Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Top 5 Countdown Begins on AI Tonight

Pre-show chatter: Many of us are still reeling from last week's surprise vote-off, including Carly Smithson herself. Here you see Carly's shocked expression as her right arm screams into her ear, "I told you not to do that song!" I have to say that Carly was very gracious on her early morning exit interviews, though.

Well, here's where I'm about to lose some loyal readers.

For years, my least favorite singer has been Neil Diamond. The voice = gravel in my iced tea. The voice = velcro snagging pantyhose. I know that he has been and still is wildly popular; I know I'm totally missing something that the rest of the world gets, but I'm telling you, I cannot figure it out for the life of me. I feel like I'm on the outside of a bubble looking in at people enjoying Neil Diamond, while I choose to sit out on the frozen tundra listening to the wind howl rather than go to the other side of the bubble and listen to "the voice."

In fact, my non-appreciation of Neil Diamond music is so widely known that a core group of students in our youth ministry, the apprentices, once visited a tchotchke shop without my being along on the trip. The next morning, I found a Neil Diamond album on my desk signed by all of the apprentices. So this is not a contrivance just for me to blog about tonight. This is a historical fact: I hate Neil Diamond music.

So, this season, I've had to contend with: country music, Broadway, and Neil Diamond, my three least-favorite musical categories. Nevertheless, I hang in there week after week, hoping against hope that it will one day be Bobby Vinton week. Ha. Just kidding. (But, oh, imagine David Cook rocking out "Blue Velvet.")

But that leads me to ask: Is there a category of music or a particular group/person whose music you'd like to see highlighted one week?

Post-show chatter:

People, get off Paula's back! She has done this show for so long, she could literally do it in her sleep, and that's just what she did tonight, which accounts for that slight "blip" where she pre-judged Jason's 2nd song before he actually sang it. Alternative theory: Paula is the Nostradamus of AI, foreknowing and therefore fore-able to forejudge Jason's future 2nd performance. Each is a plausible Abdullian theory. So come on, people. Just get off Paula's back! Paula forever! We should rally around the slogan, "No Paula Left Behind" because she clearly suffers from "Phantom Judging Syndrome." I'm thinking of starting "PETP," People for the Ethical Treatment of Paula. Because a Paula Abdul is a terrible thing to waste. Paula, you're up there ... and, you're just ... up there, and you're ... just ... clap. clap. clap.

And now those other people.

Syesha looked gorgeous with her newly grown (extended) hair. Seriously, she looked so classy tonight. This is my favorite night for her.

Ooh, Jason. I think this was his last night.

Brooke was adorable and did well. She sang that weird song that says, "No one heard at all, not even the chair." That lyric kills me every time I hear it. I just don't know if Brooke's performances are good enough at this point ....

I loved David A. tonight. I thought he ruled the evening.

I know; I know; you all thought David C. ruled. He gave Neil Diamond goosebumps. Neil almost does that for me, if you count making my hair stand on end.

OK, guys, let's hear it! Let's have the "idol chatter!"


MoodyBlue said...

Oh no, you don't like Neil Diamond!?!?! It's OK Linda, there are lots of musicians/genres I don't like too.

I posted my review on my blog. My LEAST favorite was Jason, then Brooke. My favorites were David Cook (Surprise, surprise..LOL) and Syesha.

I'm glad though that we are done with the mentors. On with what THEY want to sing. I hope that they get a choice at some point.

Paula, Paula, Paula (insert Felix Unger voice here)...

Teri said...

I have one thing to say.



dcrmom said...

I hate Neil Diamond music TOO!!! I thought I was the only one.

I did NOT like Brooke last night. I have to admit that David A did well. I thought Syesha did well too. And Jason can go home. I'm still rooting for David C.

The end.

Darlene R. said...

Poor Paula!
I missed the show AGAIN last night and I am so ashamed!! For some reason Ninja Warrior finds it's way to our TV like every single night. I think I could scream!
Anyway, I will try to do better next time AI is on, which is tonight, right?

Susan said...

I have to agree with most of your commentary, except I like Neil Diamond. Now, I am surprised that I haven't read about Paula calling Syesha "Brooke" last night. I rewound my Tivo just to be sure.

I still like Jason...but think it could be his last night tonight. Syesha's our hometown girl so people are crazy about her here.



Melanie said...

I don't like Neil either. Or Frank Sinatra. And I am still American.

I'd love to see some Elton John.

Lelia Chealey said...

I watched AI with my kids last night & when Paula did that I started laughing & said, "Oh man, I can't wait." Alyssa looks at me and says,"Are you wondering what that lady is going to say on her blog tomorrow?" I WAS!! Had LiDNa on my mind! Lol...that was so Paula classic, I think she stole the show. Then when someone said, this is a weird night and she agreed, "It is" too funny.
Anyway, I love Bob Seger music...the early stuff...not sure if they could all do his stuff or not. My mom used to blare it when I was a kid while she mowed the lawn~such fond memories!
Thanks for starting my morning off like I knew you would~with a laugh!

Cyndy said...

Neil Diamond music is right up there with screaming loud, can't understand the lyrics, where are my pain killers music, for me. Cher is also in the same category, possibly more so.

Amy Wyatt said...

I sooo agree. I haven't liked hardly any of the themes this year. I too am waiting for them to pick their own songs. And, Paula usually watches the dress rehearsal every week doesn't she? That may be where she got her info for Jason's second song. They were rushing her... that's why she got confused :-) I'm pulling for David C or David A. Jason has to go this week I think.

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Don't be hating my Neal!

I just thought Paula seemed unusually sober. But I only caught the last half hour so apparently I missed the snafoo.

Mocha with Linda said...

Not a fan of Neil Diamond. (Especially his duet with Barbra Streisand, You Don't Bring Me Flowers.)

Nothing to say about AI since I don't watch it.

Except that it's interesting that AI stands for both American Idol and Artificial Intelligence.

Just pointing that out. . . .

sara said...

I have to say that IF they vote on just last night...Jason will be going home. But you never know how the votes are going to go, do you?

Thanks for visiting my blog! I did see your "Ken Lee" cake recipe and showed the picture to my chocoholic husband. He is patiently waiting to try it and judge it's Ken Leeness for himself! I will let you know! :)

Susanne said...

I felt absolutely gut wrenching sorry for Jason last night. No wonder he bombed on the second song and got a lump in his throat. Being told his second song stunk before he had even sung it. And then he had to go sit centre stage and wait for the commercial to be over to sing the song he just got told stunk?Personally I think AI needs to do some major apologizing and not send anyone home tonight. How can anyone perform half decent after that.

Which begs to ask, how can they critique a song before it's even sung? If they are critiquing off of dress rehersal, is that fair? Might explain some of the crazy comments the singers get, but still not fair.

Anonymous said...

Neil Diamond ain't so bad...his songs are on the soundtrack of my life! Cracklin' Rosie, Play Me, Sweet Caroline, I love this stuff! I agree his voice is rather gravelly, but it's the songs themselves that I love.

Neil Diamond night to some can't be any worse than Gwen Stefani night a year or so ago or Mariah Carey this year. That was torture for me!!

Grace said...

After the first five songs, my DJ commented (and he is a very reserved man, "The reason they're all doing so poorly is they have to sing NEIL DIAMOND songs!" :)
I must confess - I voted for the first time.
I'd like to see a Gaither Homecoming night...JUST KIDDING!

Fran said...

Yeah...Neil Diamond and his hair creep me out a little bit! Sorry folks.

And..yeah, Paula is Paula. She jumped the gun and commented on something she HAD heard...just not the tv audience yet. Oh well. She's easy for people to pick on.

Marsha said...

I say we just vote Paula off!

Muddy said...

Im not crazy about Neil Diamond music either. I cringed when I heard that was going to be the focus for this week. You are not alone in your feelings there.

I really wonder at times how they expect the contestants to succeed when they give them music like this to work with, but then again, perhaps that is part of the point. Perhaps they want to see if they can take subpar music and make it something better.

Faith said...

How can you hate Neil Diamond???!!!!
I cannot stand Syesha. She should try out for her local theater group or maybe an off-off (way off) Broadway show.
LOVED David A...and I just Knew he would do America. So predictable!
Brooke...not wasn't her best week...Jason is going home tonite I think.
David C. was awesome. Come on over and see the pic of Sanjaya I posted and WHY. LOL

marina said...

I think Neil Diamond songs are really hard too sing his voice is stong and low kind of a little Elivs yes a little deep. anyways I Love DavidC and Daivid A and I thougt Syesha did a nice job the 2nd time around.
I think Paula needs a break and Linda Crow can take her place for awhile LOL!! marina

annie's eyes said...

Somehow, I think of Neil Diamond forever in blue jeans and Liberace's caldleabras in a time warp with Tony Orlando tying yellow ribbons, might be my worst nightmare...some things were meant to fade away and not be revived from that Steinway in the sky. Love your clever posts. Always you are a smile and a breath of fresh air. Some day, I'll tell you how we ended up at the biker bar on Easter Sunday. Love, Annette

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Paula forever. Love it. :)

40winkzzz said...

Can't stand Jason. Love Brooke. So sad. Knew it would happen sooner or later.

I, too, groaned at the thought of "Neil Diamond night"-- but I didn't realize how many Neil Diamond songs I actually *like* until this show. Glad nobody did "You Don't Bring Me Flowers", though. You know, ND's a lot better looking now that he's old.

I'll be back to find out what you thought abt the Amazing Grace song.