Tuesday, May 13, 2008

From My Family Room Computer in Bucolic Muncie, Indiana (Hub of All Mediocre American Idol Re-Caps) It's Yet Another "American Idol Recap Liiiive!"

I was just thinking, "American Idol needs some culture." And then it hit me: I know just the lad to "bring it"--Boy George, formerly of the 80s band, Culture Club. I don't know if AI has ever done a "Songs of 80s Bands" night, but if I could declare it, I would.

Because the lyrics of "Karma Chameleon" surely rival those of "I Am, I Said," especially that part about "no one heard at all, not even the chair." I say, give me, "Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams: red, gold and green; red gold and green" any day over lamenting a deaf chair. Just sayin'.

And if Michael Johns had to choose a Culture Club song at this point, he would probably choose, "I Know You Miss Me, I Know You Miss Me, I Know You Miss Me Buh-liiii-ind!" (Blind--because people can actually be blind, whereas chairs can't technically be blind or deaf.)

And Syesha might go for "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? Do You Really Want to Make Me Cry?" because I think tears work in her favor.

And I'd love to hear Big David rock out, "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" in his gravelly, sultry voice.

So that's what I was just thinkin'.

Here we go!

Wow, Ryan really hit the "This is a-MER-i-can idol" hard this week. He's "stoked," as we said in the 80s.

So it's producers' choice, contestants' choice, and judges' choice. Excuse me? What's missing here? BLOGGER'S CHOICE, that's what's missing.

Syesha looks lovely. Big David's sleeves look like Frankenstein's sleeves. You know, pushed up sleeves were big in the 80s.

Li'l David's up first. This song is reminding me of "O Danny Boy" just a tad. Who is the joker yelling in the audience? I hope it's not his dad. Was this flawless? I think it might have been. A flawless "dope" song, according to Randy. Oh, the little girls are yelling at Simon. He's a meany.

I wonder if she is in the audience? David Archuleta: The New Sanjaya.

I've got my cajun trailmix goin' on again this week. There are three main ingredients: toffee peanuts, sweet, like Syesha; hot, spicy cajun sesame sticks like David Cook, and a strange "toasted corn snack," that's like little David because he's wholesome. Corn is wholesome; I should know because we invented corn in Indiana.

Does anyone else think Paula is speaking with a slight accent tonight?

OK, Syesha was awesome.

David C. has been assigned Roberta Flack. There is an older woman standing in awe of David the audience. My 21 year-old just said, "Is that his mom or just a really old fan?" Wow, 21 year-old, who IS that relic?

I agree with Randy that the song was predictable-- but what can you change up on that song that wouldn't destroy it? So I think he did well. 21 year-old just said "American Idol is played-out."

ohmygoodness. David Archuleta is so sweet. I can't stand it. I do not know who Chris Brown is, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't alive in the 80s. Cowell: "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chihuahua."

Syesha: "Fever." If I see my husband break a sweat, I'll be bringin' that fever down with a cold, cold show-ah.

Wow, we all liked that song better than her first selection. She still shines in a theatrical way.

PAULA just got BOO'D. What is this world coming to?! Where's the love?!

David Cook is doin' Switchfoot! "Dare Ya to Move?" How about "Dare Ya Not to Vote for Me!" He's going to rock this. This just in: 21 year-old not impressed.

ohmygoodness #2: "Longer" for David Archuleta! I used to love this song when I was about his age. Excuse me while I wave my hands in the air and wipe a tear. Simon just said that this songs fits a NINETY year-old. No way. Maybe someone half of ninety years old. Simon is like aluminum foil in my dental fillings.

Syesha's last song: I loved the song. What is wrong with these judges? Tuff stuff, as we said in the 80s. In Indiana.

David Cook's finale: Aerosmith. Predictable, that's all I'm sayin'.

So don your predictor's cap and prognosticate: Who goes; who stays?

I think it will come down to the two Davids, but there is room for only one David at the top ....


Kelley said...

I knew I could count on you to get right on the re-cap!! I think David Cook is what American Idols are all about. Of course he is from my hometown (Kansas City) so I am biased. The style section of the newspaper today featured clothing and hair makeover ideas for David Cook.

And by the way, my hubby did make some feverish comment about Syesha. Of course then he tried to turn it into a compliment ("you should dress like that and you would look hot"). If I didn't need him to take care of the kids while I am at She Speaks I might be packing right now. (LOL)

I think Syesha will be packing tomorrow....

40winkzzz said...

Yup, I also think (have thought for a long time) that it'll come down to David & David. (At one point I thought it might come down to THREE Davids, but that was a long time ago, it seems...) But at this stage of the game, you never know *what* can happen. Of course David C deserves to win it all, but if all the teeny-boppers with cell phones who used to vote for Jason vote for Little David tonight, and all the hot & sweaty males vote for you-know-who, well, the unthinkable could happen. Let's hope not.

DC- who'da thought he could do Roberta Flack? I was tickled to hear him do Switchfoot, esp since the kids & I just listened to that CD in the van today. His final song, however, was the best of the night, imhco. (c meaning "contrary" as in, "contrary to yours".)

annie's eyes said...

You know I haven't a clue what you just said but I loved reading it. Does that say anything about your writing? You can make someone who doesn't watch the show want to! You could write your own simile book, too--aluminum foil in my fillings just gave me an awful cringe! Ah well, back to my Law and Order - SVU finale. Love, Annette

Susanne said...

Gonna be the two David's for sure. Their fan bases are just too big.

I think Blogger's Choice is a great idea. You should write them! :v)

Anonymous said...

Yep, 2 Davids in the finals. B-bye, Syesha, even though I like her and she's more polished and has that "star" quality. She carries herself better than Archeleta. Of course, she is older, too.

I predict David Cook winning the whole thing. But Archie fans could come out of the woodworks for their guy and sway the vote for him. We shall see.

crickl said...

I had to miss AI tonight due to daughter's band concert! But I knew just where to come for all the scoop! Thanks....I'll just go now and see if tonight's performance vids are up on iTunes. =)

MoodyBlue said...

I wrote my take too...I'm thinking the judges were very harsh on Syesha. She did great!

BUT...like you didn't already know this, I loved my David Cook last night. He could sing the fine print in car sales ads and I would love it.

I also think it will be down to the 2 Davids. I really wish it was a Cook/Mercado finale though.

Becs said...

I wish it were a COok-Syesha finale too since Syesha is from my hometown and I hit up her home visit.
A blogger's choice would totally rock!
You crack me up!
Although I have to say that I am totally goign for Syesha until she is gone (like tonight) and then I will enjoy David Cook.

Melanie said...

I hope for David A's sake that he is Number 2. Then he has a little more freedom. I am so scared for him!

marina said...

I do think it will come down between the 2 David's.marina

Lorrie said...

Yowsa...that aluminum foil vs. fillings comment physically made me shiver!

Great post! I laughed hard. :o)

Faith said...

Hopefully Syesha will leave tonite. She should have left before making the top 10.
We all know David C will probably be the next American Idol although my 14 yr old is actually PRAYING that David A will be...he can always try again next year! LOL
loved your recap....you crack me up

Tammy said...

I think it's coming down to the two David's. But nothing would make me happier than to see an ultimate surprise and find the night ending with Archuletta singing a fairwell song!

David Cook fan here!

R.L.Scovens said...

No you did not mention my all time favorite singer in the world: Boy George!!!! I just ordered one of his albums from Your Music just last month!LOL **I know people are whispering about me right now (sigh)***

Thanx for dropping by my blog!

claudia said...

Hi Linda, its been awhile but I've missed your blog and still love to read your Idol recaps .. you are so right on...! I love all those Boy George songs! Anyway , I have become a BIG fan this season, thanks to you, ( good thing) , and have not missed it.. Funny, I had never watched it before, now I am hooked..! I'm for David C! Just in case you may have visted me and found my blog closed, I wanted to let you know I've been on a blog hiatus or whatever you want to call it..at least for the busy summer months, so I am closed down for while.. may be back in the fall..Hope you have a great summmer and as always, many blessings to you and your family..! I'll be back to read ya when I can.. claudia xoxoxo