Thursday, May 01, 2008

And Then There Were Four

"One thing I don't like about the show is that it turns truly sadistic when the person is voted off and they have to sing while they're crying," Simon said. "I just want to go up .... and carry them off and say, 'It's OK, sweetheart, come with me.' ... I don't know how the panel can stand that cruelty. ... Doesn't that seem like being thrown to the lions?"

~ Guess which Simon said that?

Brooke White's biggest fan and somewhat look-alike, that's who. None other than Carly Simon. Check out this MSNBC article for the rest of the story. Can you imagine reading/hearing that Carly Simon thinks you sang her song better than she did? That you should win American Idol?!

I think this was the most difficult exit I've ever watched. Bless her sweet heart. She's going to have a great career.

The rest of the contestants looked a bit shell-shocked when they walked on stage to support Brooke. I don't think they knew what to do, but they knew they should do something.

Most of the world thought Jason was going, but we were once again wrong this week.

And all this softness has made me feel guilty over my Paula comments. But I wasn't mean mean, was I? I love Paula! And didn't she look beautiful tonight?

Ok guys, let's start committing our guesses as to who goes next week. It'll be Syesha or Jason ... I'm waiting to see how they come out Tuesday night before I fully commit--because "THIS ... is American Crazy Idol," where the suspense is as thick as the eyebrows of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Neil Diamond! I LOVE it!

PS: I saw Brooke on Fox & Friends this morning, and they put Carly Simon on the phone line with Brooke--great moment. Carly told her that she is great because she is not "generic" and not to change her style. Wow.


Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

AHA! You just used the word "love" and "Neil Diamond" in the same sentence.

Knew you'd come around.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Hee hee hee. You DO love Neil. :) I can tell.

I missed Carly last night. Next week I'll miss Brooke. I've never once missed that one flamboyant annoying kid that made me think I'd have to give up my AI addiction if he lasted.

sara said...

I have always thought that it was so mean to have the contestant sing as they are exiting! and then I am amazed at how they can compose themselves and do it. What I loved about Brooke came out again last night...her openness. I just wanted to reach through the TV and take that mic out of her hand!!

My guess Syesha. I think it should be Jason, but I think his public appeal will go farther than Syesha.

Susanne said...

I'll really miss her distinct style, sweetness and wearing her heart on her sleeve. Definitely a hard night.

Cindy Swanson said...

I know Brooke didn't always perform well, but I did love her. You couldn't help it. I hope she has a recording career, because with terrific songs written just for her, she'd be great. I'd buy her CD!

I also LOVE how she ALWAYS dressed modestly. What a great example!

Mocha with Linda said...

Don't know why I always feel compelled to read these posts about a show I don't watch. . . . It's just your riveting writing!

What is it about humanity that we just HAVE to pick a "winner"? This takes me back to elementary school and picking teams on Monday morning and someone (usually me!) would always get picked last.

Even as a kid I rebelled against it. I was an avid reader and my mom was always asking which book was my "favorite" - my response was always "why do I have to choose one to be my favorite? I like lots of them for lots of different reasons!

But yes, I did pick ONE husband! :-)

MoodyBlue said...

What a beautiful picture of Brooke you chose!

They are saying what should be changed for next year on AI...I think the whole singing after you are voted off should be. I think it is unfair to ask them to do that. I felt bad for Brooke. She has been emotional this whole time, but last night she was very emotional, bless her heart. You could see her hubby just wanted to run from his chair to her.

I think it will be Syesha next week. Not because she deserves to go...I think she is very good. The popularity of the guys is too extreme to stay in past next week.

PS...Paula did look beautiful. I thought it was funny how Simon's first crush called in. Other than that, the Q/A thing is so dumb. It is a big waste of time.

Lois E. Lane said...

"I Am I Said" is probably the saddest song a person could sing at a moment like that. Too bad they wouldn't let her sing "I'm a Believer," so she could at least think about her husband! Poor thing.

Melanie said...

I was just thinking last night that all Brooke needs is Carly Simon as her mentor!

Laura said...

I know you don't like Neil Diamond, but did you like his new song "Pretty Amazing Grace" he sang? I have to admit that I love Neil Diamond, but I also love hearing heartfelt songs about God's grace and the impact on a person. My husband thought the song was rather boring, but I loved it.

Oh, and I wish Brooke could be my nanny! (I'm sure her nanny days are over.) She is awesome - humble, sincere, modest, talented, thankful.

Mamacita said...

Oh, yes, it was so hard to watch Brooke! That's my least fave part, when they make the contestant sing after being told their going home. Then they show them the tear-jerker video, too. Poor thing. You're right- she'll have a great career. Enjoyed your post!

Muddy said...

I always think it is cruel they have to sing the very song that they got voted out on. It just seems to add insult to injury for them to do this.

I have gone back and forth between Jason and Syesha in who will go home next week. While Im in the minority and would rather see little David A go home before Syesha and Jason, I know that probably won't happen. Syesha, like Kristy Lee Cook, seems to have grown here in the past few weeks. She has found her sound and mode , while Jason seems to have fizzled out. For that reason among many, I am guessing it is possible he will go before her. Then again....he does have a big fan base obviously that will vote for him regardless of how he is doing now. I guess some of it depends on where the people that were voting for Brooke White put their votes this week. That might determine the one that lasts a bit longer in the competition.