Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol 04.22.08 *Re-Cap Alert*

It was Andrew Steroid Webber week on AI. I'm just sayin' that when I wake up all puffy in the morning, I see someone in the mirror resembling Andrew Lloyd Webber. And we aren't pretty.

Syesha was definitely in her element singing a show tune. But here's my confusion: Isn't this supposed to be a pop singer contest? I'm so confused by all of the categories like country and Broadway. I didn't think flexibility was so much an issue or goal in past seasons. Pause for thought ... so when are we going to have Osmond week?? Taking that catalog on requires talent, real talent. And jumpsuits. Just because you can sing a little musical theatre or Queen doesn't mean you can handle "Crazy Horses."

I actually liked Jason's rendition of "Memories," although his naivete was so funny: "I had no idea it was a cat singing." And this news flash just in: Paula says Jason is "not a female power balladeer." Given a sharp observation like that, Jason may be one step closer to finding his muscial niche. I would just like to be the first to say that Jason is not a unisex yodeler, either. I'm just trying to help Jason zero in on some crucial details.

Oh, Brooke! What has happened here, people? I don't know whether I'm more surprised by the false start or Simon's graciousness toward her. Do you think her lapse will hurt her in the voting tonight? I think it might.

ALW advised David A. to keep his eyes open. I think I have finally found someone more picky about idiosyncracies than I. Note that I just used the correct prounoun "I" instead of "me" here because ALW is British, and I'm feeling a little self-conscious about my grammer [grammar, I know] and enunciation. Because ALW will probably be checking out my blog tomorrow.

Did ALW just say that Carly has a big chest? Oh no he din't. I think he said she has a "big chest voice." I didn't like her song, but I feel like everyone else in the world is going to love it. I do like her blouse. See? I nice! Nicey nice!

David Cook revealed that he has a musical theatre background. Wow. Wouldn't have guessed that. Wouldn't have guessed that ALW could write such a "sen-soo-ul" song, either.

Well, who are YOU voting for? I am not super motivated to vote for anyone. Who do you think will be cut? I think Brooke is done.

And did you notice in the closing that ALW looked just like Mike Meyers?

And now I must remove my little dog who has been sitting here beside me wrapped up in a towel after her bath this whole time go and blow dry her. She has been so patient, looking out of her towel like ET and critiquing the AI contestants. She did NOT appreciate that CATS song. At all. Notice how disapproving she looks here. Sort of like Dramatic Prairie Dog doing AI.


Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

Brooke looked so disappointed and sad, I really felt sorry for her. The same thing happened to my son a couple of weeks ago. He was singing in a competition that would send him to "State" and he forgot the words! He just hummed through the line and then picked it back up but it was too late, the judge gave him a 2 instead of a 1. Oh well, this is why I don't sing (that, and I can't carry a tune, lol).

Queen B said...

You are good.
I thought Syesha was in a pageant.
Poor Brooke.
I think I can only be happy with David Cook.
And I totally thought it was Mike Myers.

Susan said...

I think Brooke may be done. I'm personally ready for David A to be done. He's nice....he's not my fav. I really do like Jason Castro. I think he'll end up cutting a record and really making it.

Zoe is adorable when she's wet and wrapped in a towel.


MoodyBlue said...

Please don't hate me...I really didn't like Jason's performance. It was just a bad song choice. Paula was being Paula. I feel sorry for her sometimes because I think she has such a hard time putting sentences together.

Of course you know I loved David Cook. I blogged my review. I'm presently voting for him & Carly right now. More for him of course. LOL! That was funny - when ALW said "big chest..voice"..ROTFL!

Trista said...

I love Brooke and voted to keep her there. I think she is one of the strongest when it comes to the talent and realization of who she is.

Everyone likes David A. and he fell on his face a few times (lost lyrics) and survived, I hope Brooke can too.

With that being said, David Cook is THE BEST hands down!

Susanne said...

You are on a roll cracking me up. I totally can't see your resemblance but if you say so. LOL.

I think the judging in general sometimes is getting confusing. Poor Brooke, Paula telling her never to stop, Randy and Simon telling her she did the right thing. What's a girl to do? Jason cracks me up too, he is so not a public speaker and seems so innocent sometimes. I didn't mind his version of the song either but I'm afraid it will come down to him and Brook tonight unless there is a major shock.

I can understand Zoe not appreciating the Cats song. ALW needs to write a dogs musical just for her. And if Clinton Kelly found your blog and emailed you, well you just never know about ALW.

Anonymous said...

Aren't little dogs pathetic all wrapped up in towels after their baths, doing their best Old Mother Hubbard impersonation? Our dog just stares daggers at me! You blow dry your dog? You are good to her, we just let ours shake from being so cold. It builds her immune system up. Seriously, she dries up super fast after she writhes all over my carpet and couch.

I think they should definitely do Osmond week! That would rock! You think there's any chance for that next year? I remember seeing them do Crazy Horses in concert way back when and thinking it was the best moment of my life. Wow, that's REALLY pathetic.

I never vote, but if I do, I'll vote for David Cook.

ALW DID look like Mike Meyers....25 years from now.

dcrmom said...

I think this is your best post ever. You totally had me laughing the whole way thru! And I pretty much agree with everything you said.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I loved Paula's observation as well. And you and Scott with the Mike Myers thing- almost scary!! :) I think you'd fit in well in our house. :)

I agree with dcrmom... EXCELLENT post. :)

Lois E. Lane said...

I think ALW's writing of such a sensual song is a little easier to grasp when you consider he pretty much wrote it as an ode to Sarah Brightman :) Great re-cap! I agree 100% on the Syesha comments. Tonight will be interesting...

Linda said...

I was anticipating your post about last night.
I freaked when Brooke started over. This is the second time she has done this. I really like her, but I think she'll be going home soon.
I don't think too many people realized that David A was closing his eyes. They will now. I felt sorry for him, I was like "go ahead, close em'".
Thanks for the recap :) I love your blog.
P.S. one more day until LOST comes back. Let's see what they'll do to us this week.

Ruthie said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement! YES! That's exactly how I feel -- parched, dry-throated, gaspingly THIRSTY. I'm going to remember that half-empty glass thing.

Reading your blog is like a cool drink, though! You make me smile.

JenB said...

Yep I think Brooke is done, sorry to say. There will be some TEARS tonight!
Side note--you make me laugh. thanks!

Marsha said...

I think if it is based on last night's performance only, that either Jason (sorry Linda, I thought he was totally out of his element last night) or Brooke will be headed home. I like them both but felt that each of them were very weak last night. For me, Syesha and Carly owned the show with the two Davids in the middle somewhere. I also think we could be surprised tonight because it is getting to that time in the competition.

Carol said...

I finally got to watch a complete live showing of American Idol! I love Broadway musicals so I was very curious to see how they all would do. I think that even though I don't care for the song, that Carly sang it well. It was a good choice for her. Sayesha was good and so was David C and David A. Jason and Brooke should be worried, I think. We may be surprised, though. At this point, I always feel sorry for the one that gets booted.

PS Zoe is too stinkin' cute. Once I figure out how to post pics, I'll show you my dogs. I think my little one, Kobi, and Zoe could be BFF's.