Friday, June 27, 2008

Diane and the Tea Party

This is my beautiful friend, Diane, and her husband, Stan. Thery are one of seven families who meet as a cell group in a home each Sunday night with Jorge and me. I have Diane's permission to tell you that she has been diagnosed with CUP (Cancer, Unknown Primary).

Since doctors don't know Diane's cancer's origin, they don't know which cancer to pinpoint in treating her; therefore, they have to administer everything that they can in chemo to try to target the primary. I did not know before Diane's experience that when cancer metastesizes, it is treated according to its origin, no matter which other organs it invades. So if breast cancer spreads to another organ, they still treat for breast cancer.

Needless to say, Diane's body is taking a huge blow in these chemo treatments. She is going through a lot. I will spare you the details, but one that everyone is familiar with is hair loss.

So we women of the lifegroup decided to throw a tea for Diane, and unbeknownst to her, we all brought cute hats and scarves with which to "shower" her. We didn't tell her which woman brought which hat; we made her guess which came from whom, according to our personalities!

We had finger foods and pomegranate tea prepared by one woman's 22 year-old daughter. She's quite the young hostess.

So here are some pics from that tea. Diane is wearing her new wig, and it is so pretty and natural-looking, not overly bulky and stiff. She can even use hot rollers on hers. So I now present: The Tea Party


Anne Elizabeth said...

I will definitely pray for your friend Diane. My mom had cancer twice. I moved home and took care of her during her chemo treatments and it is a huge blow to the body. This is something that is close to my heart so I will be praying for diane a lot!

PJ said...

What a wonderful, creative thing to do!!! Just the other day, I cleaned out my trunk of hats and scarfs that had either been given to me or that I had purchased for my "hairless" days!! I'm grateful that I"m back to normal (minus an appendage!).

Prayers for your friend. They say that one of the chief predictors for survival is a positive support group. Your friendship can literally be a gift of life for her. I will never forget the kind, caring things that friends and family did for me during that year! Bless you!!

DidiLyn said...

Linda, I was all set to joke about how I am Diane (that is my name,too) abut I can't remember the tea party. I know, I know, har, har, har.
I am sorry to hear about your friend's suffering, but am so glad she has your group of women to support her. You guys are wonderful!
The party beautiful and I have no doubt that her spirits were raised by both the beauty and all your love and caring.
Good job!

Susanne said...

Linda, I've been wondering about your dear friend but was waiting to ask until this crazy couple weeks for you have died down.

What a sweet thing you ladies did for her. You are precious friends.

Continueing to pray for your friend.

Becky said...

What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do for your friend. Everything looks delicious and beautiful, and I'm sure the new 'wardrobe' was a real boost to your friend at such a time.

Barbara H. said...

What a lovely idea! The goodies look wonderful, too.

You two look like you could be sisters.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

This is just beautiful, Linda. I'm sure it meant the world to her. There is nothing like some really good friend to stand by you when things aren't easy.

Marina said...

My the Lord God heal her form the corwn of her head to the bottom of her feet I pary in Jesus name.
Please tell her we Love her and we are praying for a healing.marina
PS, can I have a cookie:)

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

She looks lovely. Thanks for sharing so that we can pray for her.

Kitty said...

Hi Linda - firstly, thanks for dropping by my blog. Secondly, that looks a wonderful tea party. I have a friend who is just out of her chemo and radiotherapy for breast cancer, and her hair is slowly regrowing - friends bought her hats and scarves too. I hope your friend continues to do well (she looks amazing) - I will count her in my thoughts and prayers.

Take care :-)

Viki said...

Linda, This is so sweet. As a bc survivor, I know how much this must have meant to Diane.

Teri said...

I HATE cancer. HATE. IT.

Fahter God, I pray for Diane right now. I thonk you that you have her and hold her. I pray right now that you would touch her body. Move over her with you power and touch each cell. Father take care of you child. Give her your strength. Help her to walk in your peace. Surround her with people who will speak words of life over her and her situation. Move over her friends and help them to minister to her in the way she needs. God give Diane strategy for fighting this and help her to know that you never leave her. In Jesus name. AMEN.

thouartloosed said...

I will pray for Diane. A lovely, fun tea party idea.

Murray said...

Linda and Diane,

My wife had CUP but we were able to diagnose it with a test by .
We used it before commercial availability and it confirmed our thoughts. Your insurance company should cover it. we are now treating the cancer in a more targeted manner.
Knowing the type of cancer has allowed me to research treatments and trials to try to beat it or at least extend her survival time.
Contact me if you have any questions. I have learned an awful lot over the past year.

My prayers are with you.


Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

My prayers are with you... and your friend...

blessings and prayers

Carole said...

What an absolutely WONDERFUL thing you all did, you are a really good friend, and the pics are great, thanks for sharing!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Wow. I bet she was just overwhelmed with awe and showered with such love. The wig is very natural looking.

I couldn't help to also notice the flower shaped very cute and it looks like it uses most of the sandwich to reduce waste...haha...ya gotta know me to appreciate that.