the lady who talked to Desmond that time when he was bouncing around in time? (I'm imagining my voice sounding like Chris Farley here...) Remember that?? Do you remember that??

Becoming Me said...

Great post. I am so excited about LOST returning.

Faith said...

Both of my daughters and I CRIED when we saw Carly was goin' home. The only reason Jason is still on let's be honest) is because so many girls/teens/young women love his eyes.....
and Syesha...well....I keep pointing out to my impressionable 9 yr old and my (she thinks anyway) sauve 14 yr old that Syesha is SOOO not a good role model for girls...sorry...but..she doesn't have a great voice, her moves are must be getting the male votes! I really hope she goes off next week...I don't want to see her in the top 3 that's for sure!
I don't watch LOST but have tons of co-workers who like it.

Cindy Swanson said...

If she's IRL Cindy, then I must be URL Cindy? Get it...URL...OK, it's lame. If you have to explain it...:)

I'm SO JAZZED for Lost!

Jerri said...

I've been surprised by the reaction to Carly's departure. She's done well, but as soon as I heard what song she was singing, I knew she wouldn't last! Although she sang the song well, it was a very controversial choice.

Many of the viewers are Christians and don't want the American idol singing a song from a play that looks at Jesus in a critical & anachronistic way through the eyes of Judas. A lot of church groups have adapted the play & song to fit their views, but the original was highly protested, and with good reason.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Here's another blogging Cindy who is hooked on LOST. :) I'm watching right now and reading blogs during commercials. :) I'm oh so happy it is back. I can't BELIEVE they killed you-know-who.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Did you see the LOST earthquake tonight? JUST LIKE Indiana's last week! ;)

Muddy said...

I think the order the contestants leave AI from now on will be somewhat interesting. I mean only one will be standing, so someone talented has to go. I was glad at least for last night it was Carly. Im ready for Brooke and David A to leave. (though am not counting on it)

40winkzzz said...

I was imagining Brooke and Jason (who obviously should have been the bottom 2) standing there with thought balloons above their heads as Carly made her departure. Brooke's thought balloon said, "That should have been me, that should have been me, I'm sorry, Carly..." And Jason's said, " ". Maybe with a big yellow smiley.

Having said that, I should mention that I do LOVE Brooke for her personality, and she's who I vote for even though she certainly isn't the best of the bunch. I was really afraid it was going to be her night to go, but hoping it would be :-P Jason. I totally agree with Faith's comments on Jason. It's the teeny-boppers with cell phones under the bedcovers that keep him on the show. AND, much as I do love Carly's singing, I have to agree with Jerri's comments on her song choice.

OK, well, you're out of my leaugue, so I won't annoy you anymore with my comments. :-)

MoodyBlue said...

Ok, I will admit it...I am a LOST - SuperFan like your friend. I just can't help myself. I love this show. I know the numbers by heart. I know that Locke's mom was in the asylum. I know Hurley owned the company Locke worked for. What else do you want to know? LOL! I am engulfed in Lost randomness. hehehe

I was SHOCKED about Carly going before Brooke & Jason. I'm still trying to get over Michael leaving. Now if my David C gets voted off I think I will need a sedative or something. I'm going to bite my own tongue for even mentioning that in passing. LOL! I honestly think it will be down to the 2 Davids for the Top 2.

We shall see.....

Oh, by the way Linda...I eat paper cheese too. It rocks.